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  1. I need a advice,my sponsor fill taxes with his wife jointly and now they are going through divorce proceedings in court and both of them are not in good terms also the income is based on my sponsor though he fill taxes jointly with the wife.now the embassy had requested my sponsor and the wife should sign i864A and now they are not in good terms.I need advice what should I do ?should I submit evidence about their divorce court proceedings and now they live
  2. Am in same situation my joint sponsor fill taxes with his wife jointly and also the wife has been unemployed for the past five years and now the embassy requested my joint sponsor and the wife should fill i864a.also I want to know if only the form or have to attach supporting documents from the wife or she only need to fill the contract i864
  3. So long story short I was ask to dropbox supporting documents together with my passport after I overcome public charge.today i check ceac site date have been updated 5times and the last date was 28th june but when i check dhl dropbox site fits it says passport with embassy/consulate and today I check it say documents delivery information.anyone with similar situation
  4. U don't need to file another petition all you have to do is get a new joint sponsor with all his documents and just send it to the dhl .contact me if u need any help
  5. U should b okay,moreover did they ask you to send your passport together with the documents in your 221g letter?
  6. So long and short have been back and forth with the embassy after my first interview on 26th July 2018 and have been on AP since with several dropbox to dhl and on the 10th November 2021 I had email from the embassy with another dropbox but this time passport requested and redo my medicals and update my ds260 IRS tax transcript.Additional proof of relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary (examples include photographs,communication records, or tax,bank or insurance documents that show the petitioner's and beneficiary's names together) and from all my dropbox they never ask passport.so I waited for 2021 tax stuffs which I drop them off on 14th june 2022 So far I had 3 updates from 13th june which I believe date they received my medicals and 16th june which they receive my dropbox documents and last so far 17th june.i want to ask is it positive sign to get my visa.i need help from anyone who had similar issues
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