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  1. Congrats on your I-751 approval Well, there is no "punishment" if you have nothing left to surrender either... You would be good anyway. But yes, I collected my stuff as well - including 2 EAD cards
  2. Just keep it. Not sure where you are this point - if I-751 was approved already or not. If not and your I-751 is taking awhile, you may need your conditional green card to get I-551 stamp ( if an Ext. Letter gets passed 18 months) If case is already approved and you have 10 years green card in hands - you will be asked before Naturalization Ceremony to surrender anything, issued by USCIS
  3. No worries . You'll be fine with the stamp, leaving Ukraine - they (surprisingly) are well aware of what the stamp stands for. No problem coming back either. The only thing , as mentioned above, you'd have to go through secondary upon arrival to the US, so if you have another flight within the country, plan your layover time accordingly. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time in Ukraine !
  4. Same here - I leave and enter the US, using my US passport. Outside of the US - whatever benefits me the most. I see this all the time, before landing or during layover - people with few passport books in hands...trying to figure out which one to use next But of course, it works the best only if you have the same name in all passports.
  5. Sorry to hear about your wife's surgery... But I'm not sure what "big" airports didn't let Ukrainians to transit... Transited through Amsterdam in July -Aug of 2020 , via Istanbul In September of 2021 and just came back from Kiev (again) a month ago.. My sister lives in GB and has been fllying back and forward since November of 2020. Got surgery done in Ukraine as well in Dec of 2020 - in GB it would be a long wait ... Boryspil Int Airport has been open for a year, at least.
  6. You have your Extension Letter, don't you? When I needed eTA during my ROC process, I just entered an Extension Letter "expiration" date. There was none on the Letter, of course, so I added a year to my 2 years GC expiration date. For example: 09/15/2017-- date of expiration of GC 09/14/2018 - the date on the sTA application Worked just fine and didn't have any issues, traveling to/through/in Canada. Good luck!
  7. Hello everyone. My son just got his citizenship (applied based on Military service) and I wanted to share his experience. His timeline: 1. June 2014 - entered the US as a K-2 (was 19 years old ) 2. Sept. 2015 - got his conditional GC 3. Sept. 2018 - got his 10-years GC 4. April 2020 - went to bootcamp (NAVY) 5. June 2020 - eligible to apply for N-400. Now, knowing, he would be "balancing" between so many different locations (bootcamp in Chicago, then A-school in Pensacola , then C-school in California) he decided to wait with his N-400 submission and applied once he was at his permanent base/station. It took NAVY almost 30 days to provide him with the certified N-426. But long story short - he submitted his on-line N-400 in March, 2021. There was a question in the application if he had an upcoming deployment. But since his deployment WAS NOT within the next 3 months, the answer was "No". Once he reached that "3 months until deployment" window (the end of May or so), he contacted the USCIS Military help line by email, WITH the statement of upcoming deployment attached. He also sent a message via account, but there was no answer ever since... No surprise though In a week or so he received an email from the USCIS Military help line that they sent a request to expedite his N-400 due to his deployment. A week after the status of his N-400 changed to "Interview scheduled". He had his Interview last Friday, July 16. And they did the Ceremony right after that. It took him about 3 months to get his Citizenship. It was Seattle USCIS Office. Military help line: https://www.uscis.gov/military/military-help-line P.S. From son's observation it seems like a lot of non-US cit. Service members are not aware of the process and/OR what can be done to expedite. And sadly - not always a qualified help possible at your Unit as well. So I've thought I'd share his experience so it may be helpful to someone Good luck to everyone who is still in this incredible journey!
  8. Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish, KLM/Delta/Air France - they are all well informed about all forms of I-551.
  9. yes, I did - not a problem, at all. They (seems like) are well aware what the stamp stands for, as well as a "combo" of expired green card +ext.Letter. No worries - you will be just fine If you decide to go home - have a safe trip and enjoy your time
  10. It doesn't matter - stamp or a 'combo". A Green card, I-551stamp, a "combo" of an Ext Letter+an expired green card - they all represent Form I-551. And an expiration of one of those doesn't mean your status got expired - in the system you still are seen as a LPR, regardless what Form of I-551 you present at the border. So, no worries - you will be fine. Besides, I wouldn't take any risk by mailing your new green card abroad. No way. Enjoy your trip and safe travel!
  11. You are fine with a combo of Ext Letter+expired green card, don't stress yourself out My 10 years green card was approved while I was abroad. I came back with I-551 stamp in my passport with NO issue, at all (ext Letter was already expired, so had to get the stamp before leaving)
  12. There are no troubles, really Use US passport to leave and enter the US. Outside of the US - your choice, whatever benefits you the most. Congrats on your citizenship !! - your immigration journey is almost over:)
  13. Not sure why would you want to send your Ukrainian passport anywhere... If you mean a renounce of your Ukr. citizenship by that, then it's not how it works. It's long and exhausting process in Ukraine and turning in your passport doesn't make the process complete. I know just one person. ONE, who went through the entire process and he says if he knew how bad it would be, he wouldn't even tried. USA doesn't care, as long as you leave and enter the country as US citizen. As of now Ukraine doesn't recognize a dual citizenship, but there is no "punishment" for having more than one either. Now, Parliament is working on recognizing multiple citizenship since apparently a half of the country (at least) possesses more than one anyway. I keep mine. And use it when enter/exit Ukraine . Was actually quite beneficial during Covid lockdown when "foreigners" weren't allowed in.
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