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  1. Haha, no worries! And apologies for being a bit cheeky… I’m with you, what year is this anyway, can’t remember myself. I guess that Covid has thrown all of us in a weird timeloop!
  2. My extension letter (and thus my green card) was expired by 6 weeks when I got my i-751/N400 combo ITW. By precaution, I got my passport stamped, though that process itself took 5 weeks, so it didn't really matter at the end of the day. Unless you need to travel, there shouldn't be a problem until you can get a US passport.
  3. I was "ready for ITW" in June 2020 and got the letter early July in 2021 - 13 months later. Mind you it was a combo ITW, so it might have sped up the process. SF is quite backlogged.
  4. Hi there, That's pretty normal. I had the same situation (felts a bit distraught at first!) and ended getting confirmation of approval 19 days later. Sometimes the OP you talk to needs thumbs up from leadership. I wouldn't worry too much... once you're approved, things move fast, I had my certificate in hand 40 days after the ITW, voted the very next day and got my US passport two weeks later. I know how excruciating that can be towards the end, but hang in there, your immigration journey is almost over :-)
  5. Took about three weeks, I received the confirmation for the ceremony slightly before confirmation that I-751 was approved, oath ceremony took place 10 days later. So ITW to oath: less than 5 weeks.
  6. Yes absolutely. So I lucked out, as I checked for appointments availability today, a slot was available the same day at 7PM, I literally jumped on it and went to the global entry at SFO. showed up 30 minutes ahead, was the only guy there and they let me in at 6:30… out at 6:35 approved and citizenship updated, easy peasy!
  7. I did mine expedited and received the book in 19 days, the card in 23 days. Still waiting for the certificate….
  8. It now actually says "Conditionally approved" in a brown frame, and only give me the option to schedule an interview... of which 0 are available at my location, whether in person or via ZOOM, ugh! I feel like the easiest way to go through it should be upon re-entry, next time I leave the country and come back. I'll try to go in person, but per SFO's website they don't allow it because of COVID, I might try just to see.
  9. I figured that, and I think I did it r IG hit as the reason for a new card is the new citizenship. In the print-out of the application, it shows that the citizenship has been updated as well as my updated address. we’ll see…
  10. Yes I did the online update and paid the 25$ fee, but I still need to go there in person to update the new citizenship, right?
  11. What airport did you go to? I looked at SFO’s website and it specifically says to not come for a walk-in… ugh! I also went to the trusted traveler website to update info and going through review to replace the card and update info, so it sounds like it has to go through initial review first? This is so confusing. I might go in person and see what happens.
  12. I guess it’s fine to have it posted here? There might more answer under the “passport’ thread though. From what a I’ve read, update to citizenship must happen in person, I tried to do it online but the system won’t let you. I’m in San Francisco and Ithink they don’t allow walk-ins… and getting an appointment is a pain, so hopefully there isn’t a 6 months wait for it!
  13. So I just received my passport book today, in 19 days! Definitely worth paying the extra 65$ Funny though yesterday, the status on state.gov still said “under review” and was changed to approved this morning… pretty much just as the postman was delivering the priority mail. Now waiting for the card and my original CS. Next is global entry and other I9 updates.
  14. Depending on when you have applied, you probably haven’t submitted the latest tax documents. If you go to the IRS website, you can download or request a paper version of the tax transcript, showing you have no tax debt. The IO asked for ours, and I had all the transcripts for the past 5 years, she was only interested in the most recent one though. in short, any additional evidence that you may have in addition to when you submitted, take it with you! There’s a high chance they won’t ask for anything, but if they do, you‘ll be prepared. and… relax, it’s a great step forward, be ready to celebrate!
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