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  1. It is a general template in the RFE and it always includes assets and joint sponsor language. Having said that, yes you do need a joint sponsor because you have only a job offer and have not worked yet making the higher income. They want to see paystubs from several months, W2, employer letter stating how long you worked there, income etc.

    A job offer is not proof of actual current income that continues. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Dori5556 said:



    Thank you. I printed out our bank sttatments and bills for the past 12 months. We have been married 3,5 years. Thiis is what I have for now:  dental insurance showing both names, life insurance showing both names, 2 x 3rd party affidavit, note from the landloard that we have been living this place for the past 3,5 years and we are the only renters, copy of our ID showing the same address,  joint bank account (12 months of statments), joint tax return for the past three years, SDGE bill showing both names 12 mnth, phone bill 12 months, copies of stamps in passport showing 3 international trips together, plane ticket for the future international trip. Please let me know if this sounds sufficient. 


    Much better. Got a car title or  car insurance in both of your names  together ?

    Photos with family here in the US and from your trips together, hotel receipts etc. 

  3. On 5/8/2018 at 8:07 PM, Dori5556 said:

    Thank you! Yes, I meant 10 years not 5. I will go through my documents and let you guys know what I have included. As I remember, I provided the tax returns, medical and car insurance, plane tickets, pictures and phone bill.  


    I will set an appt to get a stamp today.


    Does the third party affidavit have a lot of value? It says this can be included on my RFE. They are asking for lease document or Id document showing that we live under same roof. 

    What you submitted is definitely not enough.
    Have you not seen the ROC list in the guides ? 
    Pick from the list what you may have.
    Besides a lease (or letter from the landlord you mentioned) you need joint financial accounts, at the very least one joint account
    with statements going back to when you married.



        Examples of documents showing a bona fide relationship (Submit COPIES only. Do not send originals):

    1. A deed, showing co-ownership of your property or a lease agreement with both of your names on the
    2. Utility bills, credit card bills, and other types of bills which have both of your names on them. Since many utilities will only put a bill in one person's name, some bills in one name and other bills at the same address but in the other spouse's name serve the same purpose: showing your financial & social lives intermingled.
    3. Copies of actual credit cards, health insurance cards, or other "joint" cards that you have together,
    showing same account number.
    4. Car, health, or life insurance that has both of your names on the policy or the other spouse listed as the
    5. 401K or other retirement plan with spouse listed as beneficiary (right to survivorship is the technical term)
    6. Bank or stock accounts with both of your names on them.
    7. A copy of your joint federal and state tax returns (including W-2's and other applicable Schedules and attachments). Sending an official tax transcript from the IRS (for Federal) is beneficial and often preferred as it reflects what was actually filed.
    8. A car title or other titles to property showing joint ownership with your spouse.
    9. Birth certificate of any children that have been born to your marriage.
    10. Documentation of any vacations that you have taken, including flight itineraries, hotel bills, pictures of you
    together on vacation.
    11. Other family pictures of you together.
    12. Documentary proof showing evidence of your children together (Copy of Birth Certificate, photos, etc)
    13. Copies of Christmas cards and other holiday cards addressed to you both
  4. It seems as though there isn't much more you could have done differently and you will get all points of reasons for refusal in the NOIR letter which you can then address. Sometimes COs just get it wrong and their speculative and assumptious minds refuse genuine couples. That's why USICS reaffirms most cases we have seen come through Ghana. Moving back for a year or two sounds great as it will likely take that long. Don't miss the NOID letter while you are out of the country and have someone watch the mail for you and inform you that it came so 

    you can write your rebuttal and include plenty of more evidence

    and get reaffirmed. Truly sorry this happened and wish you both the best ! 

    P.S. you did say you were 10 years older than your husband but then said 35 and 41 which is 6 not 10.

    But you have a child together so it shouldn't be a reason for refusal.

  5. 57 minutes ago, Sparrow said:

    No but we talk from sun up to sun down we have ton of chat history and alot of calls log and letters and emails and we talk every day on emails too she is coming to visit me soon 

    Which is not enough as we advised before. She must visit

    and will have plenty of time to do so during the 1-2 year long review.

    Happy to read she is doing that.

  6. Email the embassy and ask if the petition has been returned to USCIS. If they don't respond have your senator inquire on your behalf.
    If it has been returned you will get a letter from USCIS in 6-9 months which is called the NOID/R (Notice of Intend to deny/revoke).
    You then have 30 days for a rebuttal of your CO's findings (reason(s) it was returned).
    Address each point.
    If USCIS is satisfied with your rebuttal they will reaffirm the petition and send it again to the embassy with recommendation to approve.
    If they feel you have not overcome the reasons for refusal then the petition will be denied.

    Ask your husband what the CO was focused on during the interview and which questions weren't answered correctly or 
    what came up that the CO seemed not to like.
    Ghana is one of the most difficult embassies to go through and they like lots of visits and plenty of real face time.
    Good luck.

  7. 8 hours ago, CarolineK2017 said:

    My husband and I (finally) have our personal interview coming up in a couple weeks. :) 


    My husband's passport recently expired. We don't know if he should take the expired one with him, and then renew it after the interview. OR, should he go ahead and renew it and take all notarized documents with us to the interview??? We have called USCIS four times about this, and we have received different answers each time - the last response being is that it's up to the discretion of the officer interviewing us. Our interview will be in Montgomery, AL.


    A couple other questions about the interview - we have read about what kind of questions they will ask.

    We don't wear wedding rings - should we??

    I have never changed my last name to his, however I do plan on doing that. Should I do it now (considering my DL needs to be renewed) or should we wait until after the interview?


    Any other things we should expect or preparations that we should do before the interview?



    You can renew the passport and bring both to the interview, if the interview happens before you get the renewed passport back then
    you can bring the expired one in case they ask to see it.
    Wedding rings and name change doesn't matter.
    Focus on lots of joined financial and cohabitation evidence. Look at the ROC guide list and bring what you have or can still generate
    for your AOS interview. It shows excellent evidence for AOS, not just ROC.

  8. In some airports they randomly pull people out of line  that are connecting to another domestic flight and ask if you are a USC.
    Happened to my husband. So a DL is no longer enough, neither is a passport.
    We had the EAD, marriage certificate and NOA1 for AOS with us just in case and it sure came in handy that day.
    Not sure if it was random or profiling for a certain ethnicity. 

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