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arrowI-130 question about petitioner living abroad - which address?
April 22, 2014, 6:35 am Last comment by silverjetplane

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Quick question:


 My wife is the petitioner, she is a U.S citizen, but she's been living with me since 2 years ago.


On the I-130 it asks where she currently lives, I am guessing that she will put the Swedish address, but when people receive NoA's they go to an american address right? will they send the NoA's to the address we listed on "Address in the United States where your relative intends to live"


Or should she put her american address as current?

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arrowVisit my final while k1 in process
April 15, 2014, 7:18 am Last comment by Mikenmalin

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I want to visit my fiancé and I have a problem with what to show as proof that I'm going back home again. I moved in with my parents to save money so don't really have a contract. I just had a baby so I don't work so no work income but I do get money to stay at home with my child. Do you think it's enough with having document showing that I booked church and pastor for my baby's baptism?


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arrowFinishing up the remaining documents to send in our I-130, please check if we are missing something
April 11, 2014, 6:03 pm Last comment by pushbrk

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Hi all,


 So the time has come to file our I-130,

Please let me know if we should add anything else in our package.

Please note that I am not the petitioner. I am the beneficiary. 


This is what we had planned to send with our I-130 application, we are currently in the process of collecting everything else needed for NVC, but can you please tell me if we are missing something in our first package ?


Thanks VJ!




1. Personal check in the amount of $420.00 as application fee

2. Form G-1145 e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (completed)

3. Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative (completed, signed and dated by Petitioner)

4. Form G-325a Biographic Information (signed and dated by Petitioner)

5. Form G-325a biographic Information (signed and dated by Beneficiary)

6. Three passport-style photographs of Petitioner (signed and placed in a bag with tag)

7. Three passport-style photographs of Beneficiary (signed and placed in a bag with tag)

8. All pages of my wife's passport to establish citizenship.

9. A copy of our marriage certificate ( I had our minister create one for us in English instead of Swedish, it's signed, dated and stamped with his information ) Should we send the ORIGINAL certificate of this, or can we scan it and print out a copy of it instead and that will be fine?

10. Evidence: Our joint Swedish bank account, pictures from all our 7 years together, logs etc. Showing proof that we've kept contact even before she moved in with me here in Sweden, plane tickets from both parties when we've visited each other. Letter explaining our relationship history, how we met, what our plans are etc.  Is this enough for them? Or do we need more evidence?


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arrowK-1, applying for EAD before AOS
April 11, 2014, 8:31 am Last comment by Enigma23

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Hi all,

This has probably been up before but I haven't been able to find the last piece of information that I am looking for.


I am the holder of a K-1 visa and I have been offered a position at a financial company - I know that I can apply for EAD and that there is a slight chance to have it expedited (depending on the reason and connection as fas as I have seen).


So what happens if I do apply for an EAD now, before our marriage. (hypothetically that I can pull some strings and have it expedited) 

Do this EAD become worthless after my 90 days? Is there a form to fill out to update/lengthen that or do I have to apply for a new one. If the case is as stated in the latter part, it becomes worthless and I have to apply for a new one. Then what? I have to go home without a pay until I have my new authorization? 


Can someone please clarify this to me.


- I am allowed to apply and get an EAD that expires with my I-94 

- You can expedite? Is there a form that you send in/or should someone with more power take action to help directly?

- What happens efter 90 days? Expires? I assume if this is the case, that it does expire - then I cannot work until I have a new one which will arrive after/during the AOS process?




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arrowUS travel doc appt. wait time different from NVC wait time
April 9, 2014, 12:18 am Last comment by skooter85

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We're about to make our appointment at the Stockholm embassy and while the wait time has only been a few days, suddenly I looked today and it said the earliest appointment was May 8th! But the National Visa Center site says the wait time is 5 calendar days. Am I missing something here? Who is right?

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