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arrowTravelling to US after Emergency AP
August 30, 2015, 4:51 am Last comment by KierenHby

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I had to return to Sweden on Emergency AP and I'm just curious about others experience returning. I am not worried about hanging out with the CBP officers, I am more worried about leaving Sweden. USCIS mentioned that entering would not be an issue but leaving Sweden could be an issue as many countries have not seen the AP papers before. 


What did you do? Just show the ticket counter people the AP papers or just tell a white lie that you're leaving on ESTA? Am I overthinking this? :P I was also told to keep the AP papers hidden at all times due to them being highly sought after and many try to steal them.


Not returning in a while but still nice to know. Thank you in advance!

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arrowCan you call and get case number before text/email/letter?
August 22, 2015, 1:17 pm Last comment by Maria&Seve

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We sent in our AOS on the 19th and my dads cancer has taken a turn for the worst and I need to go home as soon as possible. Is there anyway I can get them to figure out a case number for me on Monday? I'm getting desperate. So worried I won't make it home in time!

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arrowQuestion about I-485 Part 3, question 15a
August 19, 2015, 4:03 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hey everyone, we're working on filling out as much of the AOS documents as possible so we can file as soon as we have our marriage certificate. Part 3, question 15a is confusing me a bit. The question asks "Have you ever served in, been a member of,  assisted in or participated in any military unit, paramilitary unit, police unit, self-defense unit, vigilante unit, rebel group, guerilla group, militia, or insurgent organization?"


My fiance served a year in the Swedish army, which we listed on part 3C. I think the above question is for non-government regulated militia type groups, is that correct? So I think our answer would be "no" but I just want to confirm. Thanks!

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arrowStuck at NVC
August 19, 2015, 6:05 am Last comment by Magazine

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So our case was put on supervisor review about 56 days ago now. We've emailed several times without a response and have also called about seven times. Each time we call, we speak to a different person that tells us something different or new. The last information we have for our case is that a supervisor requested our case file on July 2nd, so about 49 days ago. We've asked several times to speak to the supervisor directly but they refuse to put us through and just say we have to wait the 45 days. Each time we call, there's a different reason why it hasn't been 45 days yet...  :huh:


When we were first put on supervisor review, we were told it's done within 45 days but should be much earlier than that. We can also see that many others on supervisor review have been reviewed considerably faster than the 45 days and here we are on day 56.  :(


With USCIS, you can ask for an infopass and actually speak to a proper person about your case, is there something similar for NVC? Can we fly up to New Hampshire and get an appointment with an actual NVC supervisor to discuss our case in person? Is there anything else we can do to get our case moving? We really feel like our case got put somewhere and has just been forgotten, since they don't seem to have any kind of alert system when a case is past the deadline... 

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arrowHow long does it take to get emergency travel authorization?
August 18, 2015, 12:01 pm Last comment by Maria&Seve

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We are in the process of sending in our AOS and my father was preliminary diagnosed with stomach cancer and we thought we had more time. Now the official diagnosis is inoperable pancreatic cancer and time is running out. Is there a point in even trying to get the AOS in and expedite travel authorization or should we just abandon ship and do spousal visa? I'd leave around September 7 unless there's a drastic change. 

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