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    Interview date 28 October 2016 Our Case in administrative processing then changed to ready for interview then again changed to administrative processing then changed to ready for interview after that it's says refused my case is reach to uscis for their review from us embassy islamabad if anyone know how to expedite the uscis review time I will appreciate your help so many people make me scared they said it may take one year for uscis review if anything you know that help me out from this crazy process I will be very thankful send me here inbox if you know that you can help me thanks alot

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  1. Hi my wife get the pakistani visa for 5 years with multiple entries she is coming to see me in April 😎😊😊😊😊
  2. Thank you sister did they give you receipt because they give receipt of money order of spouse visa to my wife
  3. It's still the same.they don't have any link to track the visa application.they only give tracking number to my wife for passport tracking and it's usps tracking number.how many weeks it's takes for you to get the visa for the first time.when you apply for the pakistani visa?
  4. Hi sister You apply for the pakistani visa before and can you tell me how to track the visa application.they only give passport tracking number to my wife.can you send me the link so we can track the visa application she apply for the visa in pakistani embassy in DC
  5. Hi today my wife apply for the visa she went to pakistani embassy in DC.And they took all papers and her passport let's see
  6. I have one question.when my wife call the uscis she don't have option to talk with any customer service or any 2nd tier officer.is that happen to everyone or its just happen to us and their system only said that we have to check online status thats all they say we check the status and its still same
  7. I know but everything is ready and she is going to apply for the visa on Monday basically she is getting the money for the visa on Saturday because her cheque is going to be clear on saturday she is going to apply for the visa on Monday and right now we are discuss about the visa she already fill out all the forms for visa and lets see by the way she already make reservation
  8. She is going to apply for the visa on Saturday
  9. In how many months we will hear from uscis again? How long it's takes for them to give us yes or no?
  10. So we don't have to respond to that letter because we already did on 3 janurary right?
  11. It's the same letter that we got before its only saying that they made a mistake that they put approved status on uscis website
  12. But we already respond to that letter on 3 janurary
  13. We got the notice intent to revoke it's the same notice we recieve on 6 December and they send us this notice again because they mistakenly update it approval status on uscis on the same day we already respond to that notice so what we should do?
  14. We are waiting for the form so when we get it we will let you know