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Citizenship and N400. Been outside of U.S more than 6 months
4:24 pm June 21, 2022


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I need some clarification of the time limits to get citizenship. Our timeline:

  • 7/7/17 Green Card Issued
  • 6/25/18 Moved To US
  • 6/15/20 Moved back to Europe
  • 8/20/20 Went back for biometrics for I-131 Reentry Permit, Issued 11/25/2020
  • 6/25/21 Visited US for 1 month, (was outside of US 10 months)
  • Spring 2022, I myself visited US 3 times for work
  • 6/25/22 Will go back for another 2 weeks

In total we lived 24 months in Florida, and have held green card for almost 5 years now, so we should be eligible to apply for citizenship after moving back for a few months

We are thinking of moving back and stay at least a year and get citizenship, but are all the time we already lived there wasted, and do we need to wait another 5 years if we move today?

Our lawyer who helped with the I-131 application said " As long as you do not exceed staying 12 months in Europe. i.e come back for vacation 1 month each year you're good to go and won't loose any time"

Technically we did not exceed 12 months absence, however I have worked the whole time in Europe, but kept an address and bank accounts in US and filed taxes as well.

From what I can find online I don't believe what my lawyer told me to be accurate. We have been outside for too long and will have to start all over with the 5 years, or are our trips back enough to keep our initial date?

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Can I use letters in my native language that doesn't exist in English? (i-129F)
1:30 pm June 11, 2022



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For example a street name in my country (Sweden) can be "Granv gen" but the i-129f document doesn't accept the letter " ". Should I just write the street name as Granvagen (with an "a" instead), or should I try to work around the issue so I'm able to write it out correctly?

Another question, I'm unsure of the row that has the options "Apt.", "Ste.", "Flr", if I lived in an apartment, do I pick Apt or Flr?

Any help is appreciated!

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Ir5 (parents) questions
1:32 pm June 10, 2022



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First of all, thank you guys for helping me because I would not have been able to do this without ya'll.
My parents just got their IR5 visa on their swedish passports and I booked us all 3 one way tickets to USA.

Question 1 - Greencard:

I'm a bit stuck on how they will get their actual greencard. Someone here told me it's sent out automatically?
Online I read I have to pay an immigration fee. Is that the DS-260? I just have no idea what to do and how to find out if I should pay in advance or not. I mean I'm sure it won't be automatic and I have to submit some type of application?
Obviously I would like to get things done sooner.

Question 2 - Address for GC

If the greencard is being shipped somewhere, does anyone have a clue on how I can update the address or find out where it's going?

They closed phone support to 603-334-0700 :(

Question 3 - Social Security card:

My goal is to establish good credit score for both my parents. Not sure which of the 2 options below are more benefical

Should I apply for a social security card for my parents before they get their greencards? Or prior?

Question 4 - Bank account:

My goal is to establish good credit score for both my parents. Not sure which of the 2 options below are more benefical

Should I open up a debit bank account for my parents as soon as we get there? Or is it better to do it after getting a social security card and/or their greencards?

Please let me know even if you don't know the answer to all 3.
Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Evidence of ties to home country
4:53 pm June 5, 2022


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My wife and I are trying to find a way to reconnect in person while we wait for our spousal visa to be processed. My wife is in the process of buying a car and we were curious if her ownership of a vehicle in her home country could be uses as proof of her ties to said country if/when she travels to the US on an ESTA. The vehicle would be fully insured, I am not sure if that would help in this case but I felt it was worth mentioning. Also something of note, she was in the US on an ESTA from December 2021 to March 2022 so she would be coming back on a new tourist visa.

Thanks in advance for any answers to my question!

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Traveling to the US on an ESTA Visa with pending CR1 application.
2:29 pm May 25, 2022


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Back in March of 2022 my now wife visited me on an ESTA for 89 days and during that time we got married without any previous plans to do so. She returned to Sweden and we sent in our application for a CR1 visa, however over the last few days we have found that some are able to travel to the US again on an ESTA while the application is processing. We want to avoid doing anything that will cause issues in the future with our application process so I just had a few questions. Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Would her visiting me for a few weeks on an ESTA while our application is pending put up any red flags with immigration?

What would be a good form of proof that she does in fact intend to return to her home country again other than a return ticket?


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