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US Immigration from Sweden

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K1 Sweden Medical
4:33 pm September 13, 2023



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My visa is in transit to the Stockholm embassy, the doctor in Stockholm doesn't do K1 visas apparentely, the one in G teborg is closing according to an email I got from them and the new one from October doesn't have any information on their site, nor the State dept website. Anyone else who's done the medical in Sweden for the K1 have any information/help? Was it easier to go to Oslo or Copenhagen?


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Drive to Canada with certificate, fly with EU passport, and back?
3:53 pm August 20, 2023

Jon & Ygritte

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Is it possible to after the oath drive to Canada with the certificate of naturalization and then fly to Europe with your EU passport? And then fly back with your EU passport and return from Canada to the US with your certificate of naturalization? Or would the US border question that when you return to the US driving from Canada? (Just trying to find out my options if I'm not able to get my passport before my upcoming planned trip.)

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Post office or passport agency?
1:03 pm August 16, 2023

Jon & Ygritte

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My oath ceremony is scheduled for August 30th, so I can't start the passport process until then. Which is my best approach to getting a passport in time for travel sometime in the second half of September? Do I schedule an appointment with the post office to get the process started as soon as the oath ceremony is over or do I wait and do nothing until I have a ticket and can make an appointment at the passport agency for an urgent passport due to traveling within the next 14 days?

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Applying for unemployment while waiting for ROC (PA)
1:24 pm July 20, 2023



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Hi all -

So I've been working at a start up for the past 2.5 years and yesterday 75% of the company was laid off, myself included.

From what I understand, I am eligible to apply for unemployment which I intend to do but my question is, exactly how do I fill out the application when I'm going through ROC? On the application it asks me for a receipt number and "USCIS (Alien Registration) Expiration Date:". Does anyone know exactly what they are asking for here? My green card is technically expired but I have the receipt explaining that it is extended for 48 months, would my expiration date be my green card expiration date + 48 months?

I'm on the phone with the unemployment office but as expected, it is a nightmare getting through to them so I figured i'd ask and see if someone here has experience with this.

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Waiting for Interview Letter at Stockholm Embassy gather there.
3:55 pm July 3, 2023



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Anyone also waiting for interview letter from Stockholm, Sweden?

I got DQed April 6th, EB2 category, PD is current, and waiting for IL.

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there waiting. Maybe we can share some updates.

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