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arrow''City Where You Were Born'' issue!
October 27, 2014, 9:48 am Last comment by rezgh

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The form says that I should enter the ''City where you are born''. Now, I'm born in Helsingborg (city in Sweden) but my passport says ''Gustav Adolf'' (it's the parish within Helsingborg where I was born, and you should not list a parish/district etc according to the form) Should I write Helsingborg or should I write what my passport/birth certificate says even though ''Gustav Adolf'' isn't a city? I'm very unsure about this - should I give the right answer or the answer according to my passport?

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arrowPreparing for domicile - help
October 25, 2014, 1:40 pm Last comment by Brewlin

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So this part is rather confusing, and frankly, quite ridiculous. Anyway, my USC husband owns a business here in Sweden, which he will sell to fund our move back to the USA. We will use a co-sponsor, my FIL who also lives at the address we will be living at when we arrive (temp), the same address we are putting down on the I-130.    We don't have a bank account in the US.No car, no bills, no insurances. NO job offer. BUT could we use the sale of the biz as a proof that we intend to establish one in the US?  I know it sounds fluffy. But it's the truth. What else, make his parents write up a sort of  'lease' ?  Buy a car from online? lol.. He does have a valid US DL.  Anything else we can do?!  

We do have two (school) children but intended to seek out a good place to start our new biz before enrolling them into a school, so we hope to move at a longer school break after one semester is finished. (i.e summer, or after christmas).    Thanks for any help.



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arrowUsing immigrant's assets for AOS
October 25, 2014, 6:55 am Last comment by Ian H.

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my husband (the USC) and I have filed the I-130 and while awaiting the verdict on that, we have started looking towards the next step of the process, the AOS. My husband is unemployed and so we were planning on having his aunt as a joint sponsor for my visa, however,going through the instructions for the I-864 now, it seems that we can use my (the intended immigrant) assets towards the AOS as well? Do I understand it correctly that if my husband has a salary of $0 but I have assets of at least three times the poverty line for our household size, that'll be enough for the AOS? 


Also, do I understand it correctly that when they say household size, they mean both my husband and I, even though we obviously don't live together yet? 


Why do they make this process so long and complicated?!?!  :(

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arrowRfe in aos process
October 24, 2014, 1:00 pm Last comment by landr

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I got an email 21st of october saying that we got an rfe for my aos process, have not recieved the letter yet though. I applied for an ead at the same time and it seems that one's at a stand still, can this be because of the rfe in the aos?

Also, can this rfe mean that we might not need an interview or no?



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arrowBiometrics appointment and Costa Rica trip I751
October 16, 2014, 9:12 pm Last comment by OlofAllie

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Hi everyone!


I am getting ready to file the I751 form with the corresponding package to remove conditions on my 2 year green card.  My 90 day window started yesterday and I was planning on sending everything in on Saturday.  My only concern is that my wife and I have a trip to Costa Rica planned in November for 10 days and I am worried that I will be scheduled for a biometrics appointment while I am away that I won't be able to reschedule (is this even possible?) since I will be out of the country.


Is this something to be concerned about? Would it be better to wait to file the the removal of conditions until the day I leave for our trip? In that case I would have plenty of time to come back before there is any chance of getting a biometrics appointment. 


Any advise by anyone who is familiar with this process would be greatly appreciated! 





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