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  1. Thanks I will get on my lawyers ### tomorrow. Hopefully she can figure something out
  2. Yes we did. We even have a lawyer Emails from the embassy that they received the documents
  3. The interview went well they kept her passport and requested a police report witch we send the same day. But about a month ago they called her and told her to sent the police report again but they never got it. I got emails saying that they received it but they didn’t
  4. We’ve been waiting on administrative processing for almost a year and all of the sudden I see this.
  5. We’ve been on administrative processing since November 2019. And I was wondering is there a expiration length of time before we have start over.
  6. We have the same issue. I called the embassy last week and I got them to put out case in the priority list. So hopefully they’ll get working on it soon. But she needs to take the medical exam again because it’s been longer than 7 months
  7. What if you’re waiting on Administrative processing to get the visa
  8. Does anyone know for sure if K1 visas are included or excluded on the recent travel ban?
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