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arrowProxy marriage date or renewal of vows date?
December 14, 2014, 4:53 am Last comment by mallafri76

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my husband (the USC) and I got married by proxy in May 2013, I was present but due to special circumstances, he wasn't. We then renewed our vows in August 2014 in a ceremony we were both present in, so that I could move over to the US to be with him. We spoke to USCIS who said that on the I-130, we should put the date of our renewal of vows as our wedding date, as proxy marriages are not valid for immigration purposes. I've been thinking a lot about this and even though that's the case, legally, we have still been married since May 2013 and that marriage has been accepted by the State of Texas, the US government and my home country's government as a legal marriage in all senses.


My question is, was that USCIS person really correct, that in the eyes of US immigrations, my husband and I have only been married since August 2014 or should we still have put our legal marriage date of May 2013? With our real marriage date, we will have been married more than two years by the time I get my visa, so it's obviously a big deal that this is correct. 

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arrowlive in the US with green card but work in another country
December 13, 2014, 7:08 pm Last comment by nobbie

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Hi can I live in the US as a permanent resident but work in Europe. I will be 3 weeks in Europe then 3 weeks in the US then 3 weeks in europe and so on, for a year or two until I find an equal job in the US. Does this affect my permanent resident status? I will be in the US more than 6 months every year, file taxes in the US have my home with my family in the US.  However its gonna be a lot of traveling back and forth. 



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arrowPassport and name change
December 13, 2014, 11:25 am Last comment by sweetswinks

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So, when I was 10ish, my mom asked me if I wanted a middle name, as they had only given me my first name and last name at the time of my birth. Long story short, she screwed up, and I ended up with two first names. My fiancé and I have filed for the K1, but I want to remove the name that was supposed to be my middle name. I plan on taking his lastname and putting my maiden name as my middle name. Will this be possible to do as a non us citizen in the states at the time after marriage? Or should I go ahead and have it removed here, in Sweden, and then just add my maiden name once we get married at the social security office?

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arrowSwedish/American couple with new baby- dual citizenship?
December 12, 2014, 3:35 am Last comment by yehaww

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I'm American and my wife is a permanent resident from Sweden. We live in the U.S. We just had a baby and we'd like it to have dual citizenship. She called the Swedish (whatever office it is) and they told her she needed to check with the U.S. about whether or not that was possible. I can't believe they wouldn't know more info, this must happen all the time. Anyone here had a baby in the U.S. And filed for dual citizenship in Sweden?

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arrowis it a long time with no biometric appointment?
December 8, 2014, 6:39 am Last comment by anjans

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We sent in our aos September 27th,recieved an rfe October 21st, sent it an and it was recieved September 19th and we haven't heard anything at all, is this normal? My ead status is still case was recieved.

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