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  1. I understand that fear very well You're so close to getting an interview though, I would wait if I were you! So you're not rushing back in case you do get an interview soon, and also don't end up stranded over there and can't make it back in time, etc! I'm hopeful we'll have an interview in September or October. (But I understand the pain of being apart in the middle of a pandemic. It happened/is happening to us as well.)
  2. My USC husband got his residency while living in Argentina in 2018, in person, so I don't know if it can be done from the US. But on the "migraciones" website I found that they've began processing residency cases online: http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/radex/index.html But again, don't know if it'll apply if he's in the US. I know you'll be traveling alone, but as a positive anecdote: I traveled (not alone, I went along with my US citizen husband) to the US with a B1/B2 tourist visa in September of 2019 and I had no problems whatsoever. I was scared they'll turn me away so I brought along with me a lot of evidence of my ties to Argentina (pay stubs from my job, a copy of my apartment lease, etc). But nothing was requested. We entered through JFK airport.
  3. After I checked the DQ email I noticed they added my middle name on CEAC (wasn't there before), but it's spelled wrong, ugh haha So I freaked out for a bit, calmed down, sent an inquiry email, and in two weeks I shall see if they reply/correct it, or they'll tell me if it needs to be corrected at all...
  4. Hi! We did get an email about becoming DQ. Give it a week or so and maybe call them just for peace of mind? I hope you guys receive it soon
  5. That's great! 🙏 Thank you for sharing!
  6. Hi as well! We were DQ'd last thursday, and are CR1/IR1 from Argentina too! So if anyone has info about when they'll begin interviewing, I want to be in the loop too haha ☺️
  7. Hi everyone! Just got our DQ email! NVC case created 6/10/2020 Submitted documents to NVC 6/29/2020 DQ 7/9/2020
  8. Hello, Our payment has been cleared so we can begin uploading our documents to the NVC portal. My husband (sponsor) was (and is) unable to get a Tax Transcript online, so we're going to upload to CEAC his copy of his latest Tax Return. His 2019 Tax Return consists of: - Form 1040 - Schedules 1, 2, C, SE - Form 8995 (Qualified Business Income Deduction Simplified Computation) Should we upload his Form 1040 ONLY under the document type "Federal Income Tax Return or Transcript"? And under 'additional documents' we should upload all of those schedules in separate pdf files, each under the document type "Federal Income Tax Schedule"? I believe that to be the case, but please correct me if I'm wrong. (as in, everything has to be in the same pdf under 'tax return or transcript' document type...) And lastly, where should we attach/upload the Form 8995? In the same pdf as the Tax Return? Or under document type 'schedule' like the other schedules? I don't know if it's a Schedule if it doesn't say "Schedule" anywhere on that form, but then again, I've never worked in the U.S. so I don't know how taxes work. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone, I recieved my NVC welcome email, so I'm preparing my civil documents to upload them to the NVC portal soon, and I have a question. All civil documents I can get in my country (Argentina) are all digital now. My certified digital copy of my Birth Certificate came in two separate pdfs: one with the Birth Certificate per se (digitally signed), and another pdf that has the required phrase "faithful copy of the original" by the "Civil Documents by Country" website for my country, also digitally signed. I believe I should only upload one and only one pdf for my Birth Certificate. If I combine the two into one file, I lose the digital signatures, leaving a weird error and blank space, so it seems like it's been tampered with (which technically it was, since I tried to combine them). Has anyone gone through something similar? What should I do? Am I mistaken and I actually can upload two files in the same 'category'? I hope I made sense. Thank you!
  10. We just got our NOA2 today! Last date update on our case was February 28th so this came as a surprise. US citizen petitioner Potomac PD Sep 27, 2019 NOA1 Oct 02, 2019 NOA2 Jun 09, 2020
  11. We did, just three minutes ago! We both received an email from NVC. Very quick!
  12. Correction: Just checked the .pdf of our NOA2 and is dated June 9th, so it's 251 days.
  13. Correction: Just checked the .pdf of our NOA2 and is dated June 9th, so it's 251 days.
  14. Hi everyone! I'll update here as well (I've been mostly in the September group, but my NOA1 was in October) We just got approved after 252 days. Potomac PD September 27, 2019 NOA1 October 2, 2019 NOA2 June 10, 2020
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