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  1. The old case was so full of red flags that they probably would be denied for other reasons also.
  2. There was an old case from Nigeria where the USC had been on government aide forever and they denied based on the fact he was likely to follow her footsteps . I think he didn't even have a high school education.
  3. No Immediate relatives don't allow for other people to come . He could petition her with a wait of 15 years likely or they could petition her when they arrive
  4. Assuming they were under 18 when you got married your husband files an I130 for each of them and you wait about a year. If not you file the I130 and wait a bit longer
  5. Actually there are countries where a ,married woman needs a note from the husband to leave the country ( not surprisingly the countries are usually hotbed for forged documents )
  6. You are from an area where they do a lot of security checks on people. If you write things that aren't correct on your paperwork they will find out while they poke around and deny your visa and then mark you as a fraudster so you will not get a visa later. Do not tempt fate.
  7. The big question is what is culturally normal ? If younger men marry old woman as the norm there you are OK. If not then it is a red flag. Most places older men marry younger woman so it isn't an issue.
  8. Just to help future people, do not put every embassy address you have on a single email. You get caught up by their spam filter . Send separate emails ( even with the same wording via cut and paste ) and you should have better luck.
  9. Has he applied before and not gotten a visa ? Or maybe someone claimed to be his spouse on their application.
  10. It isn't as simple as that The sim card is reserving a phone line with a carrier. Message headers still contain data about the device, the carrier and in most first world countries the geo location data. I doubt you change email accounts for each email. You are so much more traceable than you think.
  11. There are more ways than the average person wants to imagine. If you are communicating with a foreign national your traffic may be monitored. You may have various forward facing handles but you are most likely using a limited number of providers on a limited number of computers that are all leaving their traces behind while you are online.
  12. This will end up like the California weed law vs Fed. You can get aid then you will fail the means tested benefits which means you can't become legal so you will need aid which means.......
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