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  1. Unless the sister under 21 is married, she going to get an appointment long before the other two (assuming all the petitions were filed at the same time)
  2. I finally got an answer from the school. I'm allowed to enroll in classes as long as my extension is valid, even if those classes start after the extension has expired. That leaves me with a bit over a month to enroll so I'm not going to fight them on it and see what things look like when it's time to enroll in the fall semester. I don't know what legal basis this all has. It might just be school policy.
  3. The only reason I ask is because the school is asking for a copy of my greencard. I guess that is more to establish that I have a legal status.
  4. Another day, another problem. I am trying to take college classes for spring 2023. My extension letter expires December 2022. I have an unrestricted social security card. Has anyone tried going to school in this scenario or do I need to get the stamp, and would uscis even give me a stamp in this scenario?
  5. The problem now is not getting an appointment, it's whether they will give me an unrestricted card with an expired green card plus extension letter. They have been open for a few months now but my greencard has been expired longer than that
  6. Thanks. The problem is I never got an unrestricted social security card. Until recently their offices were closed due to covid and I would have had to mail the original documents to them which i obviously wasn't going to do. If it is possible to lift restrictions with an extension letter than I would gladly do that. Has anyone ever tried that?
  7. My extension letter expires in December. Because I used my extension letter when getting hired, my work needs new proof to verify that I am allowed to work. I actually had to look it up because I thought greencard holders didn't have to get proof upon expiration but turns out the hr department at my work us correct as the below screenshot from the uscis website shows. How long before the expiration date can I ask for the ADIT stamp? I don't want to wait too long but I also don't want to make an appointment just for them to tell me it's too early
  8. Just thought I'd share. This is the response I got to my SR.
  9. How did y'all send in the e-request? I just tried and it said that I can't send one since my case is within normal processing times
  10. Flying domestically should be fine assuming your fiancee has an ID like a driver's license. I'd still wait until she has the NOA for the I-485 so you have some sort of proof she is here legally.
  11. Also include G-1145 if you want uscis to text you when they received your case.
  12. Keeping fingers crossed. Although I highly doubt they'll reuse my biometrics since I got my greencard in December 2018
  13. If you want to adjust status you have to file I-130 (plus I-130A), I-485, and I-864. It's also a good idea to submit I-131 and I-756. File them all at the same time. Submitting I-130 only does not give you the right to stay here. However, once you have submitted I-485 you are in a period of authorized stay until your case is approved. If your spouse is not a US citizen. This is all assuming your spouse is a US citizen. If they are not, the rules are slightly different.
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