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  1. Thank you! Yes, we figured it would be long and annoying because of the years we need to include. So, that's why we want to get ahead at least up to the AOS interview. Then, work from there. GEEZ. We are hoping that we don't get an interview. According to our officer at the AOS interview, if we submit the packet as thorough as the AOS one, since we had an interview for the AOS, there is a high chance of not being interviewed for this one.
  2. Hello! It has been a while since we have been on VJ, so we forgot a bunch of the terms. HA! Anyways, we are trying to find a post for the following step (getting the 10-year green card). @Sarge2155 I believe you start yours probably around October/November, since you got the green card back in April 2020. Any information you can give us? Ours is still a bit away. But, we want to see what things we can start working on. Thanks!
  3. Hello! Long time no see! We lost the password and were locked out for a while. Then, we forgot. Haha! Sorry for missing out on everything! Congratulations to those of you who got approved, got the cards, have babies, etc. YAY! So excited for all. We have missed you. It is nice to catch up. Question: Some of you are close to starting the packet for the 10-year green card. @andreaam I believe you got yours February/March, so you need to start it soon, right? Can we get a post started on that topic?
  4. During normal times it was 7-10 days. Now with COVID, I would plan for a bigger window just to be safe and not lose your money on the plane ticket. If there are any holidays during that time, that is another thing to consider.
  5. Cool, thank you for letting us know. Best of luck and Merry Christmas!
  6. I would do it with the AOS to see if it will trigger some action on that case. So, use the receipt number for the AOS. Under comments, state that you also submitted the renewal and that no receipt was ever issued, so you are concerned about that too, but don’t have a case number.
  7. Aww, thank you! Sending you lots of luck and good wishes!!
  8. Sorry for the typos, my phone is bonkers. LOL Go to USCIS and go to the “Check Case Status” page. Then, click on “submit case inquiry”. It will ask for all of your details. They should respond within a month.
  9. We actually got that status within 24 hours of the interview. After posting the question, we got an e-mail saying the card was mailed already today (not even a week).
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