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What happens with K1 visa if husband gets stationed in Europe?
7:19 pm October 13, 2019


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My fianc and I just sent in the paperwork for a K1 visa this summer, then he deployed to Afghanistan. He is a civilian working for the Navy so his deployment is by choice. His dream has always been to work (on a base) in Europe, but apparently it s not easy to get a foot in unless you have good contacts. Well, now he does. One of his superiors there has been working in Germany for many years and has more or less promised him a job in Germany when his time in Afghanistan is up. I am just wondering, would that mean we would have to abandon the K1?

It wouldn t be a big deal since I m Swedish and I can move to and work in Germany based on my status as a EU citizen, but even if he s promised a job, it s not a certainty until it s a done deal and he s moved there. So, I don t want to abandon the K1 already, but at the same time I don t want to waste all the money associated with it if he then does get a job in Germany and I would have to give it up.

Is it possible for me to move with him to Germany on orders and still keep my immigration status? That is, if we first go the U.S. and get married as planned, go through the AOS process and get my work permit, THEN move to Germany with me added to his orders. Will that count as living in the U.S. or am I abandoning my green card etc. that way too?

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Traveling with a pending I-485 (K1-visa)
2:17 am October 12, 2019



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Hello everyone

I really want to go on a 1-2 week trip to my home country (Sweden) for Christmas, however I don't know if I will have my green card by then and if that's going to cause any trouble when I return to USA.

I have my interview with USCIS for my green card on October 23rd and I've heard it can take an additional 1-3 months after that to get your actual card (assuming I get approved). I've already gotten approved for Work Authorization/EAD (I-765) and Advance Travel Parole (I-131), which I filed together with my I-485. On my EAD card it says "Serves as I-512 Advance Parole".

In case I don't get my card in time, will my EAD card + proof of my pending I-485 be sufficient to allow my return to the US? Even with the purpose of my trip "only" being visiting family for the holidays (in other words, no emergency or big occasion like a wedding)? I don't have any gaps/issues in my immigration record.

Also a second issue I have is that my passport 1. Doesn't have my new married name on it, only my maiden name and 2. Expires in May 2020. Would I have to renew my passport before I go to Sweden? Will my maiden name on my passport be an issue even if I i.e bring my marriage certificate as proof of name change? And can I get a new passport while I'm in Sweden and use that to travel back to the USA?

Thank you and I appreciate any reply

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Previous income too low
10:05 pm October 7, 2019


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Hi! Me and my husband (petitioner) got married on a K1-visa a month ago. We are currently assembling our AOS. We are having problems with the I-864. He is currently well above the 125% poverty line, but it's a new job so it's not reflected on any tax returns. His past tax returns does not meet the income requirement, but we have paystubs and a letter from his employer showing that he makes more than enough now. Should we use a joint sponsor to be on the safe side? We are both terrified of delays, as I am beyond ready to start working! For our I-134 we used his dad as a joint sponsor, but I was told at the embassy in Sweden that it wasn't necessary. But I know the I-864 is under more scrutiny than the I-134 is. Has anyone been in this situation and can share their experience? I'd be great to hear from someone with experience so it's not just guess work. Thank you!

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Proof of In-Person Meeting (Photocopies)
11:33 am September 29, 2019



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Hi all,

This may be a silly question, but I wanted to see what others have done.

For proof of in-person meetings, is it fine to take screenshots (i.e., ctrl + print screen) of flight itineraries/confirmations. Or do you recommend actually printing the email and submitting that?

Similarily, is it fine to take photos of a boarding pass (emailing to self and inserting in word doc to print) or do you recommend making an actual photocopy at a copy machine?

Thank you!


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Social security and TIN number (DS-260)
8:48 am September 27, 2019



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For DS-260 the question is: "Have you ever applied for a Social Security number".

I have a TIN (Taxpayer Id number) number do I choose Yes or No?

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