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Where is my Green Card nr?
8:33 am


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I'm trying to check into my flight home to the US and it asks me for my Green Card number but I'm not sure which one of all the numbers it is? I have tried to google it but it gives me different confusing answers. Is it the 8 digit number next to the I-551 on the back or is it somewhere in the coded part at the bottom on the back?

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F1 or F2A
9:09 am


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Hi VJ,

I would like some advice and tips from you!

My dad petitioned for me september 2013 and is a naturalised USC an Im from Sweden. I check the bulletin and VJ every now and then and I am estimating a wait of around 8-9 years.

My boyfriend got his green card January 2016 and we are exploring options to get me to the US so we can be together. Of course, marriage is an option and from what I've read the wait can be anything from 2-3 years. I am also considering going back to school so I can stay for longer then 90 days at a time.

I know that marriage to him will affect my dads petition as I will be a married child, but marrying my boyfriend would then be the most logical solution and if he gets naturalised during the process it will speed things up?

What other options or advice do you have for starting this process or immigrating to the US?

Those F2A who are waiting for such a long time, how to you manage the distance? Are you in your home country trying to live a normal life or do you fly and vist you significant other every now and then?



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What to Expect? [split topic]
1:31 am


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Since our priority date is coming up soon does anyone know roughly what to expect the time after the approval to get the visa?

I did the K-3 visa and im also wondering how the interview process works.

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Process expectations & visits
10:16 pm

Paul & Mallory

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Hi all! So, this is my first time posting on one of these forums and if nothing else, I feel it will at least give me a sounding board I don't have here among my family & social circle. (Anyone else feel like nobody around them understands because they've never been through this before? ?)

I (Mallory) live in South Carolina and my fianc (Paul) lives in Sweden. We got engaged in April and filed our petition on June 5, got confirmation of receipt June 12. Of course we knew this process would be long and grueling. I find it overwhelming sometimes when I look at the big picture, and I have to remind myself to take it one step at a time. The USCIS site sat at February all last month for the As Of date (I understand they are two to three months delayed). Then today, we check and see it's jumped back to January 1. ? Anybody know why the date went back a month and a half? Prematurely, it felt like a punch in the gut. Two months of waiting gone down the drain? I hope not. It gets discouraging when you realize this is just the first step and it feels like three steps forward and two steps back.

We are very early into this and also very new to this, so I know we probably have a lot of dumb questions. For now - any insight on the date change? Any advice or tips on how to stay sane during this part? ? I'd love to hear real life stories - particularly those involving other swedes.

The hardest part from me right now, aside from being apart from my favorite person in the entire world, is the unknown. Not knowing what to expect or see coming. ?

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Please fix the reply box
6:56 am


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Sometimes it is a real pain in the ### to reply to a topic if you quote someone. After quoting it is sometimes impossible to get the cursor beneath the box so you can actually reply outside the quote box. So you have to delete the whole quote box which is also not always easy, quote the person again and hope it works. I wish we had the advance reply option back which was much easier for situations like that. Please fix it. Makes me miss the old layout of the forum again.

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