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  1. Wow... yeah, Paul had his at the beginning of 2018 and I'm pretty sure it was under 300 bucks (USD). That's insane.
  2. Well good Lord-a mercy. This Tell All is teeing up to be quite the trainwreck. Last night's first half was.... well, exactly what I expected, with that crowd. I am on the edge of my seat at work today awaiting tonight's second half Still not understanding why in the world Jesse is there. Of course, other than to increase viewers, because they have put him in every single commercial for the Tell All. My favorite person of the entire season is Tom's sister. She's the real MVP. #WhatsHisFavoriteColorDarcey
  3. I'm not sure what I'm more confused about - the original post in this thread, or the person who said this is part of American culture...? Um. Alright. "Find a way to let her know"...?? You aren't informing her about maintenance she should get done on a car - seriously? SHE should be more concerned about marrying someone who would withhold that kind of information from her, and WANT to continue withholding it into the marriage, than YOU should be concerned over her knowing you were married before. Come on. PS - they'll very likely require copies of your divorce decree during the immigration process. At the very least, it WILL come up. Either to her directly, or in front of her. I suppose if you haven't taken this all that seriously to begin with, you could just wait and let the CO "let her know" and save yourself the trouble.
  4. I may or may not be mildly stalking you around here to keep up with your progress to get home GREAT news to hear that things seem to be moving in a positive direction now! In these instances where you just don't know where to start, once something - ANYthing - happens, it suddenly feels like the ball is rolling and it's easier to manage. I'm so happy to hear someone may accompany you home - sometimes just someone's presence in times like this makes a world of difference.
  5. @Lotts - focus more on the actions at hand, and update us here whenever you can/are free to do so. This is understandably a difficult situation to overcome. Do update us when you are free to, particularly when you've returned home, so we all know you got away from this nightmare safely. <3
  6. I really wonder if they were cutting that segment up, with Liam. The laughter was just too incredibly off center. There were other parts of the Tell All that were clearly cut up, because the person ended a sentence with a cadence indicating they continued to say something else, but it cut off as though that's where they stopped. Which looked and sounded so odd. I get TV shows are manufactured to "fit a certain script", but I feel like it's become so comically obvious with the 90 day shows, or TLC in general (I don't watch a lot of other TLC reality to know if it's just this show or not). Anyway - what WASN'T manufactured was Evelyn not wearing her ring, and being so passive about their relationship. "You can just find someone else you can trust." Trust doesn't work that way! It's not HIS responsibility to earn YOUR trust back - YOU'RE the one who was dishonest and pretty much cheated. And hey... I've forgotten to put my rings on a couple of times, on late mornings running late to work. But if I'm going to be appearing on a TV show ABOUT my relationship, I'm pretty sure I'm going to remember them that day. "Oh I just forgot." No, it just isn't important to you. I really can't even stand her.
  7. You mentioned a couple times being able to talk to his family, or some of them at least, throughout this - is there anyone you think could help you, at least guide you somewhere that can help you, find funds to get back home? Like George&Roth said - a credit card, even. Paying it off/back would still be at the bottom of my list, if it were me. One good (bad?) thing about the states is most creditors will give a credit card of some kind to pretty much anyone, credit worthiness aside. My husband was able to get one (for emergency purposes) before he'd even started getting paid at his new job here. It's definitely a last-resort option, I think. If following through with VAWA helps with your chances of not remaining banned in the future, I think it's definitely worth it. Regardless, it could be worth it just to have the claim on file somehow somewhere, I don't know. Ugh, I just hate this for you so much.
  8. Congratulations!!! My husband had the same exact scenario for his, and they didn't send him anything. But he was able to see his case update in the system, if you monitor that, presumably once they received the medical info and verified it. Once it changed in the system, he received his passport with the visa in it literally within 48 hours. It was pretty fast - within a week I believe.
  9. Great resources - thank you!! The petitioner ought to be held accountable somehow in these instances. It's baffling to me how easy it is for the USC to bring someone over here - VOUCH for them and sign an affidavit promising to remain responsible for them and get their status adjusted - and then backpedal like that. And it's no skin off their nose.
  10. I am far from well versed on the subject, but for those who are - is the VAWA route at all an option for @Lotts? I know she hasn't suggested physical domestic violence or abuse, but good Lord - intentionally refusing to file/pay for AOS and leaving her with literally nothing, being degrading to her verbally and I'm assuming emotionally/mentally as well....does any of that count for abuse, under VAWA standards? Does that route have resources for the beneficiary to get back to their home country and away from the petitioner who is perpetuating her misery? There has to be help for people in these instances. It's easy to say "just call home and have your family help", but some people have no family to call, or family that is in the position to help. Not everyone has money laying around, or access to credit, to help on the spot like that.
  11. Tiffany angers me so much. Their whole story does, actually. She came over there, moved her young son over there and ripped him away from his family and home, then gets knocked up IMMEDIATELY. THEN takes them all and goes back to the US and leaves the guy in Africa alone. He's not a real winner, in my opinion, but he didn't deserve that. How reckless. She should have come there ALONE for a specific amount of time first to decide if she could actually live there or not before doing all the rest. It's selfish. But at the same time, I also wonder if some of this stuff is intentionally scripted. Well, we know a lot of stuff is anyway, but the whole airport scene when they left seemed so fake. The kid was making noises and scrunching up his face, but there were literally zero tears in his eyes or on his face the entire time. And her narrative over top of it was talking about how much it broke her heart to see her son break down like that, but then it's showing her standing there right beside them when he was "breaking down" and she looked so calm, like nothing difficult or devastating was even happening...? Maybe I'm too sensitive, but it didn't seem legitimate to me. I'm also convinced the entire Caesar Salad Saga is a complete put on, and he's just a really bad actor. Like he's repeating lines, and very poorly.
  12. Oh Lotts. I'm so glad to see an update from you, but so heartbroken to see how things have been for you. You have been on my mind since your prior updates. <3 I do not blame you for wanting to go back. I think I would do the same in your situation. What a horrible person he is to allow you to come here, and expend everything you did to get here and uproot your life, just to behave the way he has. It's disgusting. I feel for you and if I were any closer, would offer some more substantial help than just some words on the internet. I wish I had actual answers for your incredibly valid questions - hopefully some more experienced folks will stop by and chime in. I do hope you get out of this situation well enough, and get back to a much more happy, normal life soon. XOXO
  13. Deavan and Jihoon lost their baby. As ridiculous as their story may seem sometimes, that is a horrible tragedy to endure.
  14. Just wanted to chime in, on the conversation around the embassy in Stockholm for those preparing for that visit - it is a very nice place with friendly people! I went with my now-husband to his interview, and I couldn't go inside with him (we weren't sure if I would be able to or not), and the officer actually seemed almost sorry he couldn't let me in. Was not intimidating at all. I think it can be a little intimidating, just for the fact that it's something new you haven't done before. But my husband said everyone was nice and he didn't really have anything negative to say about the entire experience at all. It felt like he was in and out pretty quick also - since I couldn't go with him, I took a taxi back to our hotel about 15 minutes away. I believe I was only in our room for maybe 20 minutes before he'd called to say he was done and headed to me. Good luck to those with upcoming interviews!!! It is such an amazing feeling and a huge accomplishment!!
  15. We came across articles that said the same thing. As well as about Caesar from Before the 90 Days. Apparently he's an aspiring actor and came on the show to fake the whole thing, whether they were never actually in a relationship or they were and no longer are. Now every time we watch him, I feel like I'm watching a really bad reenactment - nothing about him seems believable anymore.
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