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  1. There are periods that Lagos seems to want to see everyone twice as a sick proof of relationship. Because there is no review for K1's it is a denial even if you don't have the paperwork yet. If you want to wait until you get the paperwork in hand that will add a lot of time to refiling.
  2. You ( the royal you ) were denied a visa. No biggie. Through Lagos a lot of people tick that one off.
  3. I was in high school when they last were drafting people into service. It was also the war they had conscious objectors as a role They let those people stay in the US and gave them positions .but not always the nicest one ( I know a man that had to open bags of body pieces and try to figure out which ones belonged together to send to a family because there was no DNA testing then ) That being said my 40th college reunion recently occurred and there have been a few wars since the one I remember with no draft. Most people are proud enough of this country to want to serve and I would rather be protected by people of that mindset than someone who isn't .
  4. The US is pretty hard on child abduction. You need to find someone that works on these kinds of cases. You may have some luck on organizations that fight this ( usually the other way , when the kids are taken from the US ) that could cut the costs.
  5. And if the ex drops dead tonight ? Partial dependence is for those that could survive if the person in question stopped helping. Like my college aged child. I am not obligated to support them but they would have a hard time without me.
  6. A minor child is fully dependent on parents. It doesn't matter who claims the tax deduction , who they live with. A child that is no longer a minor but still being supported by parent ( such as a college student ) is partially dependent. If the adult child receives no money from the parents then they are independent. In rare situations minors may be emancipated by legal proceedings and not need to be claimed on the forms.
  7. If the brother is less than 18.5 he could leave with no ban
  8. You should never lie about martial status to a US agency . They share data extensively. Either apply before marriage or wait. NEVER lie
  9. This woman you want to marry probably could have been born the same time as your mother. The consulate there knows how people snag victims online and lure them into relationship as a path to the US. What you posted so far seems like you have read "How to get a US visa via an duping old woman for dummies" It all sounds put on and artificial. You try to create fake proof and it looks just like what it is. IVF is only available to those whose bodies support it. I doubt any reliable clinic would approve it for a woman that old , I guess in Nigeria you can pay to get anything done but you get what you pay for. Why would anyone bring a child into the world they may not live to see grow up? Adoption ? You would have to get married, she would need to claim Nigerian citizenship through that marriage and then start the adoption process. By that time she will be busy chasing grandchildren from her current children. If you want so much to come to the US , go get a good education and come on those merits. I know many Nigerian engineers and doctors here. I also know many Nigerians that came on the backs of US citizens and dumped them and they are almost universally disappointed at the lack of opportunities they find in the US. Many of them play happy to save face back home but most of them are not living the life they thought they would find here. Seriously rethink your plans, slow up and think about what life will be in 20 years when you are still active and your wife may be in a walker.
  10. A woman married to a Nigerian can automatically claim Nigerian citizenship ( although I consider this a very risky thing to do as they are then subject to some less than modern Nigeian laws ) CITZENSHIP BY REGISTRATION A person can become a citizen of Nigeria by Registration if; a. Being a woman, she is married to a Nigerian man. This provision affords non-Nigerian women married to Nigerian men an opportunity to become Nigerian citizens if they so please. This provision does not extend to a non-Nigerian man married to a Nigerian woman. Thus, if a Nigerian lady marries a non-Nigerian man, the man cannot become a Nigerian citizen by Registration. It is hoped that the law would be amended soon to afford Nigerian ladies the same privileges and rights that the men enjoy.
  11. If you can tell us what was written we can probably figure out what they denied you for and if it probably has a ban'
  12. did they write any numbers/letters near the cancelled visa ?
  13. The problem is for the company. It is illegal for them to not pay you for working.
  14. That your family has any extra cost that will incur because of his condition covered without applying for means tested benefits.
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