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arrowValidating foreign divorce in the US
August 21, 2014, 8:40 pm Last comment by Boiler

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Hi, I'm unsure if this ended up in the right forum but I'm giving it a go.


Things did not go as planned and we've ended up getting divorced after 10 years together. We have gotten our Swedish divorce, as both of us live in the US we need to get it validated here. I know the Swedish divorce is recogniced here but I quite frankly have no idea how to go about it it?


Does anyone have insight on how to proceed to get the divorce validated in the US? I live in Texas if that makes a differense.

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arrowI-864 is really confusing me, please help me out
August 21, 2014, 6:35 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hi again!


 So i've been battling the I-864 form now for a while, and it's really confusing..


 So, I am the beneficiary, my wife is the petitioner, she currently lives in Sweden with me, shes unemployed with 0 income. She's been here since mid 2012 and I have been supporting her since then.

We have a joint-sponsor, we already got all of her paperwork, and it checks out!

Now, here's the problem: filling out my wife's I-864.. I am really not sure how to proceed.


We are stuck at part 5 and 6.


Should we add our joint sponsor in part 5?


On part 6. since my wife is unemployed with 0 income, should she then add me on part 6, question 6.a ?

If so, do I need to send in any information along with this application? or do we leave this blank?


Since her current income will be 0.


But since I am supporting her in Sweden, should the current annual income be my income?


I will not keep the same job when I move over to the U.S so the income I have at the moment will only be in the works until I move to the U.S.



Then we move onto part.7 


Do we need to fill this out with MY savings and assets ? or do we also leave this blank?





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arrowQuick question
August 20, 2014, 9:19 am Last comment by TheFoxxy

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When filing the I-129f package I've read we should save 2 copy's of everything we send but do we also send them a copy of ex train tickets and airplane tickets? Or do we just send the original and take copy's of those?!

And also, I was an au pair in the states and had a J1 visa so we were together most of our relationship, can I send them a copy of my visa and then a copy of "My finish certificate" from my au pair agency?? Ive made copy's of stamps from when I entered the states and then I will send the flight ticket from when I flew back to Sweden.
This along with a flight for my boyfriend coming here and then also photos of us with family / friends and such.

We mostly call on FaceTime and text over iMessage, I've taken photos with my phone of diffrent messages and the call list, or should I rather try print the whole history?!


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arrowI-864 Question about household size for joint-sponsor
August 19, 2014, 6:42 am Last comment by aleful

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Hi all!


 I need some help, I just received the papers from our joint-sponsor but I just want to double check everything.


I am the beneficiary, and my wife is the petitioner of the I-130, she currently lives with me in Sweden with 0 income, so we brought in a joint-sponsor.


Now, I have a few questions:


In Part 2. Information on the principal immigrant, that is my information correct? the beneficiary


Since my wife is currently living abroad with no source of income, that does mean that she has to get "sponsored" as well? or will it still just be myself?


so for example, in part 2 she filled in my information,  does she need to fill in my wife's information ( shes a U.S CITIZEN ) on the family member part?


then we go to part 5. sponsors household size:


our joint-sponsor is married, so she added that she is not sponsoring herself, or her husband. So she put the household size to 3, is this correct?   Myself, joint-sponsor, joint-sponsors husband. makes 3?


So basically in short, I am unsure if my wife that's a u.s citizen with 0 income should be added to our joint-sponsors papers? I know that my wife will fill out one for herself as well, to which the past 2 years she's been unemployed.


Any insight would be great, I've been trying to find some proper information about this, but didn't find that much

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arrowIV payment, still can't see it?
August 18, 2014, 6:15 pm Last comment by gandhi02

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Hi all!


 So we got the papers from NVC 1 week ago "they received our application 5-6 weeks ago"


I just paid the AoS bill and filled out the DS-261 online form.


My question is: on a guide it says that the IV bill wont be available until 30 days after I filled out the DS-261 form, is this correct? that form was just about adding my email for updates.. should I really have to wait that long to be able to make the payment? Seems a bit odd?


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