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  1. Please I have a question, if marriage took place in Ghana but both couples now live in the US, can they divorce here in the US or they have to travel back to Ghana to file divorce. And if they can do it here in the states, how we they go about it. Thanks
  2. Thank you the reply. So if they were married before my 18th birthday, it doesn't matter if I am not in US when I clock 18? And do you mean I will file 2 separate i130, one for my mother and one for my step father if I need to. Or just one i130 will be good for both? Please clarify. Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, now that I am a US citizen, I want to know the process of filing for my mother and step-father to move here. Which form(s) do I need for both of them and which documents must I gather to submit along with it. I appreciate you all.
  4. I had i-751 pending since last year April and was only scheduled for N400 interview. Went with my spouse and IO said he will do both. He told my spouse to sit that he will reach out if he needs any info. But he eventually didn’t reach out for my spouse but had only me for the removal and N400 interview.
  5. First, I want to say thank you to everyone on the forum, you all are the best. I had my N400 /I-751 interview on Thursday at Philadelphia and was given a recommendation for approval notice. This morning my I-751 changed to approved and this evening my N400 changed to oath ceremony notice was mailed. When I checked my online portal, my ceremony is coming on the 16th of this month. finally the stress is over. I still can't believe how fast it went. 🙏
  6. Please I will like to know if anyone has travel to Nigeria with expired 2 years green card and a valid 18 months extension letter. And if there is might be any issue with it?
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