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  1. SS offices are open to walk in appointments
  2. For taxes owed, as long as it is being rectified as in being paid, you are fine. In your case, you stated that you are on a payment plan so you are ok there. For taxes return documentation, the requirement is "1040 and supporting documents" or "tax transcript" NOT both. In your case, you filed for an extension, so it was now due in October, then you filed before October deadline. So again you are ok. Just take the return and supporting documents. The key is when you filed, not when it is processed. There are people in worse situations than yours. I don't see any reason for concern
  3. You should have filed MFJ not MFS, leaving some money on the table for the IRS, you can always amend if it is not too much trouble. 1040, W2 and all supporting documents (ie a copy of everything you mailed in to file) for 2021 since your return has not yet been processed. With regards to original documents, unless you have something like a divorce decree, I don't recall any originals that are needed. I would recommend putting all the documents needed together now and sending to your spouse. Electronically is faster. If originals get lost in the mail, get new certified ones. Better to have all documents gathered now then waiting for you to travel back. Personally I would not go for the interview because there is usually no allowance for spouses.
  4. I think you are able to check about 3 to 4 times every 24 hours before you are blocked for the day. I would recommend you find a WhatsApp group of people in the same situation that way there are multiple people to check without you running out of your chances per day
  5. Gmail spam deletes after 30 days if I am correct. Not sure what your email provider's policy is. Since this was approved over 30 days ago, I think you might have to call NVC to get the case and invoice numbers
  6. Hospitals asking for your passport as an id sounds normal but to stamp it? I don't see why. So far, this seems to be something that occurred in the Philippines. Passports are needed strictly for border crossings. It has no use in a medical setting besides as an id. The longer you follow VJ, the more you get to see some unique and sometimes outdated practices
  7. The letter applies if you are neither a U.S. citizen nor a U.S. resident on the last day of last year. As a LPR, no need to write a letter. What was your current status?
  8. You can file using any tax software. No letter to write to be treated as resident for the full year, just a check box while filling out the return. Once you have SSN, no need for ITIN
  9. I think it would be best to file CRBA for the child and apply for a US passport for the kid. The wait time would likely be shorter compared to a B visa. The kid would be able to travel that way anytime.
  10. As long as there is no overlap, you are fine. Some people spend years separated and others years in divorce proceedings before it is concluded. They date on the divorce decree is not the date the actual relationship ended. That is sometimes months or years prior. The date on the decree is just paperwork catching up. DON'T MESS WITH THE PAPERWORK. Getting married again right after a divorce happens more than you know.
  11. To what @JeanneAdil listed, add lawyer fees which varies. Also don't forget items like your medical, police report(s), transport and accommodation if you don't live close to the embassy. Other incidentals after these tend to be less costly
  12. Cease and Desist letter, and/or a restraining order should be filed by you and/or husband. If this issue comes up as you are going through the greencard process, you will be able to show that you are dealing with it. That can also be used as proof that your marriage is real. While not ideal, she is kind of helping you but I would only use this evidence if the issue is brought up by USCIS
  13. K-1 visa is non-immigrant visa that is treated like an immigrant visa. Nothing to upload to NVC. Follow the instructions provided by the embassy when the appointment was scheduled. Affidavit of Support and supporting documents goes with fiancé to the embassy for the interview. Everyone has to had taken the vaccine or gotten a waiver before the medical would be performed.
  14. Case was approved, just be patient. I think the usually tell you up to 2 weeks to get your passport back.
  15. She can add other proofs, you can never tell if it will be considered. Else just have to wait and hope you don't get an RFE Really limited in what one can do now
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