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I-765 EAD expedite request proof to fax? (CR-1 Spouse Visa)
6:10 am


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I'm filing as an immediate relative (Spouse) forms: I-485, I-130, and I-765.

I've requested to Expedite i-765 EAD based on:

" 4. Nonprofit status of requesting organization in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States. "

Does anyone have experience with this particular bullet point?

I do have a job offer from a nonprofit organization that has a mission to promote and perform classical music, and it also has educational programs for a good amount of children and adults.

What proof do I need to fax (more than my offer letter)?

Thanks :)

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Florida Driver License Questions
1:52 pm


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Hi, my fiance is currently here on a K-1 Visa. He has already gotten a SSN and now we want to get his driver's license. I have researched about it a bit but I have read so many conflicting stories. I just would like some clarification if possible. I already know I will have to sign the statement that he is residing at my address for proof of residency.

1. Does he need to complete a Drug and Alcohol Abuse course if he already has a valid license from Sweden?

2. Does he need a EAD? Some people have stated they needed a EAD to get a driver license.

3. Is it better to get married first and then apply for the license or to get the license before we get married? I heard it is easier to get it before being married and vice versa.

4. Will he need to complete a driving test and the written exam or will he only have to have the vision test done?

Thank you!

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Draft while green card pending?
11:20 pm

s + j

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I got a letter on May 4th that the Swedish draft is calling me in for their training...however it says on their website "a swedish citizen living abroad DO NOT have to fill out the questionnaire" give or take the wording.

To me this feels like it would void my green card, as they say I still have to fill it out on the phone. I'm still waiting for my interview. If I get chosen for the draft after filling it out, then there's a chance they'll call me in for their practice and training...Meaning I will have to leave for almost a year. This would definitely make me ineligible for a green card, correct? And if I were to fill out the questionnaire, would that make me eligible for my green card as well?
Thanks guys.

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biometrics in new orleans
4:35 am


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Hi Guys,

Anybody who attended biometrics in NEW ORLEANS please share your experience . About early walk in, late walk in , maybe being late there an hour or so, or maybe walk in few days earlier , etc,,, Is it possible ?

Thank you so very much

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K2 traveling alone -- what is needed?
3:33 pm

S & D

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Hoping someone has some insight here, as we've searched the forums and have yet to really find an answer.

My Fianc will enter the US on his K1 visa in 3 weeks. His daughter will come about 2 months later on her K2 visa. She is 17.

Our question is -- what does she need to enter, besides the obvious 2 items -- her visa and the infamous "DO NOT OPEN" envelope?

There is little info on this topic. Advise!

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