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arrowWife cheated on me, I'm on a conditional green card.
March 27, 2015, 6:28 am Last comment by Howeetest D

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Me and my wife got married September 18th 2012, we filed for the green card pretty late but I finally got it in November 2013.

We have been married for over 2.5 years. But I have only had the green card for around 1.5 years and It's still on conditional status.


As the topic says. I work nights and I come home late. I usually walk my dog when I get home.

When I was on the street I noticed my wife making out and hornying up against another guy inside a car. I was shocked and my entire body became weak. I've never experienced anything like this before.


Our relationship has been good and bad, but mostly bad. Despite this we never gave up, until she did the last few months, she became distant and always came home drunk or high. And yes she's an aggressive drunk.

When she cheated on me this Sunday, things felt bad, but in a different way, I kept trying in my way, but she had totally given up. I didnt understand what was going on until I saw her with the other guy.

We had talked about taking a break from each other the same day. But seeing her doing this, one exactly the same day.. heartbreaking and devastation is not enough words for it.

She said she will move out, but she's still staying here until she can find an apartment. And while shes doing so she keeps justifying her cheating on me and keeps telling me that its been my fault that it happened.

She makes me depressed and I cant stand her, especially when shes still staying under the same roof. 


She says legally Im gonna have to pay for the deposit of her new apartment and some of the rent.


I just want to not be with her anymore, I rather die than to ever see her again.


For the greencard, the proof I have of Bonafide marriage is:


- Joint signed lease for apartment

- Joint car insurace

- Joint bank accounts.

- pictures of me and her together (recent ones)

- pictures of me,her and her family together (also recent ones)


We went to couples counceling about 1 year into the marriage, I might be able to get those papers, but Im not sure.



Im anxious, depressed and now terrified that ill lose my ability to stay. I've built myself a career that I couldve never achieved in a country like Sweden that I'm from.


Am I going to be safe If i divorce her and file the I-751 early??? What should I do???


Please help me

I forgot to say we filed joint tax return for 2014. I didnt have any taxes to file for 2013.

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arrowSwedish marriage certificate- HELP!
March 26, 2015, 5:57 pm Last comment by lillapigany

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I am swedish, my husband is american, we got married in sweden. We filed our application 7 months ago and just got a letter saying we need to show evidence of our marriage. I have sent them the 120 form (Personbevis in english) and that is the same one the embassy requested as a marriage certificate when we reported our daughters birth. Now they are saying we need to giv them more proof, aka a marriage certificate- But sweden does´t have that! What do I do? Anyone? Please help.



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arrowI-864 overseas, tax question
March 25, 2015, 3:10 pm Last comment by hanzu81

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Hi, I am working on this lovely form I-864. My husband is the USC. He's been living overseas with me the last 3 years, and he's been doing the TurboTax to file taxes but has paid none to the U.S, as he hasn't had any U.S income. Since part 6. 13a-13c-1 is asking for total income in $, should we write "0"?.  Thank you  ^_^

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arrowTypical wait time between noa2 and interview day
March 22, 2015, 3:16 pm Last comment by PeruvyandGringa

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As the title says, what is the typical waiting time?
We just hit 6months wait from noa1, we kinda hope for our approval very soon and I'm really curious as to how long the typical wait is between noa2 and intervew day?
Curious and hopeful I can spend summer with my hubby!!! We are at tsc :(

I will have my interview in sweden if that matters :)

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arrowPending i-130. Apply for a K3 visa?
March 19, 2015, 8:49 am Last comment by cocolucho

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Me and my husband have a pending i-130 currently at the NSC. As most of us knows, it will most likely be there for a while Before getting to the NVC stage.


At the USCIS website, there's information about a K3 visa. Is that possible to apply for while th i-130 is at NSC? Or is it just unnecessary?


I want to reunite with my husband as soon as possible, of course, like everyone else on this website. As most Americans, he will only have a week vacation per 6 months, and if the process takes up to a year (or longer...) that means we will only see each other for one week until I can move, since he's been here for the holidays already. It's so crazy lonely not being with him..


Also, sorry if this post ended up in the wrong Place.



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