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arrowCan't update my timeline
October 5, 2015, 3:01 pm Last comment by Maria&Seve

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I can't update my timeline for EAD. When I try to fill in what day my biometrics appointment is the date ends up where the date for the RFE is supposed to be. And yes, I'm clicking the right square, I've tried it multiple times. 


Thank you in advance. 

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arrowtime between interview and in line for oath
October 2, 2015, 12:20 pm Last comment by edt370a

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Hi peeps! You guys who had your interview how long did it take for you to get the "in line for oath" status? I had my interview Tuesday, the officer said she would most likely approve me she just had to do the last background checks...print my fingerprints and such. So now I'm of course checking my status like every 10 minutes...

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arrowGot an RFE *headache*
September 30, 2015, 12:01 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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I was a bit lazy when I sent in the I-751. I thought that they didn't want a bunch of papers of the whole tax returns so I only sent in the front page and yeah, kept it simple with photos from our wedding and travels. I mistakenly had the attitude of "we have nothing to hide, if they don't believe us, sure, come by and check us out". 


Now, of course, this means more work for me now instead. -_____-


So, should I send in a sex tape?

We've filed taxes together since 2013 I believe. Do we print out that whole thing and send? I think it's like... 20 pages. Such a waste of paper! 


I'm also pretty sure I'm listed as his spouse on his retirement plan - does that work to send in? 


I think I'm also his "emergency" person on his health care plan but we decided to not put me under his job's health care plan cause it was expensive and my home country (of which I go back to fairly often) provide health care for me so I only have an emergency plan. But I guess that might work?


We have a savings account together opened in 2013 and I thought we had sent in the right stuff but apparently not - is there like any papers that's just one side that could work as evidence that we've had this account for a while and there's money in it?

Also, he's on the lease of our rental building but I should be listed as occupant. Does that work? 


Apart from that, I'm not sure what other 'legal' shit we can send. We're young modern new yorkers - aka we don't own a house, a car and definitely no children. They didn't want any more photos or travel plans...



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arrowstatus says "issued" what next (split topic)
September 30, 2015, 9:29 am Last comment by jfbjfbjfb

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My visa status show " Issued "

What is waybill ? I havent received any instructions. What are the next steps like visa fee, greencard fee ? I read on the travel website said paying $165 visa fee, what is this fee ? I am so confused.

Any helps please.

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arrowNow what? Plz help!! I'm suffering from brainfarts :(
September 29, 2015, 10:28 am Last comment by Brewlin

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Hi! I've been reading so much that my brain hurts and the more I read the more confused I get. My husband is American and I'm Swedish. We got married in Texas 2010 and he moved to Sweden 2011. We are now trying to get me a visa so we can move back home.


7/26/2015 we sent the I-130 application to the USCIS in Chicago. 8/11/2015 we got a letter that they have received our paperwork and they have forwarded the paperwork to the California Service Center for processing. 9/22/2015 we got a letter from the Department of Homeland Security that our petition has been approved. "The NVC will contact the person for whom you are petitioning concerning further immigrant visa processing. Allow a minimum of 30 days for Department of State processing before contacting the NVC"


Do we count the 30 days from the notice date or starting when we received the letter in the mail? The notice date is September 11. Did I get it right that the embassy will call me to make the appointment?


Can someone plz tell me what the next steps are? What do I need to do before the interview, during the interview and after? What do I need to bring with me? My father-in-law will be the sponsor. Does the paperwork/fee need to be completed before the interview?


I'm pretty sure I will have more questions for ya later on but lets start with these :)


Thank you bunches!!






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