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  1. You are so welcome! Trying to stay as communicated with you all as possible!
  2. Here is what ours say: (We got ours at Tucuman CABA.) At the top you have everything the same as any other "Antecedentes Penales". But, at the bottom it says (in a box): Art. 8 Inciso f) Ley Nro. 22.117 Con excepcion Art. 51 Codigo Penal El presente Documento Digital es el Certificado de Antecedentes Penales conforme los terminos de la Ley 25.506, el Decreto 283/2003, siendo su codigo de tramite: XXXX, de solucitud XXXX, y de seguridad XXXX And a bunch of other stuff. Haha Hope that helps!
  3. Right. I've always understood that. I am also sure that we only have 90 days to marry (in our case until September 24th). But, I was confused as to whether or not the AOS does need to be completed and received (with NOA1 included) prior to the 24th or if we are OK with marrying, prepping, and mailing by the 24th without NOA1 until after.
  4. This is a great idea! I am also the organized one. LOL In our case, I prepped everything and mailed it to him (I know it can be expensive, but we just planned for it). I just put stick notes where he needed to add his documents and we video-chatted that night. One of the reasons we decided to do it was because we still didn't know whether or not I could attend the interview (since we did not have a set date for the interview and I didn't know how it would work with my work and vacation schedule). Also, I lost my plan the last time (2018) when I went there and I had to wait for the following one. So, we figured that if I was able to schedule a trip (which I was) but missed the plane, interview, or whatever, at least everything was there for the interview, even if I didn't make it on time. Just thought I would add that for other people that are considering mailing the documents, etc.
  5. So, as long as we get married before then and file the AOS, we should be in good terms?
  6. Hello! So glad to see everyone moving along! We got his SSN over the weekend. YAY! Planning to get married August 7th or 9th. Will continue to work on the rest of the paperwork to get the license and all the AOS things completed to mail after the marriage happens. Question: If we mail everything let's say by the 20th (1 month and 4 days prior to the visa expiring) is that enough? Or should we be worried or try to do it sooner? Thoughts? I may have more questions coming up!
  7. LUCKY! :) We are still waiting on his SSN. Needless to say, I am freaking out! 😫
  8. Sorry, for some reason my phone did not quote the message properly. Yes, some states (like ours-Florida) require both people to have SSN before they can have the license or certificate of marriage.
  9. I don’t know about your state but in Florida and the city where we are, they require both people to have SSN to get married.
  10. Ours took about a week from the time it was received (meaning someone signed for it and DHL confirmed delivery), so from status "Ready" I would say maybe about 3-4 days. It doesn't take too long. Obviously, keep in mind every case is different, but definitely have some patience before you try to email them to ask. Maybe email them by the end of next week if you don't hear anything.
  11. Someone is getting their interview soon! :)
  12. Question: For the AOS Affidavit of Support, does this need to be a new version (AKA the latest 6 months of pay stubs, etc.) or can it be the same as submitted for the K1 visa?
  13. Glad to hear that! :) Amen to that! Haha I just know there are some people still in the P3 and interview stage. Plus, I wanted to keep the threads going in case there are some in P1 that are looking for alive threads and information. :D
  14. Hi All! NO new updates from us. It has been relatively quiet here, so we are just checking in on those that are still waiting on interviews, etc.? Any news?
  15. Thank you for sharing! Yes, states, cities, and officers vary from case to case. So, I would definitely encourage everyone to take everything we listed. Better be safe than sorry!
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