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  1. Worst case scenario you’re delayed a year or so until your spouse has a qualifying job (or a second job) income and taxes. You can keep the approved petition active with NVC by delaying acting on required documents- AOS included.
  2. milimelo

    Nvc return to uscis

    And if you’re not the petitioner you can’t withdraw a petition.
  3. milimelo

    Nvc return to uscis

    Since you asked for it to be withdrawn, NVC sent it back to USCIS. USCIS will close the case and notify you but it will remain on your record.
  4. Umm, if the child was in the US with the green card when your friend naturalized she’s already a citizen.
  5. Wait, is this the spouse of the lady (second/concurrent wife overseas) with three kids born during marriage?
  6. Why can’t he get an expedited passport after the oath? All he needs is proof of travel, completed forms and pictures- bring his naturalization certificate and they accept credit cards.
  7. You’re fine with both explanation and the list of evidence.
  8. Guides on top of the page is what you need to use. They have all the information how to complete the I-130 petition.
  9. ~ Moving to bringing family members of LPRs. ~
  10. milimelo

    N-400 denied

    Agree with others - go with the new application.
  11. milimelo

    Nephew US Citizen but Parents are not

    And make sure child registers for selective service when he turns 21 and files taxes.
  12. W8-BEN and a bio page of my mom‘s passport was all I needed to put her on my account (and she has yet to step foot in the US). No SSN needed either.
  13. Correct, you can’t petition your stepmom (as marriage was over even if they remarried), but your dad can petition her via F2A.
  14. milimelo

    Sister in law Tourist Visa Question

    You forgot the part if denied, even her visa is automatically canceled.