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Is a passport okay to bring to AOS interview as petitioners proof of citizenship?
2:06 pm today



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I have my AOS interview next week. In the interview notice, it says to bring petitioners (USC) birth certificate, will his passport be fine to bring instead? I figured that it will be as it is proof of citizenship as well but I thought i'd ask.

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Can I work on my EAD after my AOS interview?
1:00 pm June 10, 2021



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Just a quick question. I have my AOS interview on June 22nd and I just got a new job since I got my EAD a while back. After my interview, will I still be able to work using my EAD while I wait for the green card? (Assuming that I will get approved which I certainly hope :) )


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Police clearance from abroad
11:28 am June 5, 2021

Anne Kristina

Anne Kristina

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I once lived in Turkey when I was an exchange student (15 years ago). The academic year was from September to June (= less than 12 months). I have, however, travelled to that same country several times in my life for tourism purposes (visa free stays). My address then has been in my home country of course. Should I get the police clearance report from Turkey too even though I have not LIVED there for more than 12 months?

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Evidence for Employment Authorization
8:40 pm June 4, 2021



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I don't know if I have just completely missed it, but I can't seem to find very much evidence that's needed to be sent in together with this application. ?

My eligibility category is (c)(9) as I'll be filing this with the AOS.

But I just want to make sure that I haven't missed anything? I'm just so used to USCIS wanting a little bit more evidence than this, that's all. ? But if the (c)(9) category already has a bunch of evidence with the AOS, maybe that's why?

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Do I need a re-entry permit?
1:50 am June 4, 2021


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I'm trying to find out if I need a re-entry permit or not. Here are my circumstances: My status is IR1 (10 year GC) and I have a completely established life in the US. Work, own a couple of properties and so on. Now, I've now been offered and accepted a job in Europe. It's a three year contract and me and my family (wife and one child) are all moving. We will keep some ties to the US, will will continue to own three properties, pay US taxes for on properties and income, and we will travel back to the US now and then. Maybe 2 times per year.

When my contract is over we haven't decided what to do, but moving back to the US will definitely be an option we will consider. I definitely want to have that option. Therefor I'm considering applying for a re-entry permit to keep my greencard. I'm aware that a re-entry permit is only valid for 2 years, and after that I need come back and apply for another one. I'm also aware that it's pretty expensive, and I may actually save some money by giving up my green card and just apply for a IR1-visa if we decide to move back. But the processing time of such visa is a about a year and we then need to make decisions (and pay fees) long before we actually know what we want to do. It would be easier to keep my green card and have the flexibility to move back with no hassle, even if the combined fees would be higher.

But do I really need one? During these three years I will never be out of the US for a full year. Most probably I will be in the US probably two times per year to see family and friends. All the information about re-entry permits specifies that a re-entry permit is for stays outside of the US that are longer than a year, which my stays never will be. My intention of moving is not to leave the US permanently, but to work abroad for a specific time and then come back. Or, possibly, change my mind and decide to stay and return my green card, but as of today I have no intention to permanently leave the US.

What are your advice for my situation? Do I need a re-entry permit? Will frequent visits "reset" the clock? Or should I skip it and, if necessary, apply for a new CR1-visa if we decide to move back?

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