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  1. Yes got the N-652,a decision could not be made at that time for me.This is more nerve wrecking.I am pretty sure you will be scheduled for the oath soon..but yes, it's been quite long time since interview and it is normal to get worried.
  2. I my case the officer said he needs to review my file,as I updated some information on my application during the interview.
  3. No, I dont think so.In fact I asked for a tier 2 officer and they told me an officer would contact me within 20 days,but nobody contacted me.They sent me an email 2 days ago telling me that the system shows that I was already naturalized and they closed the inquiry case. But you have nothing to lose by contacting them..it might help.
  4. The day after the approximate time until case decision went to 0 days on my uscis account,this approximate time said:"We are taking longer than expected" and the time changed back to 6 months.But 3 days later after that I got an email that an action has been taken on my account.When I logged in,in the case history I could see that I am in line for oath scheduling.I think you are very close to a decision too. When I called the customer service center I said "technical issue" and I got connected to a live representative.Good luck !
  5. Ooh no,the Congressman did not help at all..in fact he told me: " Let's give USCIS enough time to do their job - after seeing the response from them that my case is still under review." The Senator office never responded to my email.A few days before I got my approval I requested to talk to a tier 2 officer. I have been told that it would take 20 calendar days for an officer to get back to me...nobody called me,but in the meanwhile I've got the good news on my uscis online account.I am confident everyone here,on this thread,will be approved..it takes time unfortunately.
  6. I did not get the chance to talk to a tier 2 officer,but a tier 1 cust service rep opened a service request on my name for my local office.I got a response through email within 2 days from the local office.However, their answer stated that they are still working on the case..just a canned type email.I hope you will get an answer very quickly.
  7. Update: my Oath ceremony has been scheduled for July 22nd.Thank you all,good luck.
  8. Thank you very much and good luck to you.Yes,my case got old,and I began being nervous.I know that Bing10 has an I751 involved that might delay the process..but I just had a straight forward case.I hope everyone here gets approved very soon.
  9. Thank you very much,good luck to you! Also,thank you for creating this thread..it has helped me a lot.
  10. Very true..low fraud country and it still takes forever for our cases to be processed.
  11. Thank you so much.I hope you will have the same good news very soon..I am confident that it will happen..patience is the key.Thank you for sharing a lot of valuable information in this forum.Plese let us know how it goes.Good luck.
  12. I can tell you that I have waited for more than one year for a decision..and yes,I am a Canadian (until I take the oath lol).
  13. Update: I looked on my case history a little while ago and saw this :"July 2, 2021 Your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was placed in line for oath ceremony scheduling.". After more than 6 months,my stress is finally over. This should give hope to anyone here still waiting on the decision..we just have to wait.Good luck to everyone !
  14. Last night I've got an email from the dhs.gov that they took action on my case.I went on my uscis account and got this: July 2, 2021 Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS As of July 2, 2021, we are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records show nothing is outstanding at this time. We will let you know if we need anything from you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Previuosly, I could only see "Interview was scheduled". After more than 6 months after the interview,my estimated time till case decision has suddenly changed from 1 day to 13 months.So the wait continues. My understanding is that my file was untouched since my interview.I have no words or thoughts.
  15. This is mine: 1- General case information: Phoenix, GC based on marriage, Canadian Citizen,born in Romania. Became LPR in 2010. 2- Filing date: May 2020 3- Bio Reuse: August 2020 4- Interview: December 2020 5- Interview result: the interview went well, the officer said he needs to review my file as I added more information at the time of the interview. 6- Current estimated processing time: 8 days
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