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  1. I feel sorry for you. You must have a very sad, miserable life to be so hateful and nasty. To answer your questions. No, I did not have a choice about moving to the US nor am I free to move back home, even though I would love to because the US is a really country to live in. But my husband, who is a USC by birth (as is his parents and their parents and so on all the way back to when this continent belonged to Native Americans), has a sick mother who can’t travel or move abroad. We take care of her because that’s what real families do. If we can convince my parents to move over to the US, they would live on their own. Why would you think they would live with us just because they move over to the US? They have their own money and their own life. And since they’re from Europe, they’re two healthy 70 year olds who probably cost less medically than most 30 year old Americans. Not to mention that many of the foreign parents you seem so scared of are well off retirees who bring their wealth with them to the US and spend their foreign earned money here, in the US. They bring money into the US economy, not the other way around.
  2. What world do you live in?!?!?! A lot of parent immigration comes from western countries where the immigrating parents will bring their overseas retirement money and spend it in the US. That’s great for the American economy?!?! There are easy steps to take to protect Medicare. For example, one needs x amount of work credit or x amount of years as a permanent resident before they’re eligible for Medicare. Problem solved.
  3. Totally agree. Taking away parent immigration will break up families and create hardship.
  4. No, the spousal visa is for people who are married. You need to send a copy of your marriage certificate as part of the petition.
  5. Many people with a CR/IR-1 visa got married while visiting the US on VWP or tourist visa and then returned home to start the process. It’s perfectly legal. However, since there are many people entering the US, getting married and then staying and adjusting, CBP can be difficult so I agree with JFH, be honest with CBP but don’t volunteer information. And you make sure you bring plenty of ties to the UK.
  6. You should probably look into that. If you’ve emigrated from the UK and is no longer a resident, you’re not covered under NHS and will have to pay for medical care.
  7. He can bring it but the US Embassy in Stockholm don’t usually view things brought to the embassy, or at least that’s what it was like a couple of years ago when I went through. Don’t worry, you live together, you have more than enough evidence.
  8. mallafri76

    Visa denied

    If you’ve been married for eight years, you should have tons of evidence. How about emails and chat logs? Provide boarding passes and pictures from visits you’ve had the last eight years. What about birthday cards and Christmas cards sent to each other? If your wife is not working, she either needs three times the poverty guidelines in assets or a joint sponsor. Also, if one of you is divorced, you have to provide the divorce papers.
  9. mallafri76

    First visit to US following approval

    Once you’ve immigrated, you can leave the country to pick up your belongings and then come back. That’s one of the benefits of the spousal visa. If you’re asking if you can visit your husband for his birthday without using your immigrant visa and then immigrating on another day, then probably not, although it is up to CBP.
  10. The US Embassy in Sweden wants the evidence with the package. They usually don’t accept evidence at the interview except for photos, so make sure you put all evidence you want to use with the I-130. I would try and get some more visits in. Visits are strong evidence of a bona fida relationship and when you live in Scandinavia, there’s no real excuse not to have more visits as you don’t need a visa and there a cheap flights available. I’m just telling it from the CO’s point of view. Especially since they’re used to seeing people coming through the embassy in Sweden with many visits or having lived together. Good luck on your visa journey.
  11. I did the same thing. I firgured better safe than sorry and filled out myself as a preparer.
  12. Have you guys thought about moving to a third country, somewhere you can both be happy? Why don’t you guys sit down and talk through what you both want out of life, a pro and con list of countries that fit the bill and is available for you both to move to. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for love.
  13. There’s a three month exemption although if the new tax bill is approved, there’ll be no more penalty for not having insurance.
  14. I can totally understand why you couldn’t just walk away from your job. Especially if you actually have a career and want to continue that career after moving to the US, then it’s very important to leave on a good note and having a good reference from your previous job. Anyway, no one can tell you whether or not you’ll be able to get the k-1 re-issued. Of course, it would have been better to speak to the embassy about this BEFORE the visa expired but too late now. At this point, all you can do is request to have the visa reissued and hope for the best. If all else fail, you’ll have to start over with the k-1. Good luck.
  15. If you had been married for more than two years when you immigrated to the US, you will get an permanent green card. If you were married less than two years when you immigrated, you will get a conditional card. Most DMVs only issue your driver’s license for as long as your papers give you statues, i.e if you’re only showing them your endorsed passport visa, they should only give you a driver’s license for less than a year. If you show them a conditional geeen card, less than two years and so on.