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  1. Funny thing is the US wasn't into the slave trading , it was mostly countries from Europe ( the had the ships ) who brought the slave so they are the ones that should be taken to court . And most of the slaves where brought here under British governance , once again people are going after the wrong party.
  2. While I think of this. It was the natives in Africa that sold people they wanted gone to the slave traders , so they are the people that should be accountable. So we can sue those with African decent for all of this.
  3. So if part of the family owned slaves and the other were slaves , can I sue myself for money ?
  4. Being too married for a K1 happens in Nigeria frequently when bride price has been paid. As to being a second wife. If you married somewhere where both marriages could coexist and your husband has terminated the old one you may not need to be remarried. The key would be were both marriages able to co exist where you lived at the time. The US will never recognize the second marriage while the first one exists so the filing while the first one existed is the issue. At that time you were in an invalid position.
  5. How long have you been chatting ?? Has your only contact been chatting ? Have you ever exchanged gifts or anything ?
  6. Medicare and social security are something you are paying into while you are working . If he is working for your business are you paying these withholdings ?
  7. Wrong only certain residents are allowed to access public education for free . That is why international student can't get a visa to a "free" public school. Public high schools are free for American students to attend, but international learners must pay a fee. According to the U.S. Department of State, these fees usually range between $3,000 and $10,000 for the one year in which they can study
  8. If your sister is already 20 she will most likely be at least 21 before your mother arrives. Once your mother arrives she can petition your sister. As others have said it is a 7 year or greater wait and she must be unmarried the entire time. You can petition her but that wait is likely over 15 years but she could marry during that time.
  9. Even if the parent doesn't care you have to tread carefully. Removing a child from their home country without the other parents consent can lead to international kidnapping charges in most countries. Some people take the path of contacting the other parent with an offer to assist in filing to let the child leave.
  10. First you need to know the rights of a parent to the child in the home country. In some the child is seen as belonging solely to the woman, in some only to the man and in most it is a combination of the birth parents . Even in the US severing the foreign parents right may be harder than you think. Children don't have much a say in their parents until they are in their teens. Has he signed the permission for them to leave the country ?
  11. Did any VJ relationships there break down in that time period? Maybe the ex is a VJer ?
  12. Yeah I think I would need to buy a small hotel. Down to 20 sibling ( one died ) and most are married with an average of 4 kids. I guess he could bring them here and dump them on " the system" And then right away the spouses could petition their families and we will have the whole village here before the next election.
  13. When she arrives and has her green card she can file for him . He would have to remain unmarried until he has his green card or she becomes a USC.
  14. Ok In two year plus process time you will be a USC , then you can submit for both as 2 applications. Your mother would come quickly but your brother is in a long slow line. If the laws stay as they are it would take about 12 years, how old is your brother ?
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