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  1. Now that part is over with, the long and dreadful wait is after you arrive and get married in the US. It will be another stressful long wait while adjusting your status, but at least, you will be in the USA...Get ready for "welcome to America"
  2. I think you are into the category 11-24 months range. More likely you will have interview scheduled soon. I don't really buy that 24 months wait in Los Angeles, that is just an estimate at its worst. Los Angeles county offices are pretty productive, they also book interviews on Saturdays which was the case with us.
  3. We are in the San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth USCIS office. We filed on May 30 2017. Our case took all together around 11 months, June 9th 2018 went to the interview. Our case "was ready to be scheduled for interview" from November 2017. So I have to say it took around 7 month to get the interview. Los Angeles can take between 11 to 25 months from the date you filed to the interview.
  4. I did not say you have to have them, but it helps. If you don't then no need to worry.
  5. First of all, you have met within the last two years? If yes, then good. -You need Photos of both of you during your visit. If photos with family or friends is good too. We sent almost 20 photos. - Your flight tickets, itineraries, boarding passes, visa stamp on your passport. - If you bought a ring, a receipt is good with photos of your fiance wearing it. - Post cards, Valentine cards, Xmas cards, mail, receipt of gifts if you sent any. - Chats might and might not be helpful, we sent few pages each from Skype, Viber, Facebook. We choose different dates from first conversation to last one. Some people might say you don't need them. Its up to you.
  6. Sometimes it takes two or three weeks for them to process the check. In our case it took them 2 weeks. As long as you have received NOA1 you are good.
  7. I don't report him because I did not say he is a troll and I don't know if he violated any terms of service. Read what I said. If you are in a level to to make such a decision and you have read the thread, then why dont you do something about it?
  8. We really don't know if he is a troll or not. We have answered his question in a way to open his eyes. It is all up to him if he want to be active in this thread. If he is a troll and he is lying and doing many posts and if that is his user name that is involved with the rest of the posts...then a Administrator should get involved with this thread, either delete it or ban him from VJ if he violated the terms of service.
  9. Can you please allow me to ask this first? I know its tough there and earning is not that easy. Can you get a second job where you can at least afford to rent a room somewhere and use it as your home and your address, that would be great. Now, have you met someone or planning on meeting someone? Have you traveled to meet that person as of yet? If not, have you thought about the expenses involved with K1 visa? Travel tickets, hotel stays, if all goes well and lets you file for K1 visa, have you thought about the visa fee, the medical exam, the ticket and travel expenses for your future fiance, wedding expenses etc...Is your fiance going to help with paying for the expenses and all that. I hope you don't get disappointed with what am saying, but I am realistic. But if you already have plan and the Address is what the problem is, then Kudos to you and best of luck.
  10. I am assuming when you filed your I-751 went to Vermont and was received around December. So your case stayed for 4 months were it was filed. Now, your case was sent to your local USCIS office or field office in which was received on April 2018. This might be the same office you took your bio-metrics. This means your case is moving forward.
  11. I see, I don't have any idea about the postal system in La Paz. But, I have a good news for you. When the visa is approved, they will send your fiance email asking her to pick it at DHL office. She has to register with DHL online and when she does go to her interview, the first thing they will ask her "have your registered with DHL?" I believe all the information will be sent to her in packet 4 I have this link for you where I did get this info...go through what others said about their inteviews http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Bolivia&page=2&dfilter=5&topic=
  12. Anything coming out of Morocco is a challenge now and I have noticed many get a 221a and mostly for background check and so forth. But As the above poster said, it might be good that it was transferred because of work load. Also, you can contact your representative so they can help you with follow up.
  13. Yes, there are possibilities of the embassy wanting to contact her or send her inquired by mail. I am not sure in Bolivia if the Passport mailed to your fiance after the visa is stamped or picked up in person. Also, the Embassy might want to do background check on her and find out if she is really living in that city or that address, if they want to...Anything and everything is possible
  14. Here is a link to the Embassy in Bolivia with information at the bottom... After your receive a case number from NVC they will transfer it to Bolivia. Your fiance can Pay the fees and complete DS-260 online. There is no packet 3, only packet 4 that will be emailed to you in PDF format. It has all the information and what she is required to do and submit. All document must be submitted 10 days prior to the interview. None Immigrant Visa must book interview by calling the call center. http://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Bolivia&cty=La Paz
  15. i am not sure if they will send you RFE or not, but,I suggest you make info pass with your USCIS local office and bring it to their attention. Take the Birth Certificate with you and any other document showing the correct date of birth.