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What forms to renew AP/EAD combo card?
4:40 pm January 21, 2019


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We have been ready to schedule an interview since May 2018. Due to the Houston field office backlog for AoS interviews, I believe that we may need to renew my wife's combo card before it expires in August 2019. Do we simply submit the same I-731 and I-864 forms, and pay the same fee again?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Military benefits for K-1 visa
11:26 am January 18, 2019


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Hi everyone,

I have been scrolling through the threads on this forum and I haven't quite found what I've been searching for. Me and my partner filed our i-129f in the middle of October and I'm starting to think about the next step in our application.

My partner left the Navy in late 2016 and started working immediately after. In January 2018 he also started studying using his GI-bill which contains both housing allowance, book costs and a "salary" every month. This means that he is both a full time worker and a full time student getting both his military educational benefits and the salary he earns from work.

What type of papers do we need to prove that he is over the poverty limit? We will get papers stating his salary and his pay stubs from his employer but does the GI-bill count? If so what type of papers do we need for this?

Thanks a lot in advance

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N-400 application while I-751 pending and "expired" conditional green card is lost!!
7:22 am January 18, 2019


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My situation is a bit unusual. I found a couple of posts here for people going through something similar but not exactly the same, that's why I'm starting a new post. Here is the story:

  • I filed I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence in January 2018.
  • I received an I-797 Notice of Action which extends my conditional resident status for an additional 18 months.
  • My conditional green card (permanent resident card) expired in March 2018.
  • I lost my wallet with the expired conditional green card in it last month.
  • So now, I have the I-797 Notice of Action documents that extend my conditional permanent residency status but I do not have the expired conditional green card itself (The physical, original card itself).
  • Now, I'm eligible to submit my N-400, Application for Naturalization to get my citizenship

Now, given the above context, here are my questions:

  • What happens if the N-400 application is approved, the biometrics and interview are done, and it's the oath ceremony when I'm supposed to be getting my naturalization certificate, but by that time, I still don't have my 10-year green card and I don't have my old expired green card? I read somewhere that they wouldn't give me my naturalization certificate if I don't hand them my green card on that day!
  • Should I file an I-90 application? Does it even apply for my case? I already have an I-751 going. Also, does it even work to file an I-90 to replace a lost green card that also happens to be expired?

I'd really appreciate your input here. Thank you!

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AP travel experience and question
3:45 pm January 10, 2019


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My wife and I just returned from international travel using her AP/EAD combo card and I thought it may help others if we share our experience. We traveled from Colombia to Miami and, as expected, my wife was pulled aside for secondary inspection. I was allowed to accompany her to the waiting room. The agents already had my wife's passport but returned her AP/EAD combo card. She was told to present the AP/EAD combo card to the agent in the secondary inspection waiting area when called. We waited for about 10 minutes before my wife's name was called. The agent asked to see her combo card and then returned her passport. We were then told that we were free to go. After leaving the secondary inspection area, we saw that the agent had stapled an AP document to my wife's passport, and that there was an AP stamp on one page of her passport as well. The whole experience was stressful, but uneventful.

Question: why did they staple an AP document to my wife's passport and also place an AP stamp on one page? Will these stamps make future travel even easier?


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Expedite EAD - Job "offer" question
3:12 pm January 8, 2019


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So I have been working on my OPT EAD that will expire 2/20. My AOS package have been sent in and today 1/8 I had my biometrics appointment.

I would like to expedite the EAD if possible because it will be extremely tight on money if my husband have to pay literally everything, and I will go insane if I can't work until May again...

I have a full time job now where I want to keep working. I have also applied for a promotion but those interviews haven't started yet.

As far as expediting with a job "offer", since I technically already have the job but would need to get back to it ASAP. What kind of evidence would I need to provide?

Should the letter be from HR or my store manager, or area manager? Should it say that they need me back asap or what kind of details is goo in the letter?

If I get the promotion, could that be an existential to expedite because they need me in the position asap?

The company I work for is Nationwide and the HR office is located in MA but I'm working at one our our stores in MN.

Any advice is appreciated. I want to have everything ready when I request expedite.

Also, can I drop of evidence after theits requested at the local field office? If so, can I just go there or do I need info pass appointment? Or can I only fax it?


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