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  1. I am terribly new and still learning all the terms. Sorry for my ignorance. Is F2A different from I130 and if so, which one is preferable? There are SO many options.
  2. I'm sorry, I am unfamiliar with all the abbreviations yet. What is DGD? She is graduating high school May 2019. We will wait until then.They graduate 2 years earlier there than our do. Does that make a difference?
  3. I think that is exactly what I did. I was having a hard time understanding some of the wording. Thank you SO much for help with clarification.
  4. Sorry, I dont understand... What is up to him????
  5. That's why I am asking. Trying to get it all figured out.
  6. So the N400 for hubby and I130 for child filing at the same time?
  7. I knew I was missing something. Ugg! So file the N400 and I130 at the same time?
  8. What do you think the path of least resistance is? Back round US citizen (wife) married to UK citizen with US residency (husband). He is 6 year resident and does qualify for citizenship. We live in state of Az. We would like to have my husbands daughter come from the UK to the US to live with us permanently. Is it better to do N400 Naturalization and have resident become citizen and then do N600K for child? Some say this negates the Visa waitlist that the I130 has. Or better to apply for I130 ? (Petition for Alien Relative) as a stepparent? What happens in either scenerio? Yes he is on the birth certificate. Yes, the child was on the initial I864 paperwork. Yes, mother of child seems supportive of decision.
  9. Ok, so it sounds like I30 is the best way to go.?? Brings me to my next question- What does the bio parent (mother) need to do? Or is it all filing on the steparent side here in the US? I hate to have to depend/wait on the bio parent to do the work needed to get the process completed.
  10. Yes, his name is on her birth cert. Yes, her info was provided on the initial I864. Yes, I believe her mother will allow it.... Is the process the same regardless if the mother or father is the "resident citizen" I had read elsewhere that it is often fast tracked if the resident decided to become a citizen. He is eligible to do so at this time. I just dont know if this is true info.
  11. Hello, My husband is a US resident of 6 years. His 15 year old daughter would like to reside with us in the US permanently. Can I get some guidance on how to best accomplish this? Should he go the naturalized citizen route? We would like for her to be able to come ASAP. I so appreciate any advice.
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