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    Interview date 28 October 2016 Our Case in administrative processing then changed to ready for interview then again changed to administrative processing then changed to ready for interview after that it's says refused my case is reach to uscis for their review from us embassy islamabad if anyone know how to expedite the uscis review time I will appreciate your help so many people make me scared they said it may take one year for uscis review if anything you know that help me out from this crazy process I will be very thankful send me here inbox if you know that you can help me we got NOIR after rebuttal and we hire the attorney to fix those allegations and we will start the process all over again thanks alot

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  1. We are doing the process all over again we have to fix those allegations before applying so they don't deny our case again we are finding where we made mistakes and the attorney said it's going to take 4 to 6 months so now it's been 7 months and my wife call the attorney and the attorney said she is only waiting for the last check which is CBP that's really confusing why they are waiting for that and wasting our time if she know that I never been to States before this is only month we are waiting for their response and after that we will hire the another attorney who got knowledge in complex cases and I just want to be with my wife and I will update everyone when I hear something from attorney
  2. Last year I move to qatar and my mom also meet her in qatar and my brothers and she is coming again when this pandemic over
  3. My wife forward me the emails and she said attorney will call the uscis soon we will findout if the attorney is going to take our case or not and she will also tell us which is the best way for our case I was just wondering if I didn't visited usa then why CBP check on me I think CBP check is usually for those people who came on visit and then after that when they apply for other different kind of visa and they check if someone don't overstay in the United States I am just confused about it
  4. She is Us Citizen by Birth and she is originally from United States and her family also from United States
  5. No I was never been to states ever we stuck in this process
  6. The attorney said they will get all the old forums which old attorney filling in uscis for us and they will check all the information before they take our case they will review our case and now only one last check they are waiting for and it's CBP check I want to know about it can anyone know about this check ?
  7. Hi everyone we hire the attorney and they get all the information about my case from uscis but only one last information they are waiting for is called CBP check Is called customs border protection what is this for I want to know about this and it's been more then 7 months we are waiting for the attorney answer whether they take the case or not this is going to be forever to be with my wife it's very hard but what we can do so helpless right now thanks
  8. Paying taxes returns as married it's cost more or less or its charges extra money?
  9. We didn't know about this thank you so much for the information I forward this to my wife and she said she will do it
  10. She did and they need my original passport do they ask you for your husband original passport?
  11. But they want my original passport and I need my passport with me because I am oversea now I move from my country and I can't send them my original passport to usa if it's lost then how can I travel to my country
  12. When my wife apply as married in taxes returns they ask for my original passport and I am now overseas I can't send my passport to her because I have to travel so that's why and they didn't ask us that why she is filing as single in taxes return and we hire the law firm and attorney is now getting our evidence which we send to uscis after getting intent to revoke our attorney right now waiting for evidence and she also getting the form which first attorney fill for us she will review everything after that then she will decide what is the best step for our case
  13. Hi my wife talk with attorney today and the attorney said she need the evidence which we send with rebuttal she is going to get from uscis and she said it’s going to take 3 months to 6 months to get the evidence from uscis and when she get the evidence then she will review our evidence and if evidence are enough then she will take our case if not she won’t take our case and her total fee is 5 thousands dollars what should we do?
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