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  1. Thank you for your reply! so, even if the overstay is beyond 1 year, they just need to file the I-485? No need to re-apply with I-130?
  2. Hello everyone! Im here collecting some information for good friends of mine who are in a situation. the situation is as follows: the fiancé entered the US via K1, and they got married within 90 days. The now spouse also performed a medical exam and passed. they have a dual national child together now, and the spouse still has not filed for Adjustment due to career changes and monetary issues. they have been in the US for longer than 1 year now without filing AOS. Here’s some questions they got: if they leave the country, will the spouse be susceptible to a travel ban to return? what steps are needed now to file for AOS? Would they have to file an I-130 now with an AOS, as the K1 is expired? also what is their current legal status? I assume they are a overstay by law and deportable, but they asked a lawyer and he said that they are “status pending”. thanks for any assistance!
  3. Most of these people filed DCFs when USCIS field office Frankfurt still accepted/processed the final case load. The cancelled appointments refer to the visa interview for CR1, which means they have approved I-130’s from USCIS already.
  4. If you opted in for social security issuance upon arrival via DS-260, your card would’ve been applied for the day of or the day following your entry. it can take up to 3 weeks to receive your SSN card, and considering the viral situation, it can definitely take longer. The SSA site mentions if you don’t receive your number within 3 weeks, you can call them and inquire about it.
  5. Basically anything that shows you’re together is great. Pictures, social media posts from third parties like that congratulation post. It all helps. 5 pages with 4 pictures each is good, so 20ish pictures that show bona fide relationship. As to the deed, doesn’t sound like an issue.
  6. Sounds like plenty of evidence! Quality and quantity for sure! good luck with your process!
  7. I had a connecting flight. It was 4 hour layover in Detroit (DTW). Spent 3 hours idling at my gate feeling good as a newly admitted resident
  8. It took me a total combined wait of 20 minutes, including waiting in line and secondary processing when I entered on CR1. 10 minutes of which was waiting in line. This was about a month ago. considering the coronavirus, it may or may not take longer. Generally it is suggested to have 2-3 hours for initial entry via CR1.
  9. Not really. Generally the SSA says to wait 3 weeks from date of application (the day of entry or the next day). If you don’t hear anything by the third week, you should call them.
  10. You have to apply for it. You do not automatically get a SSN card. You can either apply for one via your DS-260 (yes or no question) or you must go to a local office and apply for one. I chose to say yes on my DS-260, so it took only 2 1/2 weeks post entry until I received my card.
  11. My social security was issued at the start of March. So it’s possible they are still issuing cards. I haven’t heard of any closures regarding card processing.
  12. 97 days for my I-130 to be approved, 130 in total till my visa was issued, about an extra 1 month 2 weeks post I-130 approval. All details are in my timeline. It takes the consulate a couple days to send out mail/emails, and you can ask them via email what your next steps are if you haven’t heard from them in a week.
  13. I just finished a DCF process in Frankfurt last month. I’ve been in the US for 3 weeks now. It’s how it worked for me in Germany. Things will probably be different in the UK, but also somewhat similar.
  14. You should receive an email or letter from the consulate with that you need to send in. Typically you need to send in various documents, including police certificates, sponsorship documents and evidence, birth certificate, passport copy, etc. all documents usually need to be sent in to the consulate directly if it is a DCF case, as in physical mail. Each original should be accompanied with a copy or two depending on instructions from your consulate.
  15. You’ll be required to pay the full fee on the day of interview, as this is a DCF case according to your above statement. Most consulates accept cash in US dollars, local currency, electronic payment methods such as credit cards, and US issued US dollar money orders. You can check on your local consular website to see what methods are accepted. the NVC is completely irrelevant in this case as they are completely skipped over.
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