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  1. You say you didn't have status when you tried the AOS route. What method did you use to enter the states? Is there any overstay you have ?
  2. Marriage fraud is common in the US even between citizens. People marry without love to share health care benefits or housing. Being from I high fraud country I have met people that have done all sorts of fraud just to come to the US and it has gotten worse since this country is no longer in the DV lottery. Federal courts are tied up with a lot of more important cases and they will take little notice of the USC that pockets a bit of money to marry for a bit. Unless they are doing this in a repeatable pattern it would be hard to prove it wasn't just a marriage gone bad after the non US partner simply sent their money to the US through their spouse. At the state level there is little about marriage fraud on the books and it is not a crime they chase after as it is hard to prove. Are there scary sounding penalties against this , yes. Do they actually go after anyone under that statue. not often.
  3. The requirement for both parents to agree to a minor's passport is a law that is designed to prevent a parent from getting one and leaving to a country that is resistant to shared parenting. You are actually supposed to have written permission to take a minor child that isn't travelling with both parents. Full custody will not remove the passport requirement. You can either get the father to agree or get a court order specifically dealing with the passport issue.
  4. ‎We regret to inform you that we cannot issue the visa you‎ ‎ apply for because you are ineligible according to the under-mentioned article of‎ ‎ the Immigration and Nationality Act:‎ ‎ Article 212 (a)‎ ‎ O Article 221 (g) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who marries or becomes‎ ‎ engaged for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration‎ ‎ benefits a Article 221 (g) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who does not have the family ties‎ ‎ required by U.S.‎ ‎ laws D (2) (A) 0 which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has committed a serious‎ ‎ crime (fraud, robbery, kidnapping, fraudulent counterfeiting, homicide, etc.) ‎ ‎ a (2) (A) (iN) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has a conviction for a‎ ‎ violation of drug laws‎ ‎ a 2) (C) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has been involved in‎ ‎ drug trafficking a (6) (C) (i) which prohibits‎ ‎ the granting of a visa to anyone who tries to obtain, or has‎ ‎ obtained, a visa or other document by attempting to enter the United States in a manner‎ ‎ fraudulent or by wilfully distorting an important‎ ‎ fact o (6) (E) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has attempted‎ ‎ to bring someone into the United States illegally‎ ‎ o (9) (A) (i) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has been ordered to leave the United‎ ‎ States by immigration authorities at the border‎ ‎ D (9) (A) (ii) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has been ordered to leave the ‎ ‎ United States by Immigration‎ ‎ Authorities a 9) (B) (i) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has spent more than 180 days and‎ ‎ less than 365 days in the United States without legal‎ ‎ status D (%) (B) (ii) which prohibits the granting of a visa to anyone who has spent more than 365 days in the‎ ‎ United States without legal‎ ‎ status 0 You are eligible to apply for special authorization from the Immigration‎ ‎ Service of the United States. Follow the instructions on the attached form. ‎ ‎ Distinguished greetings Consular‎ That is a translation of what you posted. If the above items are true it is doubtful that the person will ever get a waiver. It would be more effective to move there. It seems to be pointing to both drug issues along with a prior overstay and some sort of assisting in illegal entry to the US . I don't think I have ever seen anyone overcome this sort of history, assuming what you posted is correct.
  5. I guess Michael didn't get enough attention from 90 day happy ever after. Now he is wanted for murdering the barber shop owner.
  6. At this point there is no undoing your lie. You will be extremely lucky if your record doesn't get you a permanent bar to getting any visa to the US. You didn't bother to adopt the child when the father died and make things right.
  7. Look into some of the things offered in Nigeria by the US embassy. Education & Culture - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Nigeria (usembassy.gov) You could also look to international organizations that do work in Nigeria. Days for girls and woman for woman are two that come to mind, Making connections is the key to everything.
  8. The K1 stamp died out about a decade ago. The problem with it was it was only good for 90 days. Hard to find a job when they know you can only work for a max of 90 days.
  9. My son in law has eaten plenty of roadkill during his time in Alaska. One place he lived the community actually had a mobile butchering trailer to process large kill.
  10. He could come get his green card and file the I130 and then also apply for a return resident permit and wait with her back in the home country for the most part. reestablish residence before the interview .
  11. The dates that count is from when the petition get accept and when it is approved. The time between these 2 dates is how much time you take away from the age of the kids when the priority date is current. Using round numbers if you submit today and it is approved in 10 years and goes to storage. If the priority date ( today) become current in 15 years each child removes 10 years from their age on that day to see if they are "under 21"
  12. Overstays are different than illegal entry. She snuck in so there is no forgiving that. She has been out of the US for the length of her ban so there is no ban.
  13. Basic ways to live in the US permanently Family based being petitioned but a parent, sibling, spouse or child or being a child of someone getting a visa through this route. Work based Being educated in an area where there is a shortage of US workers and finding a company that will sponsor you. This usually takes at least a 4 year degree , mostly in STEM fields DV lottery. Being an adult and meeting country of origin and educational requirements then entering a lottery for a chance to apply for a green card. People can apply every year but the chances of being chosen at random are slim
  14. Have you ever met in person? We need to know where you are at for meeting them it makes a huge difference
  15. For petition approval you want the center to be slow. That way there is a greater chance that your children will come with you. People that filed 15 years ago are now at the front of the line. That line has gotten bigger over those years. IF the rules stay the same it may be much longer for you. If that happens and you have children you can only get them to come along until they are 21 but there is a special rule that allows them to pad that time for the amount of time it takes to go from being accepted to the USCIS approval. So it the petition sits for 2 years the are "21" until their 23rd bithday.
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