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  1. Que bronca! Pero por suerte te diste cuenta a tiempo. Espero todo se resuelva rápido! Mi carpeta era electrónica, y parece que en la embajada cometieron un error y se olvidaron de subir algunos papeles al sistema... así que pasé un momento tenso en migraciones. Así que te acompaño en el sentimiento. 😬 Todo se va a resolver! Mantenenos al tanto!
  2. Que raro! Ahora ese sobre sellado ya no existe, ya que toda esa info es digital desde hace unos años. Aclaraban eso cuando sí lo enviaban... Habrán usado un template viejo para el correo? (Si nadie más en el foro tiene info al respecto, llamá o mandá mail a la embajada para confirmar, así te quedás tranquila!)
  3. Hola! Me parece que no se requiere apostilla para hacer el AOS en EEUU, pero mejor que responda alguien con experiencia con la visa K-1. Yo apostillé esos dos certificados digitales por si un día tengo que hacer un trámite en EEUU (no relacionado a inmigración) y me lo piden. Por ahora no pasó. Apostillar online documentos no digitales requieren un par de pasos previos extra, así que debe tardar más, pero no tengo experiencia con eso. El otro día pedí otra apostilla para un documento digital argentino estando en EEUU y no tuve problema, pero sigo teniendo cuenta de banco argentina con la que pude pagar por home banking el VEP que se genera. Sin cuenta no creo que se pueda. En resumen, no te saqué mucho las dudas jaja mil disculpas!
  4. Mine took only 8 days in September 2020, during COVID times! But I don’t know if there are different factors now, like less staff, or more interviews being conducted, resulting in a longer delay.
  5. I think his visa (IR-2) is only given an interview appointment by the NVC, like CR-1/IR-1 visas. One cannot choose. i think it’s different for K-1 visas.
  6. Once the interview is approved, you have to pay USD 220 either before or after entering the US (I’ve read that before is better), the consul will tell you. They gave me a paper explaining this as well. It’s an immigrant fee, without it the green card will not be created and mailed.
  7. That's the exact same thing they replied to me 48hs before my interview, haha. They emailed me first, even! I just replied. So I wouldn't worry too too much about them having stopped suddenly, since now they also began processing some student visas, and lottery visas (I think?), unlike before that they were only processing CR/IR ones. Also, they cannot schedule too many people on the same day because of the pandemic. So all of this must have made them take a little longer to assign interviews. I hope you guys get some good news and an appointment super soon 🙏
  8. The instructions make no mention of that so it doesn't matter, and what matters is having the certificate itself, so don't worry! And I completely understand, it must be so stressful. In case it helps, this is the (argentinian) phone number of the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia (the issuing authority) -> (+54) 0800-666-0055. If the .pdf doesn't say anything about the exception to art. 51, and doing a "reclamo" online doesn't work for some reason, as a last resort you can try and call and see if they can help somehow. If I manage to find more info, I'll message you!
  9. I believe an apostille/certificación si not neccessary at the NVC stage, unless it's requested. Searched around the site and it seems to be the case. Maybe at time of interview double check with the US embassy in Colombia just to be sure? (assuming that'd be where the interview will take place). (If required after all; Colombia, United States and Argentina are all part of the apostille convention, so I would think having an apostille is the way to go, more than a certificación consular. ) ___ Also, I found this information on the Miami, Canada and Perú argentinian embassies, regarding the Art. 51 (while abroad, it seems?): https://cmiam.cancilleria.gob.ar/es/content/solicitud-de-antecedentes-penales https://ctoro.cancilleria.gob.ar/en/node/669 https://clima.cancilleria.gob.ar/es/tramitados-en-este-consulado-general In short, even if the procedures vary greatly, they all seem to indicate one should put/write "[Autoridades estadounidenses] con excepción al Art. 51 del código penal" on the "para ser presentado en:/para ser presentado ante:". "En dicho sitio se indica que deberán solicitar este certificado de antecedentes penales mencionando específicamente "con excepción al artículo 51 del Código Penal". Aquellos que incluyan esta mención podrán hacerlo en el formulario de solicitud de antecedentes en el campo "PARA SER PRESENTADO ANTE.......". If that works, then it might not even be needed to do the "correction" after getting it in .pdf form since it'll say the phrase already? 🤔
  10. Aww I'm so glad! 🤗 If you need help with anything else Argentina related, let me know in case I can help!
  11. Hola a todos! Yesterday was my interview, and I was approved! I wanted to thank you all for your help and support. I'm writing a review that I'll upload soon. ❤️
  12. Those look good! It looks they have all the info they need. If you sent those + the birth certificate .pdf itself you should be golden! 🤗
  13. Hi! While we wait from someone from Córdoba to answer: Did you get an email from the Cordoba ciudadano digital portal telling you your .pdf is ready to download at the portal? If they did, you could forward that, and attach the original .pdfs you downloaded from the portal. If not, take a screenshot, attach the .pdfs, and explain the situation, and maybe give them a link where they can check the validity of the files (in my case, the .pdf itself has a link where they can check, maybe yours too?). For Buenos Aires, we get an email saying "download the .pdf from here:" and a link. They don't send us the .pdf by mail. And that link is already expired in my case, so I forwarded the email and attached the .pdfs that I downloaded from that link last year. Also, I'm sure they'll reply to those emails if they need anything extra/more than a screenshot. Remember to put your case number in the subject so they can see easily that is higher priority time-wise (I assume)
  14. Hi @Sabina Acosta! According to the instructions posted above, the Argentinian embassy in Colombia should help, but this might be another option: Does your husband have an Argentinian DNI? If he does, he can get the police certificate online here: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/justicia/reincidencia/antecedentespenales Your husband needs a DNI and a "clave fiscal nivel 2". In that link are the instructions for getting that "clave fiscal" online, as well. I got that clave fiscal in person years ago so I don't know much about the online procedure, but I hope this helps. Edit: Also, if he's successful in getting the police certificate online, there's another extra step he must do to get the art. 51 exception written in the .pdf. I explained it here: Hope it helps!
  15. Buenísimo saber que se puede sin apostillar! Tomo nota. Me ahorro un trámite. Mil gracias por la info!
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