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  1. Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish, KLM/Delta/Air France - they are all well informed about all forms of I-551.
  2. yes, I did - not a problem, at all. They (seems like) are well aware what the stamp stands for, as well as a "combo" of expired green card +ext.Letter. No worries - you will be just fine If you decide to go home - have a safe trip and enjoy your time
  3. It doesn't matter - stamp or a 'combo". A Green card, I-551stamp, a "combo" of an Ext Letter+an expired green card - they all represent Form I-551. And an expiration of one of those doesn't mean your status got expired - in the system you still are seen as a LPR, regardless what Form of I-551 you present at the border. So, no worries - you will be fine. Besides, I wouldn't take any risk by mailing your new green card abroad. No way. Enjoy your trip and safe travel!
  4. You are fine with a combo of Ext Letter+expired green card, don't stress yourself out My 10 years green card was approved while I was abroad. I came back with I-551 stamp in my passport with NO issue, at all (ext Letter was already expired, so had to get the stamp before leaving)
  5. There are no troubles, really Use US passport to leave and enter the US. Outside of the US - your choice, whatever benefits you the most. Congrats on your citizenship !! - your immigration journey is almost over:)
  6. Not sure why would you want to send your Ukrainian passport anywhere... If you mean a renounce of your Ukr. citizenship by that, then it's not how it works. It's long and exhausting process in Ukraine and turning in your passport doesn't make the process complete. I know just one person. ONE, who went through the entire process and he says if he knew how bad it would be, he wouldn't even tried. USA doesn't care, as long as you leave and enter the country as US citizen. As of now Ukraine doesn't recognize a dual citizenship, but there is no "punishment" for having more than one either. Now, Parliament is working on recognizing multiple citizenship since apparently a half of the country (at least) possesses more than one anyway. I keep mine. And use it when enter/exit Ukraine . Was actually quite beneficial during Covid lockdown when "foreigners" weren't allowed in.
  7. If your step-son acquired conditional resident status on the same day as your wife OR within 90 days thereafter - then yes. In this case his name and A-number should be included in Part 5. of Form I-751. Will be one application for both, and one payment. Not sure about bio fee for 7 year old though... Mine was older so had to include both bio fees anyway.
  8. Oh, I didn't know he can just do a walk-in for his bio - great info, thank you!!! To expedite - they will probably ask for a proof of a pending deployment... Who should he contact for that? - sorry another "dumb' question, but I'm just being a mom It took forever to get back his certified N-426, so I'm afraid even to guess how the process of requesting the "proof" is gonna look like...
  9. It did ask - if he has a deployment within next THREE months....That's why he couldn't put "yes" since his is scheduled for the end of Sept - beg of Oct... According to the link you've provided it does look like he would have to contact Military help line 3-*4 months prior pending deployment... thank you for your help - really appreciate it!
  10. Yes. It would be Japan.... Well, everything can be changed, of course, but as of now - yes, Japan.
  11. Hey, guys. Sorry if it's been answered before, but I'm having troubles to navigate the answer I'm looking for... My son's N-426 got certified so he could finally submit his N-400, online. It says estimated time is 10 months - should be over by Jan.2022. The thing is he is going to be deployed in Sept-Oct, and apparently will still be overseas in Jan. 2022.. I've read somewhere that very often military guys get N-400 denied due to failure to show up for appointment ...because od deployment, duties...etc. So, what should we do and when should we start doing something to avoid the "complications"? Thank you!
  12. Is your last name the same on both, US and UA passports?... If so - then use US passport to leave and enter the US, and use Ukrainian passport to enter and leave Ukraine. That's what I do. But again - my name is the same on both documents.
  13. Common My husband is Army veteran, son - is in NAVY. I guess I'll always be in the "middle", somehow
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