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K-1 Medical expired BEFORE sending AoS. Renew before sending?
3:36 pm today


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Hello! I came to the US on a K-1.
Due to finances we have not been able to apply for Adjustment of status right away.

During this time, my overseas medical exam expired in December 2017.

We are about to apply very soon.

My question is, should I renew my medical before sending in my application and include the papers, or would it be better to wait until I have an interview date and bring the results there?
The reason I am asking is because many people have said differently, and I would love to hear your opinion.

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Submitting Adjustment of Status paperwork, question about approved I-129F
7:18 pm yesterday


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Hello all,

We've been reading this forum and have had a lot of our questions answered already, but we have one question that I can't find a thread for.

We are have had our I-129F K1 fiance visa approved already and my fiance is here in the US. We have done the civil marriage at the courthouse thing and we are currently filling out the adjustment status, advance parole, etc paperwork. I was instructed by a local USCIS office that I need to include my original approved I-129F in this packet when submitting the completed paperwork. However, we have looked through all our records and paperwork and we don't have the original I-129F. We have a copy that was given to her after her interview at the US Embassy in Stockholm that shows the approved stamp at the top, but no original.

My question: was there some sort of mistake and they forgot to give her the original I-129F or was the lady at our local facility mistaken when she told us to submit the Original I-129F with our packet?

Thanks in advance.

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When I expect my check cashed?
1:22 pm yesterday


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I mailed in my I-129 petition Tuesday 1/9, it was recieved (through USPS tracking) on early Friday morning 1/12. What is the typical time to wait until they cash my the check?

I know it takes time, and to be patient.... I'm just wondering when I can expect the funds to come out of my account....

Also will the funds come out before I receive anything in the mail? It's cold and snowy here so I don't go to the mailbox everyday... so I was thinking I wouldn't check the mailbox everyday until after the funds come or of my account, or is there a chance to get mail before the funds come out?

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Does the country matter?
9:43 pm yesterday


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With all the news coverage of Trump making horrible comments about some countries, it made me wonder.... can the country someone is applying for a K1 visa from matter on the speed or ease of obtaining the visa? Example would someone applying for a k1 visa in Norway have a faster or better chance of getting a visa over someone in Haiti?

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I-864 or I-864EZ for Step Child
2:19 pm yesterday


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Hello All,

I have been searching the VJ forums for hours but have not really found an answer to my question. I filed I-130 for my step son and it was approved. Now I am trying to prepare some documents and the confusion is starting. I do not want to get a checklist just because I did not file the correct I-864. I am pretty sure that I should not do the I-864W as it relates to natural and adopted children. I am also sure that it is not the I-864A as I am not using someone else to support my application. That leaves I-864 and I-864EZ.

I am using only my salary to qualify and I am a USC. His mother is GC holder. The I-130 is only for my step son. So these are two of the three statements for the I-864EZ. I am not sure if my step son qualifies as a relative.

In short can I file a I-864EZ or should I do the I-864.

Thank you.

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