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  1. Tell me Although I miss my country a lot, but I kinda like we don't have many 'of "us" in the area I live My that friend - she does, so here is the result
  2. To read N-400 Instruction is so much cheaper!
  3. Well, my friend (from Ukraine as well) and her daughter arrived on K-1/K-2 visas in 2012. Both - US citizens since 2016 or 2017. So, they went through entire process and you'd think they should've known how it works... Wrong! I entered the US on my K-1 in 2014. We thought the friend would be so much help to us, but every time we asked something - an answer was incorrect or some kind of nonsense. My friend's husband did all paperwork for all of them, so he - does know, but ladies - still no clue, even after going through entire process and getting nationalized. Probably, that's the case with your wife's friends.
  4. I'd try to get the tieter test, as Loren Y mentioned IT used to be just one approved facility. Now there are two in Kiev, to get your medical exam done. One is Medikom clinic. And I'm almost positive they can do the tieter test. I think I've even read someone got it done recently, for K-1 interview. Just call them to figure that out. https://ua.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/151/Med-Exam-ENG-01-03-20.pdf
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that.... It IS sad that it is impossible now to schedule an appointment online and, like it used to be, and one is at the 'mercy' of these Customer Service representatives... who obviously know nothing about the process and not helpful at all... Well, I'd probably try again, in hope to reach more knowledgeable person.but if no luck and you really need the proof of your residency - I'd ask a congressperson for assistance.
  6. USCIS offices should be open since June, 4. Make an Infopass appointment and get your passport stamped with I-551. The stamp will serve as a green card. Usually given for 1 year, but it's up to IO and can be any duration - 3,6 or whatever months. Good luck!
  7. I knew you would figure that out No, not really. There are some from Ukraine around here, but from Kyiv - just us, my son and I . Hope you'll get the answer soon enough - it might take some time ... I needed something from Ukraine Embassy, so I emailed. And it took them quit awhile to answer. The first email was not helpful at all, - was something about quarantine and blah-blah.. But couple weeks after (I've already taken care of the issues and forgotten I've actually emailed them, lol) i received another one - very detailed and could've been really helpful If I still needed their assistance.
  8. Some "visa required" countries prefer to see an actual "plastic' green card and don't want to deal a 'combo' of expired green card+Ext.Letter. I'd, probably, email to an Embassy of the country you are planning to visit. To get the Info from "first hands". Or make a phone call. Good luck!
  9. Good to know - thanks!!! I filed my N-400 online and can definitely see all advantages of online filing - way better and easier than paper filing.
  10. What are you talking about?... There are 2 ways to travel during ROC: 1. Expired green card + Extension Letter 2. I-551 stamp in the passport (sometimes in one's I-94) once Extension Letter gets expired. I mentioned I-551 stamp in the comment you've quoted - my Extension Letter got expired, so the stamp was needed to travel.
  11. You are very welcome! just don't forget to get Apostille on your Marriage Certificate - pretty sure you'll need it once in Ukraine.
  12. Seems like no, there is no "basis" to change your wife's last name in Ukraine through marriage. Answering your question - yes, you still can get Ukrainian residency through marriage in Ukraine. It's not required for a woman to take her husband's last name. Usually, yes, that's what Ukrainian women do, but it's BY CHOICE. There is no Law and it's all up to a woman - to change her last name or not. Well, I've seen few couples there a man took his wife's last name So, no worries - you won't be denied the residency because your wife didn't change her last name.
  13. Really sorry your wife had to deal with someone like that....Sushi an ignorance and disrespect That "lady" probably doesn't know green card has nothing to do with name change. It only serves as a proof of the residency. Lady also, seems like, is not familiar vith the Law. Although she should be. Anyway, One is allowed by Ukrainian Law to have TWO passports at the same time if ithey issued under the same name. So really shouldn't be a problem at all for the Embassy to process ANOTHER, second passport for your wife, under sane name as her old /current one is. So if you decide to renew the passport through the Embassy, bring wife's old passport, request an application to keep current one (easy form, fills out within seconds while Embassy representative is checking on your paperwork), green card and it's copy, Marriage certificate and it's copy, driver license and it's copy. Also Money order - payment for Embassy service s .They do not take cards or cash - only Money order. The passport will be issued under maiden name. Fingers crossed you will get a nice and knowledgeable person once you are there!. About changing the last name. Yes, to have it changed she would have to change her last name on her interior passport first. A "basis" required to make such change . Take a look at your Marriage Certificate. There may be (not every State does it) the statement that after marriage last name was changed from XXXXX to. ZZZZZZ. Something like that. If there's no statement - no basis. Nobody will change her last name in her interior passport then. So no change in that one - no change in Travel document/International passport. Also, it can take weeks to process interior passport.... If there is a statement and your wife wants to change her last name , then plan a long stay in Ukraine.... Also you would need an Apostille on your Marriage Certificate. Can be done at Secretary of State. And then - translated and notorized. Better in Ukraine. Again - so sorry for horrible experience with the Embassy. I see people got replaced and there is a new "crew" there now... From my understanding quarantine will be extended. Most likely. They are planning up till mid of May. For now. But who knows..... Hope everything will work out for you and your wife!!!
  14. Sorry for the woman - really feel for her. But t's always been that way , apply in person and pix up in person. And Embassy website clearly states that. And her husband should have known that.
  15. We also got $500.0 per my step -daughter since we claimed her in 2019 (we alternate years with her mom). I thought money for a child would be sent to a custodial parent, but looks like IRS goes "by Return" - you claimed, you got it.
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