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arrowPassport photos
August 31, 2014, 1:06 pm Last comment by Mirhen

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Howany photos altogether do each of us need?
One each for I-129f
One for beneficiary medical, two for interview and what else?
Could these photos be diffrent ones or does it have to be the exact same picture for all times?!

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arrowLived in the states
August 31, 2014, 9:22 am Last comment by salmuf

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I just saw something that confused me, iam born in Sweden and did for the two past years live in the states, worked as an au pair (J1) visa,
Never overstayed the visa, police never stopped me, no tickets nothing. Do I need a police record (not sure what's it called) from my time in the states when filing the k1 visa?
I will list in the g235 my adress I had over there and also send a copy of my visa.
Anyone know what I'm talking about?!

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arrowNeed help
August 29, 2014, 10:45 am Last comment by Eeken

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My name is David, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I met an incredibly wonderful girl online, from San Antonio. I can't even describe this girl, she's amazing in every way and I feel extremely happy when I'm talking to her.
After one year of the long distance relationship, the distance is getting to her. She loves me very much and I love her, but not being able to be with me is causing her a lot of pain. 
So I'm looking for ways for me to be able to travel to San Antonio.
I'm 22 years old. I got out of school(University) last year(2013) but have a couple of essays to correct before getting my diploma. I've been trying to do this for over a year now, but my teacher takes months to respond to me, so it might take a little while longer. This should get solved this year.
I have student loans, but not that much(about 17.000$) and I should be able to pay that off within one year.
Now for the part where I need help:
Would I be able to temporary move to San Antonio on any VISA? For example: Spend 1 or 2 years there while working somewhere. I graduated in 3D-Visualisation, however it's extremely hard to get work in that business. She works at Starbucks while she's in school, would I be able to work at a similar company on any VISA?
I realize that the most secure option is to marry her, but I don't think it's a good idea until we've lived together for some time. Or at least seen each other a few times. I would need to get to know her family, her friends. 
The Green Card Lottery seems too far fetched.
Any information about VISAs or just general advice would be, truly, greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to find information everywhere, but it's hard. 
Thank you in advance,

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August 28, 2014, 4:20 pm Last comment by Ontarkie

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Are there any swedes here who can tell me for about how long they wited from the very beginning until they had the actual visa in hand? How was the embassy interview? :)
Me and my bf are just about to start our process!

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August 25, 2014, 4:34 pm Last comment by KasiaandJason

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Me and my bf (the us citizen) are about to send our petiotn in but I'm a little concerned about my addresses, I have always had my mail coming to my adress in Sweden wich is my moms house and that's where I live right now too. I recently came back from being an au pair in the states for 2 yrs, should I include these addresses too? (In my g235a)

And he has his adress at his apartment where he's been living for the past year but his lease is out in march, can he still put down that adress or could he put down his parents house wich is where he lived before he got the apRtment last year?!

There's also a question asking where we will live once I get to the states, since his lease is out by march can we use his parents house for now And change later or something?!

A little confused..

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