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  2. I file for my husband for we have been in Administrate processing for 17 month. AS a result we got a NOID and had 33 days for our attorney to answer. We are now waiting for their decision, due to COVID they as for an extension of 3 months more. We were expecting this NOID the only way to get any movement was to file a WOM. Best of luck to you and your fiancee.
  3. My husband received the NOID because of a previous marriage, where they had the interview and ended up being put inna Administrative Processing and their marriage ended in divorce. This was 15 years ago and thank god his ex wife and entire families were so great to cooperate with us and they all wrote affidavits for us and She send in old love letter and pics with the rebuttal to clarify what was need for the first marriage to prove it was bona fide. We are now patiently waiting to hear back we are positive that we will get a favorable outcome for us. This journey has been a very long one thank god we file the WOM And that helped us to get the NOID JIm Hacking and his excellent team handled the WOM + Rebuttal for our NOID. If your case is an easy case you will get the answer you need from the WOM. Best of luck to us all!
  4. Hello, we ended up receiving a NOID which we were expecting but wanted to file WOM just to get some movement on the case. Jim & his team handled the rebuttal for our NOID. USCIS intern asked for an extension to answer the lawsuit so we have a date of September 10 to get good news, God’s willing. This has been a total of 17 months since our interview and overall 3 years journey. I’m hoping we all get the best and most fitting outcome for us all!!
  5. Hope you're doing well considering all the added stress during these stressful times? So in terms of my WOM I received a Notice of Intent to Deny on Friday. I scanned and sent over to my attorney and now we have to work on this together to answer the NOID. I have 30 days to respond back. Once again the waiting is so draining and frustrating this journey is been the most difficult to deal with. For God is in control and he will see us all through this!! Any news on your case?
  6. All valid points, well received. We had a very quick interview and were told we are approved, until we were put in AP with no additional documents requested. I as well believe that it definitely helps that the USC the petitioner is there but, he strongly advised on not going to the interview unless the consulate asks for you to accompany the beneficiary.
  7. You can look him on youtube all his videos are there and he even did webinars on this as well!!
  8. Our interview was very simple and were even told we have proven our case and got the visa. No additional documents were requested etc. I guess it depends on the country and how clear cut your case is. There isn't any set rules for whether or not one's spouse can or cannot attend. This entire process is supposed to be an easy one but we all have different experiences and our end results are the same which is we either get to bring our significant other right away or we have a long road ahead of us. We're all here to share our experiences and then it's up to that individual whether he/she wants to accompany their spouse to the interview. Had I know this ahead of time I honestly wouldn't have gone.
  9. Jim Hacking my attorney has videos on this exact topic, and is against USC to attend the interview. I attended the interview with my husband and I believed that was the reason we are in Administrative processing for this long it's been 16 long months. I ended up having to leave my husband in Guyana. It was the hardest thing I had to do. Please think long and hard about your decision about going. You can go for moral support but do not go inside with her. Good luck to you both!
  10. Not sure what this means. I am eagerly waiting. I took a snip it of it and forwarded to Mr. Hacking. I hope we are getting good news. It's been 16 months to be exact since we had our interview. I am assuming because they received the summons, it's the first step in getting my case moving.
  11. Best of luck to you too my dear. Mr. Hacking has a phenomenal team.Stay positive and be be patient, everything will fall into place.. As soon as I hear anything on my WOM i will be sure to share with everyone!
  12. Good morning, Bibi, Last week our office filed a TRO against President Trump to try to stop his Immigration Ban executive order. The immigration ban will hurt a lot of immigrants who are trying to come to the U.S. to be reunited with their families, immigrants who are trying to start a new life in the U.S. So we filed a lawsuit to try to get it stopped. We had a hearing last Thursday with a federal judge to argue that the ban wasn't legal and shouldn't continue. And we received a decision. The judge decided that we did not have a standing, our clients hadn't been harmed yet, and that because the embassies are closed anyway for COVID-19 the executive order hasn't effected our clients directly. As of now, the ban will continue. But we aren't giving up. We are reviewing the response and hope to keep the legal challenge alive. We will continue to fight for immigrants. The embassies are still closed, there has been no word on when they will reopen. But as saddening, disheartening, and frustrating as this is we can't lose hope. There are elections coming up soon. There is a light at the end of this. Until then, we will be working on getting immigration back on track and to get our country back on track. Don't give up. We've got to keep fighting. Best, Jim P.S. We are having an Ask Me Anything webinar on Tuesday, May 26th, at 4pm CST. Register here. I'd love to see you there.
  13. For now it's too soon to tell for my case. Our due date for an answer to our lawsuit is June 20th. So for now it's the waiting game. I was also made aware that they may or may not as for an extension. We just have to be alittle more patient for we have come so far.
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