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8:34 am


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Hey guys:

My Fiance's visa just got approved and she has a connecting flight through Istanbul before crossing the Atlantic. I could really only find around 1-2 flights which work. They both have the same wait times between flights. The connecting flight has only a 2 hour difference. I am slightly concerned about the security line times and then finding the flight. Do you think it will be a problem?


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K-1 Did I screw up?
1:59 pm


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My fiance just got approved for his K-1 visa (yay). We now have a very tricky situation with many problems. We have a trip planned to the US in April - so the 90 days start, but our wedding isn't planned until July! Also I didn't realize that he couldn't leave the US after entering on the K-1. So I guess we have to get married in the court house in April (although we only have a week). Then our plan was to live in Sweden for 2+ years. I wasn't thinking of another options when we applied for the K-1 but now I don't know if it was the right choice. Can he even leave the US after we get married? Will he be let in in July for our actual wedding? All help will be greatly appreciated!!

-Scared and confused Sarah

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What do I send with I-485?
3:06 pm


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Hey y'all! My husband is from Sweden and I am a USC. We got married before his Tourist Visa ran out. We got the i-130 approved, and it's taken us another six months to a year to file our i-485 (financial issues). Luckily I got a nice tax return and can afford to pay that i-485 filing fee. I need help figuring out what to send with it. So far I have figured out I need to send in


I-765 (we'd like him to work ''over the table'')

I-131 (we would love to go to sweden to visit family as soon as all of this is approved)

G-325A (i just read somewhere that this must be submitted with the I-485).

Am I missing anything else? Please advise. I've poured through questions within the forum but I can't find this specific question, just parts and pieces and a lot of them seem to come from individuals who have a k-1, k-2, visa which is not what my husband has. It would be helpful if someone who has been through our situation can help. Once again, he came in on a Tourist Visa and has overstayed about 2.5 years now. We currently live in New Orleans.



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Priorities Philippines?
1:19 pm


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I have been looking at processing times for other CR1 visas close to my number. And I see that petitions from Philippines have a very short time of processing. Do anyone here know why that it's so? I am just curious.

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I-864 Change/update sponsor
10:56 pm


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Hello there,

I sent in my AOS packet about a month ago and just received a letter from USCIS saying that my sponsor(father in law) did not meet the income requirements for his household size and should send in proof of assets or find a new sponsor.(He filled out the form incorrectly by listing past income in 2016 instead of anticipated income for 2017.)

To be on the safe side his wife is willing to help me(she has a higher monthly income) but is unsure if it is sufficient as well. They live in Alaska and their household size(including me as the immigrant) would be a total of 6 so her income must be at least $50,925.

My question is, can I send in the I-864 packet again, have my mother in law as my sponsor and have my father in law fill out the I-864A and have his income make up for the difference as a household member? If I remember correctly he listed her on the I-864 we sent in as well but she never filled out the I-864A or provided any proof of income.
So basically I would be changing my sponsor to "household member" and listing my mother in law as the main sponsor. Is this possible or too messy since it involves the same persons?

Thankful for you help!

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