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arrowCT drivers license
July 1, 2015, 4:43 pm Last comment by Sarahnick

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Hello, was hoping anyone could fill me in a little.
I will arrive to CT in late August on a k1 visa, is it possible for me to get a CT drivers license before the aos is sent in/ before we are married? Possible to start the "process" before or must I wait?

We are planning a wedding in October and since I will have quite a lot of time I was kinda thinking to get started with the drivers license.

Anyone who knows how this work? I'm from Sweden and have had my license here for 5yrs (driving every day ever since, passing the test and stuff will be easy, I've lived in ct before and used to the rules/ways of driving etc)

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arrowHow to not lose my valid US driver's license
June 28, 2015, 3:54 am Last comment by Damara

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I'm moving to the US on July 13 and we're getting married on August 1st and I would love to take his last name. 


I've had a US driver's license since 2011 and my current one is valid until 2016. My concern is that when I change my last name I have to change it on my driver's license and I'll be without one because in my experience they generally give you a DL valid as long as your visa is valid. So instead of having a license valid until August 2016 I'll get stuck with one that is only valid until October 2015. Or am I completely wrong and they go by something else since it's a K1 visa?


If I'm correct about the valid date being the visa expiration date, how tricky is it to wait with the name change until a later date?

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arrowCruise to somewhere within the US
June 26, 2015, 3:59 am Last comment by VOL

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I know this has probably posted a bunch of times but the ones I've checked either included flying there or going to countries outside of the US...


My fiance's mothers birthday is coming up and her children wants to bring her on a cruise and of course I want to come along but fear I'm not allowed. This will be after we're married, not sure if it will be before or after we've filed for AOS and AP. 


I know that if the cruise is going to somewhere in the US (like Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico) and doesn't stop at an international port like Bahamas or elsewhere on the way there I'm fine. And it shouldn't be a problem getting into the US again right? But if it would stop at Bahamas, even if I'm not getting off the boat I could get in trouble going through customs on the way back right? 


Thank you for your answers. Even though I have a feeling I can't go, I at least don't want to think "What if I could have gone?". 

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arrowAre they issuing my visa now?!
June 26, 2015, 3:44 am Last comment by Jhenjhen

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I was approved on June 11th and ever since it said "ready" with 3updates until this morning and now it's saying "administrative blabla"
What does that actually mean?
That they will issue my visa now?

Reason I ask is cause it says in the text "this can take up to several weeks",
I was told I would receive the visa within 14 days (yes, I know it's been delayed cause of the problems) I'm only asking if this is normal?

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arrowHow to get a U.S. Passport in 1 day
June 24, 2015, 5:14 pm Last comment by sunnylife

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So, since I became a U.S citizen last Friday, and I already have travel plans for June 29, I had to get an expedted passport. 


Luckily, I live close to one of the 28 (or so) cities in the U.S. that have a Passport facility that one can visit in person to get a passport fast. 


Last week I called and scheduled an appointment, (you need to have proof of travel withing 14 days to be able to get an expedited passport) and I was hoping they would have a time available already on Monday this week but the earliest time I could get was today. 

At first I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get my passport in time for my trip, however, I had nothing to worry about. 

I got there this morning. I was early, had my appointment at 9am but were there before 8am (wanted to avoid LA traffic). 

I had to wait outdoor or in a Cafeteria until it was my time and then I was let in to the Federal building. 


I had my Naturalization certificate, My Driver License, Proof of Travel and the Passport application form with me. 

There were probably 200 people in the waiting area. I had to sit and wait for about 75 minutes before it was my turn. 

The Officer took my aplication, looked that everything was in order, and said I could pick it up by will call tomorrow Thursday afternoon. 


Happy to hear that!


So, to every one of you, There is no need to worry if you are out last minute and need to renew or apply for passport if you have a Passport facility at driving distance. 

I heard that they are accomodating all expedited requests to the best of their ability, and prioritizing the applications based on your date of travel. 

I even heard that people could apply and pick up their passport the same day (around 3pm) if they have a flight in the evening. Even if you don't have an appointment, they have a "walk in" line for people as well. Be sure to be there before 7am when they open, and expect to spend a few hours in line, but they will most likely be able to accomodate your needs. 


This is just my experienece. Just wanted to share. 

I will pick up my passport tomorrow afternoon and then on Monday I will be out of the country. :)

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