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  1. Suss&Camm

    Scandinavians Part 2

    You can try calling the NVC for the case number. That's what we did.. I the used that number to track DHL when my package left the US. At that point we went ahead and booked the medical and interview, if I remember correctly.
  2. Suss&Camm

    Scandinavians Part 2

    We were lucky enough to get just that when he was over in Sweden on his last trip. We drove up to Stockholm and stayed at Villa Källhagen 5-10 min walking distance from the US embassy. It wasn't the cheapest option but it was still ok and well worth knowing for sure I wouldn't get stuck in traffic anywhere on the day of the interview. We were there in the summer and it's also walking distance to Skansen, Gröna Lund, and a bunch of museums and other stuff.. so we made it a real vacation trip
  3. Suss&Camm

    Scandinavians Part 2

    I too lived in the states a while as younger, in Hawaii though - quite different as well!!! And my husband had never been out of Texas either I'm originally from the country side in Sweden, so I'm a bit used to the farms and land and all of that...but I must say I would be happier in a bigger city. We make sacrifices for the ones we love My husband doesn't have a big social circle, does have a big family though.. whereas I come from a very small one. Seems like your husband will have a good start Omg.. it gets so hot!!! This was my first summer and I felt like I was going to die... was then told this was a cool summer compared to others (!!!!!) We've talked about it too... I guess the closeness to his family is why we haven't..but he's open to whatever makes me happy I'm a medicinal chemist... if I were able to choose I'd want to live in North Carolina..near the research triangle there.
  4. Suss&Camm

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Hi there! I'm also from Gothenburg and made the move to Texas in October of 2016. Oh yeah.. don't underestimate just how big of a change it will be for your fiance. Do everything you can to help him when it comes to social aspects. Meeting ppl and going places. Gothenburg is a very social city.. with quick access to many things...and also friends. Everyone's experience is going to be different ofc.. but I miss those things terribly. And it's rly hard to make true genuine friends here I noticed. Good luck to you both!
  5. The link that @missileman posted does say they should do it if it's needed for travel purposes when it's about to expire.
  6. You transfer your funds via them and it sits with them until you tell them to transfer. My contact emailed/called me continuously with rate changes and asking when i wanted to buy US $. They are not allowed to collect any interest on your money while it sits with them and they are fee free. They can offer good rates since they are a currency broker and are able to buy currency at bulk rates. My contact there was Hazel Tompkins (hazel.tompkins@torfx.com) - She explained everything in a very easy to understand language, and answered any questions I had.
  7. You could have her open an account with another bank, with no fee..
  8. It depends on her bank. I had a flat rate with BoA (would be waived now since I'm a preferred customer). From this list put together by Nerdwallet this year, Fidelity seems to be one of the few with a 3% (or % at all,) rate. https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/banking/wire-transfers-what-banks-charge/
  9. "It is not possible to be able to VIEW a credit score WITH BANK OF AMERICA without these two major items in your US bank account records: 1. Primary residence in the US 2. SSN or ITIN (I have ITIN through my business in the US as I have to file income tax for the business)" If you bank directly with a credit union (such as Capital One) you can view your score with them. The issue you are talking about has nothing to do with the credit score itself (which is why it doesn't belong in this thread) - it is strictly a Bank legality/policy issue. It has nothing to do with the SSN and building credit score.
  10. My bank also had an incoming wire transfer fee.. it's common. Mine was lower though. I used TorFX to transfer my funds, which is a currency broker, that made sure I got the best rate.
  11. OK, So I didn't know that the $10k limit was due to Transferwise. Many people assume they can't transfer more than $10k at a time. If this is due to Transferwise limitations, there shouldn't be an issue. So you want to withdraw the money in cash in the US and then deposit it into the account? I don't see an issue with it as long as she then keeps the "evidence, i.e. paper trail of it" in case she is asked for it. Since taking it out in cash technically ends the trail. This is still inside the US though. It should be fine. I would do whatever makes the most financial sense.
  12. Not a problem. You can transfer as much as you like. AND YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT DO IT IN SEGMENTS! That will make it look as if you are trying to avoid "detection". There is no limit on how much you can transfer. The $10k is simply a reporting limit when you enter the country with cash (meaning it has to be declared - that's it). Large transfers will just be flagged and checked extra to avoid money laundering, that's is. I transferred way more myself with no issue. She doesn't need to inform anyone. When you make the transaction the bank will have you state from where the money comes one the form. That's it. There is a paper trail, that's all that's needed. There is no need, all she needs to give you is routing an account information of that bank. I don't see any issues. When it is money that has already been earned and taxed and that has been deposited in the account as such there is no problem. edit: double check Japans tax agreements with the US - but I would be VERY surprised if there isn't one that covers double taxation with a country such as Japan.
  13. I also have BoA, not being able to view your credit score in BoAs webpage/app is not the same as not having a credit score. That is just related to their systems. You can still get your credit score from the credit bureaus and once BoA are able to update your information, your WHOLE history will be there. 1. NOT TRUE 2. NOT TRUE
  14. Something is better than nothing. Why didn't you attempt to contact someone o find out? I don't know what the repercussions, as far as the visa itself, are - but you have to fill out that it happened on the K1 visa application (DS-160).
  15. I'm a contractor - they have a full benefits package for me. I have been renewed once since my start in April earlier this year and they are looking to renew me until they get funding for a permanent position. I was also initially approached by a recruiter with Indian accent. He was pre-screening me. I then got a phone interview with his supervisor - which in turn set up an interview with the company for me. OP - I was offered my job right before I got my EAD card. I had been perfecting and sending resume's for about 2 months at that point. I then got my Green Card only 2 weeks after, but as mentioned the EAD was at least enough for me. My first and current job is as a Sr Analytical Chemist - which is a higher level than the job I left back in Sweden. I do think I was lucky though, even if a lot of hard work went into it.