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  1. Hi! I just got a letter from department of transportation in my home state since my Driver's icense will expire soon. Meanwhile the last notice from my i-751 application was that it was ready to be scheduled for interview and recently sent paperwork to them to change to a divorce waiver. First, I didn't receive any notice at all that they received my request to change to divorce waiver. The papers were delivered to the NBC (where my case was last transfered to) but no word in a few weeks. - I am getting very stressed out beacuse I need to be able to continue driving to work (I am an essential worker so I am working through this craziness). The letter for DOT says I need to apply for my new license in a timely manner (obviously), but I have no additional paperwork to prove my current status. During this pandemic what can I do if DOT is open but USCIS is not - meaning I can't get evidence of my lawful presence? I always thought this was so strange, cause if they contact USCIS they should get the answer that I am lawfully here, but they still need me to present a piece of paper. It makes no sense. Help, I don't know what to do.
  2. Hi VJ, Unfortunately I recently went through a divorce. I am currently writing the letter to USCIS to chnge my petition to a divorce waiver. What I'm wondering is how detailed it needs to be regarding why the marriage failed. There was substance abuse invloved and I don't want to get my ex in any sort of trouble, but at the same time I want to be clear in explaining to them.
  3. Hi! I am in the same position. Also K1 and no AOS interview and just got the same update yesterday after Potomac transfer to Lee's Summit. So after the December 2018 policy change I was expecting an interview. Unfortunately my marriage didn't last.. and I just had the divorce decree finalized last week. I wasn't sure to stay in the US or not.. but I got a job and decided to give it a go having nothing left back in Sweden either... I have a question regarding the timing of my divorce decree. Should I just bring the paperwork to the interview once scheduled or should I inform them ahead of time?.. since it's at ready to schedule interview, I'm unsure and read different things.
  4. Well Ewok closed our old thread and we need a place ofc! So welcome here with region questions, experiences or anything else that floats your boat.. Old thread can be found here for reference:
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