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  1. That’s strange that you would need those documents because they will not state weather or not you have sole custody. For me I had a hard time because they wanted a court document from Sweden stating sole custody but Sweden don’t use courts for these matters. But I had another document they eventually accepted. What documentation do you have that prove that you have sole custody?
  2. They did not honor my son’s Swedish birth certificate but another Swedish document I had gotten translated. They did not want my tax records or medical records or such since they won’t prove anything.
  3. I got my citizenship not too long ago and now I sent in my son's passport application. I sent in everything they asked for including a statement to why I alone signed the passport application. I am sole guardian and the birth certificate I provided states that! Still the ref is regarding the guardianship. The birth certificate was evidence enough to get his visa but to get a passport I apparently need to provide something I don't have! I called the swedish authorities that provides birth certificates and such and asked if there were anything else they could provide me but they said that this is all I need! So I wrote a letter explaining in detail why I alone applied for my son's passport and I thoroughly explained how birth certificates and guardianship works in Sweden. What else can I do?
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