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NVC rookie
10:05 am


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Hi everyone. I am stuck in I-130 I Nebraska still. But things seems to start moving there now. So I am trying to get prepared for the next stage, NVC. It says that you should provide them with copies of all your documents and take the original with you to the interview. Question, it doesn t say anywhere that it needs to be notarized copies, will a regular suffice? In I-130 it said that every copy needed to be notarized.

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1:00 am


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Hello Folks:

I am having problems with the pstal. service. They are losing 3 pieces of mael per month, and USCIS just informed me that it was returned to them. So the question is can I use a poboxx??


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Documents delivered, but not registered after 10 days
7:14 pm

Mr & Mrs Owl

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Called NVC to check on status for my parent's immigration application.

I sent the RFE with "missing documents".

USPS tracking shows as delivered, but it has been 10 days since the delivery date, and NVC customer service told me that they haven't received/registered anything so far.

It should have been registered by this time, according to the rep. The rep could not help out or request a supervisor.. so I was left alone in the abyss...

I emailed NVC to check whether they can look this up. I sent it to Suite 100, so this cannot have been the issue.

Anyone that has a timeframe from NVC delivery date to "registered" status?

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I-765 rejected, even though filed properly
11:46 pm

S & D

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Hi guys,

This is more of a sharing story in case any of you experience the same and think you're losing your minds like we did.

My husband is here on a K1, along with my step-daughter (K2). We got married within the 90 days and filed AOS for both of them. So, the I-485's and I-765's were filed concurrently.

We rec'd NOA's back for both I-485's, but only 1 NOA for my husband's I-765. Nothing for my step-daughters I-765. After climbing through USCIS's phone tree 2 times and wasting 2 hours of my life, I finally spoke to someone who was 100% unhelpful. Had me email an address that would take 15 business days to get a reply from.

Then, 'lo...the rejection for my step-daughters I-765 showed up in the mail. There was nothing wrong with it, only broken USCIS processes. They somehow didn't know the I-765 was filed at the same time as the I-485 (even though it was all sent in the same envelope). So, we had to waste more time and money returning the EAD application, a copy of the NOA notice for the I-485 and for good measure I included the filing instructions from the I-485 that clearly state you do not need to pay additional fees if filed together.

Just when I thought USCIS couldn't get any worse.

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Different names on Green Card vs passport
8:17 pm


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Hi there,

I decided NOT to take my husband's name while we were applying for a Greencard but now, 3 years later, I changed my mind.

But to order a new green card, with a new name, it costs almost $500 and I'm thinking absolutely not!

So. I can easily change my name here in the states and in my home country, that won't cost much or take much time. However, my passport will then have a different last name than my greencard. What will happen when I travel...? We travel *a lot*.

Many thanks.

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