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I-864, household and minimum income
6:23 am


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So our case is at the NVC and we're starting to prepare all the other paperwork. But I've got a few questions.

1. Filling out the I-864 for us, we are 3. My wife (US Citizen), me (beneficiary) and our child (dual citizenship) which means we are three in the household. But filling out the form, it calculates our household to four. Something to do with the part where the petitioner writes she's married. It's like, petitioner, petitioner's wife/husband, beneficiary and child. But I'm the husband and beneficiary. Tips on this one?

2. My wife has lived abroad with me for the past 8-9 years but has filed taxes in the US. However, the past three years we filed jointly with the 2555 form, excluding foreign income. But we do show we make enough money. However, this income will stop as we move, leaving the job behind. But we do have savings above 125% of the poverty rate for 3 people. It's like $28k and we have over $30k in the account plus other savings (stocks, bonds, cash) but it's all in our foreign account. Is it necessary to have a joint sponsor you think? We can have my in-laws to sponsor us, just a hassle to get the documents since they live in the US and we don't. Would rather not have to do that.

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Fastest Way
10:34 pm


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Hi everyone,
This is a very broad question, but we need a good direction to get started and this website seems to be filled with answers. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
My girlfriend and I, after being together in Sweden for three years, have decided to move back to my home state and we are wondering what is the fastest and most guaranteed way of obtaining a green card for her. Sponsorship through a job seems to be very difficult, so it feels like we are left with three options. The first would be applying for a fiance visa. And the other two would be through marriage, either here in Sweden or in the states. We want to move back to the US as soon as possible, so what is our smartest option? Fiance, Marriage in Sweden, Marriage in US, or some mystery choice?.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Should I sign papers in full name?
9:31 pm


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So I automatically signed all papers like I always do... with just my first and last name. My question is if I rather should've signed it with First name, MIDDLE NAME and Last name, like in my passport?

This is regarding the 1-129f packet but I guess it applied to all papers of the process.

Thank you!

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Purchasing a house while waiting for NOA2
2:10 pm


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If I, the petitioner, was to start the process of buying a house while waiting for NOA2, would this have any impact on the Visa process?

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Question regarding Country of Domicile on I-864
7:05 pm


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I have a question regarding Part 4, number 5 on the i-864 application. I am the petitioner for my spouse. I do not have enough funds to actually sponsor him so we are using my parents as sponsors. Anyway, the application asks what my country of domicile is and I'm a little unsure what to put. We maintain a residence in Ireland and Sweden at the moment. I have been living abroad for 5.5 years since we got married. Obviously our intent is to move to the US since I'm filing the application. Would it be a problem if I write my country of domicile is Ireland? I maintain a US bank account so i could use that as proof that I plan on returning. iS a bank account sufficient enough proof?

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