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  1. Ksenia_O

    Starting to gather for initial filing

    DS-160 is not required for I-485 submission.
  2. https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2017-Nov/carrier-information-guide-english.pdf p.p.38-39 A combo of an expired green card and an Extension letter - that's all you need. Or I-551 stamp in your passport if the "combo" gets expired and your I-751 still pending. Have a safe trip!!!!
  3. you should be fine - don't worry. have a safe trip!
  4. As for your employer ... You are still an LPR, and your status is not expired. Just a green card, as a proof of that status. But not your status. My employer has never asked for anything. And if you have a "normal"driver license, which is not expred at the same time as your green card, and unrestricted SS card, than you can provide your employer with this to comply with the I-9 . If asked. So as long as you are in the US - you are fine. But to travel... Just an expired green card is not a proper paperwork. That's why it's advised not to travel if you have just an expired card.. But you will be boarded either with an Extension letter+green card, OR I-551 stamp. Once again - I'm so sorry you're experiencing all of this... As I've said - call again, until you get on hold someone knowledgeable. Very often it a like "another day - another agent- another chance"....
  5. And this is the problem jessinnyc is experiencing ,- cannot make an appointment and an Extension letter has never been received. Right, you need a "combo" of an Expired green card & Extension Letter ( I'm honestly having troubles to find where I've stated a green card is not needed,?t) or you can request -I-551 stamp - if both, Ext. Letter and green card got expired, OR an Extension letter has never been received . Which is the case. While my I-751 was pending, I traveled with tthe combo" and later, when it got expired, just with the stamp in my passport - both worked just fine. jessinnyc, if no Extension letter and somehow you will be able to get an appointment scheduled, make a copy of your green card - it can be taken in exchange for the stamp - depends on your local USCIS office. But you never know until you are there. Hopefully, everything will work out for you!!!!
  6. Wonder what do they mean under "the acceptance'. I've always believed it's a NOA-1 of I-751, which clearly states for how long your expired green card got extended - since Summer of 2018 it should be 18 months Extension Letter. DO NOT LEAVE the country without an Extension Letter or I-551 stamp in your passport. It's not about being allow in - it's about an airline and getting out of any other country. Most likely you won't be even boarded with an expired green card..... l I'm so sorry you are experiencing this. But I'd say - there is nothing can be done, but keep calling or submit an online request... P.S. I thought "2017-2018 I-751 season" was a mess, but apparently I was mistaken...
  7. Every day we read here something, where K-1 people ask for an advice to expedite EAD. Or - she/he left the US without AP due to the emergency in home country and what to do and etc.. Immigration takes a lot of time, paperwork, patience and it DOES involve money. - and a "just wanna be together' by itself is not going to help anybody through. Especially, when you have to watch (not being able to help, legally, at least) how your spouse is trying to make a decent living for 2 adults, with earnings, which don't meet/barely meet Poverty Guidelines min level. The primary reason people find themselves in situations above - pure planning (financial as well) with deficiency of knowledge, not being well informed how AOS from a K-1 really works. Has decided and has filed - two different things. And there is still a time for OP to learn more about all options, with pros and cons, being fully aware what's going to be faced after happily married after arrival on a K-1 visa. Anyway - wish you all the best and good luck with your immigration journey!
  8. Since you've mentioned you'd need a co-sponsor and will probably be staying with your future MIL.. so maybe, a CR-1 route would be more beneficial for you, guys? missileman has already perfectly described pros and cons of both, K-1 and CR-1 routes. But, please, just think of this again. if you do a K-1 (I-129F) - 1) you won't be able to work right away 2) you'd still have to apply for a green card after getting married in the US (additional fee of $1225.0 and a lot of paperwork along with a very long wait) 3) you won't be able to drive until you have an Employment authorization, which currently takes about 5-6 months from submission to your approval. 4) you won't be able to travel internationally until an Employment Authorization in hands. So, basically, we are talking about at least 5-6 months of not being able to do ANYTHING... And this is if you get married the next day after arrival. If not - add an extra time to your wait. Going through CR-1 process - you are a permanent resident upon entry and don't have to worry about all those things above.... Can work, drive and etc almost immediately after arrival. P.S. I was a K-1. And believe me - that wait, with doing nothing, was the hardest part of the process. But we had to pick that route because of my son - he was under 21 but over 18 and the only way he could've follow me was a K-1. But in your case - you have a choice Anyway, whatever you decide - good luck with your journey!!!!
  9. Hi : ) Kids were not assigned to their own case - at this stage it is still once case, for all of you. You - are the beneficiary, and kids are derivative.01-03 just shows how many applicants in the case. It doesn't matter which kid under what number, so it's all up to you how you will list them. Good luck - you are almost there!! : )
  10. As I understood your husband didn't have his passport with him. Maybe that's why he was granted only 90 days extension ..Not sure, but probably an extension (I-551), stamped in the Form I-94 or any other hand-written forms, can be given only for a short time...? Probably, had your husband had his passport with him, he would have been given I-551 stamp, valid for a year. But again - it's all up to IO at your local USCIS Office. They can give you the stamp for a month, 3 months, 6 months.... any other period up to a year. P.S. I'm sorry you'd have to come back to get another I-551 if your Extension Letter doesn't arrive within those 90 days... Really hope all of you, guys, will have a smooth and "no-stress" I-751 process!
  11. My green card was expired in Sept. of 2018, I got I-551 stamp in July of 2018 - 2 months prior my green card expiration date. So it all depends on your local USCIS office - each seems to be guided by its own rules that can slightly differ from office to office. For example, about keeping a green card - some offices take it in exchange for I-551 stamp, at the same time others - don't., and in this case you are the 'happy keeper" of both, an expired green card AND I-551 stamp. but yes, most Offices would give you the stamp within 30 days before green card expiration.
  12. Ksenia_O

    Travelling to usa while first layover in UK

    you can check it here https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa Usually, if you don't leave the airport main building (to switch airports, for example, during layover - Heathrow to Gatwick or opposite), don't need to collect your luggage and check it in to your next flight (double check THIS with your airline) and that flight doesn't leave on a different day to when you arrived - then no, no transit visa needed. https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa/y/india/transit/somewhere_else/yes You’ll need a visa to pass through the UK in transit You should apply for a Visitor in Transit visa if you arrive on a flight and will pass through immigration control before you leave the UK. You don’t need to apply for a Visitor in Transit visa if you already have a Marriage Visitor or Standard Visitor visa. Transiting without a visa You might be eligible for ‘transit without visa’ if: you arrive and depart by air have a confirmed onward flight that leaves on the day you arrive or before midnight on the day after you arrive have the right documents for your destination (eg a visa for that country) One of the following must also apply: you’re travelling to (or on part of a reasonable journey to) Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA and have a valid visa for that country
  13. I'd advice to file EAD/AP for kids as well, along with I-485 - a K2 is different and can get SS# only with EAD or an actual green card. It can take up/over a year to receive a green card. Good luck!
  14. Congratulations!!!!! And good luck with your next steps!
  15. OP's Fiancee got her K-1 in November. Not sure when she arrived , but looks like very soon 90 days should be over and she will start acquiring an unlawful presence if she doesn't go back. I wish she signed up for VJ and could go through all OP's posts and threads - "I-864 Hope often is it enforced", "Prenup before arrival" and etc - every next thread/post is more 'promising" than previous one... And Op.. Dude, why is it still Columbia?... Everybody knows she is from Ukraine. Can't get rid of an impression she has no idea what exactly is going on and got some kind of blindsided.