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What to expect when returning to USA using AP/EAD combo card?
3:36 pm


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My wife and I will be traveling internationally for a few weeks and she will be using her AP/EAD combo card to reenter the USA at the conclusion of our trip. I have heard that she will automatically be pulled aside for secondary inspection during this process, is this true? If so, what usually happens during the secondary inspection and will I be able to accompany her? Lastly, should we bring any of her other documents with us, such as the I-797 forms or our marriage certificate? We are nervous about leaving the USA, and any help to answer my questions will be greatly appreciated.

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Should I include previous visas in I-129F?
12:00 pm


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Hi! I am in the process of assembling our I-129F and I am wondering whether I should include previous visas in the packet. I have previously been on both a J-1 and a J-2 visa, which means three of my previous addresses are from the US. Do I need to explain my addresses? One of which is my fianc s' address. I am terrified of getting an RFE, but I know that the USCIS also don't want to receive a whole bible worth of papers. If I were to include my previous visas, what documents do I include? DS-2019? I have searched and searched for information on this, but I haven't found anything. Surely someone has been in the same situation and knows what to do, so I'd be super duper thankful for advice from people who have been in a similar situation.

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Can an "Overstayed (?)" J2 visa lead to denial?
8:34 pm


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Hi! Me and my fiance will be applying for a K1 visa in January. We have started filling out the I-129F, which has raised some concerns. We met while I was an exchange student at his high school in 2014. When I came back home to Sweden after my exchange year, my mom just landed a job at Vanderbilt in Nashville so me and my whole family moved back to the US. My mom held the J1 visa, and the rest of us were j2's. After two months of living in TN my youngest sister got very sick, so my family had to return to Sweden. I, however, stayed and moved in with my boyfriend. I never stayed overstayed the visa, I actually left several months before it ran out, but I have since learned that I should have left along with the J1-holder. Since this I have travelled back to the US many times without any issues and I have been issued an ESTA. We are however worried that me staying, after my mother left (even though I didn't overstay) might get our K1 denied. Has anyone been in a similiar situation? On one hand we believe that if my stay in the US would have been unlawful, I wouldn't have been given an ESTA and on the other hand we believe that this can get us denied,

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Work History, Change in ownership
5:58 pm


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So my husband is filing the i.130 petition for me so that I can adjust my status. We are working on the paperwork and his previous job had a change in ownership at some point between 2013 and 2014. The address is the same and his position stayed the same, it was just the owner that changed. He have spoken to HR and they dont know an exact date, some legal paperwork was filed in 2013 and they know the name changed sometime in 2014.

Can I put both owners in the same employer section?

FIRST OWNER / SECOND OWNER, and explain that there was a change in ownership sometime in the middle of his time there (5 years) in additional information at the end of the form? or should we split them up as two different employers even though to him, it was the same job?

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Work History, exact dates
3:43 am


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So my Husband is filing a petition for me to adjust my status, but he cannot find the start date from his previous job. It was back in 2011 and not even the HR department seems to be able to help him. The company he worked for changed owners in the middle of his time there, so not sure if some records got lost in that process.

Is there another way to find out his start date at that job, and if we can't find it at all, can we out down an estimate?

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