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May 3, 2016, 10:37 am Last comment by Georgia16

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Hey everyone!!!  My fiancee and I are waiting for her interview day!  Just about a week away!  My question is, I recently moved and the address on the I129f and all other supporting documents she has for the interview have my old address on them.  We weren't planning on me finding a new apartment so quickly.  So how and who do we change the address with?  I see multiple answers saying not to worry about it or to contact the USCIS.  But since the case is now out of their hands do we just contact the US Embassy in Stockholm?  Thank you for the help!

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arrowTravel and internal border control with expired J-1/J-2
May 1, 2016, 6:35 pm Last comment by newacct

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I have a J-1 visa and my wife a J-2 visa which expire in September. After this, I have understood that we have a 30 day grace period before we return to our home country, during which we are allowed to remain in the U.S., but not re-enter.


We were planning a road trip for these few weeks, and it would tentatively take us past El Paso, TX (not going into Mexico), and then through New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.


I have understood that there are many "United States Border Patrol interior checkpoints" along that route, and I wonder what would happen when we declare that we are Swedish citizens, and present our passports with expired visas in such checkpoints. Would they know about the 30 day grace period?


Another question: If we instead choose to actually cross the border and go into Mexico (or Canada, later on the journey), could we then enter U.S. (the same day) as a tourist (with ESTA)?

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arrowCheck your case status online
May 1, 2016, 7:52 am Last comment by Ryan H

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By entering the case receipt number at https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do, you can see updates about your case. For some time now it has said that NVC recieved our case on January 7th and that hasn´t changed since then. But today when I was looking I cant see anything. Has anyone else had this issue and can tell me why?


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arrowNVC made a mistake!!
April 19, 2016, 4:57 am Last comment by Lenhey

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My husband and I sent all the required documents to NVC and let them have their 30 days process. After 30 days they send us an e-mail saying they didnt have my birth- and marriage certificate. I talked to the Swedish Tax Agency ( that deals with these kind of documents) and with the American embassy in Stockholm, and they both said that I had sent in the correct paperwork. I called NVC and told them everything and they said that they would take a closer look at our documents but that it would take an extra 42 days. Why do we need to suffer because they can´t to their job properly!!?? We had sent in ALL required documents and done EVERYTHING correctly, and now we have to wait an extra 42 days because they cant do their job.  Has anyone else here had a similar experience with NVC or do you have any thoughts about if NVC really will use all of the 42 days? 

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arrowNeed for translating documents that prove you've met in the last 2 years?
April 16, 2016, 7:33 am Last comment by Georgia16

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My fiance and I are submitting flight itineraries to prove that we have met in the last two years. I'm from Sweden so my itineraries are in Swedish. Do I need to translate these into English? 


I found some information on the forum about how it wasn't necessary to translate hotel receipts and the likes. I hope the same thing goes for the itineraries! 


If anyone knows anything about the need for translation I'd be grateful to hear it, we are just starting our I-129F application and we don't want to mess anything up and risk delaying the whole process... 



/Maria :)

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