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  1. Hello! Yes, we got combo card in hard February 29th and that following Monday/Tuesday the AP changed back to "fingerprints added to the case" (or whatever that status is) after having the status of "approved". No need to owrry, if you have your combo card in hand, you are good!
  2. Yes, they used to only do interviews for cases that they needed the in-person contact to make a decision because a case was not solid, had red flags, etc. Otherwise, you could get approved or have more info to submit without an interview. At some point, the times were actually shorter as well, so you had people that by this time (like you who have been in U.S. a year and some days) would have been halfway through the conditional GC. **Sigh**
  3. I asked in another post whether we would go back to "old times"and someone shared something similar to this (we haven't gotten anything). Yes, I was wondering if they are going to go back to the "old times", when they only required interviews for certain cases not for the ones that would look "good on paper". If they do, at least this is a silver lining for most of us. Thank you for the update and keep us posted.
  4. Keep us posted. We don't want to be too hopeful. But, it was backlogged anyways, so the closing just makes it worse. In our brains, it would be a good creative way of dealing with those that were backed up and fell under the pre-public charge rule to keep things moving, you know?
  5. This might not be the right place to ask this or we might be getting ahead of ourselves. But, do you think, once everything is back to "normal", that they will consider going back to not requiring interviews for every single case? In other words, those that look solid on paper might move through like "old times".
  6. Go to Whatsapp, go to the "Calls", then take screenshots (this is what I did).
  7. Cover letters and "Thank You" letters for each time they reach out to you (application, considering you as a candidate, interview, etc.).
  8. Hmmm, that I don't know. I am going to let some other ones jump in on this. My guess is either one can use an interpreter.
  9. A friend or family member cannot be the interpreter. It must be someone that has no personal relationship with either of you. Do you have anyone from work that has a separate contact that would be willing to help? People that are twice or three-times removed might be better.
  10. Congrats on moving through the process! OK, so here is my input as an USC and "business person": Always strive for the best and keep your eye on the prize. You know what you will want to reach eventually, even though it may or may not arrive immediately. So, no matter what happens, still keep your final goal well and alive. Don't lose sight of it. Open your job spectrum. Yes, we all have a dream job or have an specialization we want to work in, but sometimes it takes a little while before we get there. Be open to search for everything and anything. You are allowed to work with your SSN and EAD, whether they hire you or not would be an employer preference but it has nothing to do with your qualification of being able to work legally in the U.S. or considered "hiare-able" according to the legal/immigration system. Focus on getting U.S. experience, hiring managers sometimes do not trust the plain old resume or CV if they cannot verify references, which with international contacts that makes it hard to do. Therefore, it might be that you could be looking at starting lower in the totem pole or start from the "bottom", even though you may have degrees and lots of experience in Argentina, because your references are not here and they are harder to contact to confirm your experience. To put it in perspective: I, myself, graduated here in the U.S. as a USC from a well-known university, great GPA, top of the class, bla bla bla (I don't mean to sound conceited). Yet, as I graduated, I applied for anything and everything and decided to start at the bottom (sales associate at a retail store) so my work experience could improve. I just wanted to start working, not waste time in "waiting for the one I wanted or deserved" and I figured all of this would keep me humble. In less than two years, I was already working somewhere else in the office/business world and within another four years, I was already in the leadership/management position I did strive for as one of my goals. So, the course is not always "straight", not everyone gets there as a beeline. Some get lucky, others do not, but most importantly, figure out a path or vision that would take you to where you want to me. If it does take a little while, take time in developing that CV/resume in U.S. with experience here that HR can verify and contact. Plus, diversify your skill set. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: DIVERSIFY YOUR SKILL SET. Your career goals and professional profile have a better chance of improving over time and being a "hire-able candidate" by having a diversity of skills. Remember: Companies and organizations want people that are an asset, the more skills you have, the more they will be able to "move you around" and the more job security you might have. For example, if they are laying off people, they will try to "keep" those that they can move into another department versus the ones that have fixed skills. Even if they do lay you off, you have more skills and, thus, have a better shot of finding another job quicker. I am pretty sure I have a plethora of tips in my brain if any of you have any other questions. But, so far this is just my experience and opinion/perspective. I hope it helps!
  11. Congratulations! Thank you for all the help you are always willing to give to all of us.
  12. @Javier Mera Could you please speak into this, since you are the one with the most recent scenario? I didn't see anything as far as traveling in from Argentina what would happen.
  13. Also, please note, AA is still considering cancelling and stopping operations if all or individual airports close, so keep an eye out (I have a family member that works for AA at the headquarters). FYI. I will pray that everything is good and she is able to come without any issues.
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