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I134F Unemployed Sponsor
1:45 am


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My fianc and are are currently awaiting our NOA2 ,NOA1 received on 12/09/2016.

I will be resigning from my current job which I was meeting over minimum income level. I will be visiting my fianc at his home in Sweden for 7 weeks upon my return to the US I will look for a new job.

what if I do not have a job at the time of his interview?

My parents are going to cosponsor by submitting an additional I134f form. My lawyer said while this could work this specific form is not designed for cosponsorship.

Anyone been denied visa as the submitted cosponsor on I134f?

Should I be certain upon my return to the US that I get my job back?

Would love some feedback!

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add me to house deed/mortgage
3:05 am


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This is my EXACT situation, we bought the house together, i signed papers at the title company but the lender instructed them to only put my hubby on the deed, since i wasn't on the mortgage. I was too new in the country when we bought the house so i had no established credit/Green card yet. Frustrating since i basically wen't through the entire process and got all the paperwork's organized, prime contact with the real estate agent and always on top of everything since i was unemployed and home all day and hubby worked.

Is it risky to add me properly now that i am more established? sounds like a scary process and lot's can go wrong. I wouldn't really care about it if it wasn't for the USCIS's love for joint mortgage/deed.

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Invensting money in my home country
6:46 pm


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I just sold my condo in Sweden before moving to the US (my husband is a citizen). Since the dollar is so strong right now we would like to invest the money in Sweden in stocks or bonds.

1. Does anyone know if this is a problem when filing the US taxes?

2. Does anyone know if money is taxable (since we would also have to tax the profit in Sweden) in the US? If so how does that work?

Grateful for responses. Thank you!

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B2/US Tourist Visa
8:39 pm


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My cousin recently came to Sweden through sambo visa from China. Sambo is like a fiance. She has a Chinese passport, temporary resident card for Sweden. She has been in Sweden for 8 months now. She has a full time job that she has held for 3 months now and she is going to school to learn Swedish at the same time. She is currently living with her sambo. This summer, she has some time off of school and so I would like to invite her to come to visit the US. What are the chances of her getting a B2 visa? I guess her strongest ties are: her sambo living in Sweden, her full-time job and school. She will apply from Stockholm.

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i-864. All live together. Is the petitioner’s Mother a HOUSEHOLD MEMBER or JOINT SPONSOR or BOTH?
10:22 pm


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Form i-864

The petitioner (my spouse) is currently unemployed, so he will include his Mother s income to meet the income requirement.

Beneficiary (me), Petitioner (my spouse), and Petitioner s Mother all live together.

Is the petitioner s Mother a HOUSEHOLD MEMBER or JOINT SPONSOR or BOTH?

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