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  1. Hello everyone. I just received my notice and also have a MSC case for my 751. Filed November 28th.
  2. Sounds good! Thanks! I'll leave the packet with my wife's family, who all greatly support me, so no chance of sabotage. I'll have them send it 2-3 days after the 90 days starts just to be 100% within that time frame.
  3. Hello! I'll be required soon to file for an I-751 but the date conflicts with some short travel plans I have. my 90 days to file starts late November, however I'll be out of country on business purposes until the beginning of January. Would it be possible to prepare the I-751 packet completely and have someone bring it to the post office? Or do you have to be physically present in the US when you ship off the packet? My GC doesn't expire until late February, but I'd rather get an early jump on submitting the forms by having them get sent while I'm not here, in case any bumps in the road happen. Or should I just file as soon as I return? That'll leave me with about 45 days to file.
  4. Yeah definitely report it. I suggest you annul the marriage too ASAP considering she’s already married.
  5. another question regarding this situation, considering that this Foreign spouse was admitted in 2017, would that make them eligible for N-400 naturalization as well? They’re resided in the US since arriving, albeit as an overstay, but when they file the I-485, could they also file the N-400, or would they need to be a full fledged I-551 holder for 3 years before qualifying?
  6. Hey everyone! I’m helping out some friends file their Adjustment of Status, and I got some questions and they do as well: The now foreign spouse entered on a K1, they married within The 90 day period. They entered in 2017, and just now are able to file for the AOS, which I know is well beyond the typical 90 day thing. first question to top off things: - do you think this situation requires a lawyer considering the amount of time that has passed between arrival and now? the foreign spouse did NOT engage in any employment and they also did not violate any laws (excluding the failure to file AOS), the US spouse also has a clean record. They also never left the US since and they were lawfully admitted with the K1. - when they file the AOS, I assume all they need to file is the I-485, I-864, , and a renewed medical examination? (If they want to work they can file I-765, and any other optional documents) - are there any special handlings regarding this since the AOS is being filed so much later than the arrival? The foreign spouse is a parent to a US citizen as well, if it makes any difference. thanks for any help in this!
  7. I married my spouse in a court and it wasn’t relevant. Even if it was, you can just say you wanted to do it Like that. Not every country allows marriages at home, and some aren’t religious and don’t want marriage in a church. you should be fine.
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