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    Interview date 28 October 2016 Our Case in administrative processing then changed to ready for interview then again changed to administrative processing then changed to ready for interview after that it's says refused my case is reach to uscis for their review from us embassy islamabad if anyone know how to expedite the uscis review time I will appreciate your help so many people make me scared they said it may take one year for uscis review if anything you know that help me out from this crazy process I will be very thankful send me here inbox if you know that you can help me we got NOIR after rebuttal and we hire the attorney to fix those allegations and we will start the process all over again thanks alot

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  1. Hello my wife is now here I told her to come and join only my post so you guys can help us so we can be together this is my wife profile thanks @NatiRia1
  2. She already send itin form along with my passports copies attested from Pakistani embassy in Qatar and her previous taxes returns and its been 6 weeks and we haven't heard from them whenever she call no one answer her can you tell us how we will find out about itin form if its approved or not? and we didn't hire the attorney she need to visit me and she already visit me because we talk with one attorney and he told my wife she need to visit me because we didn't see each other so many years so she came and visit me and now we are hiring the attorney but she dont have money for consultations right now she will do it this month hopefully
  3. I convince my wife to join again this website she will be here I hope people are nice to her I make sure no one rude to her we are already going through hell we only know how hard to be apart from your loves one its easy for people to pointing on someone life but they don't know how they feel inside I hope in Qatar U.S embassy there consular officer are professional and they are not racists like in Pakistan U.S embassy they are unprofessional and very rude and they are stereotypes people working in Pakistan U.S embassy they put false allegations about us my wife already applied for itin number she took my passports copies with attested from pakistan embassy and she already filed form and send and its been more then 6 weeks and we still haven't heard anything from them how to track itin number please tell me thanks
  4. My wife dont want to use this website because some people was very rude to her and she having anxiety disorder and I can't force her to use it if she don't want so we will start the process again wish us best luck this time
  5. I'm good brother how r u? I already attach my revocation letter check on my previous post
  6. Actually it's been 8 years now not 5 years Its not easy for her to leave her business and I am not even in my own country due to poverty in my country and i move to Qatar and she visited me two times in 2019 and now she came in 2022 few months ago I need to know about itin can you tell me about this please?
  7. Hi how are you all I need one information my wife apply for itin number for me but they didn't send her any mail its more then 6 weeks and they didn't answer the phone your all help will be highly appreciated thanks
  8. Hi we got NOIR but uscis status said case was approved and they lie about my case like I married twice which is not true I only married once with my wife I was single before I am uploading the pictures
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