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arrowESTA - limits
November 15, 2014, 6:53 pm Last comment by Boiler

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I´ve been in US two times this year. First time in May-July total 6 weeks, then in Aug - Nov total 91 days.

Can I go back now in the end of Nov or Dec?

Do I have to wait for a new year to begin?

Was it a mistake to stay for 91 days?

I did not know of the 90-days-limit... I read "3 months" and had a ticket from Aug 6th  til Nov 5th...

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arrowQuick return
November 13, 2014, 11:40 am Last comment by Boiler

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I am married to a man living in USA. I came home to Sweden last week after being there in Florida for 3 months on an Esta Visa.
He cannot support me, I dont have a job,
What should I do to come back to USA ASAP? He is disabled and he needs me there.
What kind of Visa should I apply for that does not take forever to handle?

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arrowApplying for my 2nd greencard, anyone else?
November 7, 2014, 12:25 pm Last comment by BernieRich

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When I left the USA in 2012, I didn't realize the rule about "abandonment" if you leave for over a year. So I sent in my old green card to apply for a new one just recently.  Has anyone else done this? 

Would the fact that I had one previously, possibly speed things up a bit? Obviously, if I already was approved the 1st time, how long would it take to do it a 2nd? Married to the very same man as the first time, with kids now.


I already have a SSN and an A# which I also included in the i-130 form. I don't even have a parking ticket on my 12 year long record in the US. 

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arrowSweden consulate
November 6, 2014, 4:22 pm Last comment by Gracenp2

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Just curious - how long after noa2 until you had your visa? What was the timeframe between getting noa2 and getting the visa interview date? :) we are just about a month from receiving noa1 :)

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arrowRFE from I-864 at nvc, please help
November 4, 2014, 5:38 am Last comment by Ian H.

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On the I-864 form line 13 A - 13 C what are the numbers that i am suppose to copy from our tax return? Because we got RFE'd saying that 13.A.1 was wrong.

We copied it from line 7 of the 1040. And we did that for all 3 years.


The weird part is that we only got RFE'd for 13.A.1 which is 2013 tax  returns. They never mentioned 2012 or 2011, but we used the same line of the 1040 on all 3 of them which is really weird that they would only RFE us on the 1, because technically if we used the wrong line of the 1040. Then all 3 years would be wrong.



Can anyone tell me what I should fill in on the 13.A.1 ? Which line of the 1040, I googled it and it said line.22 but I would like to have that confirmed


And also, even though we didn't get RFEd on 2012 and 2011 returns, should we change them as well? Or just leave it like it was, since in the RFE we got they only listed the 13.A.1



We have the regular 1040 WITHOUT the EZ



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