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  1. You can try to claim USCIS error and request a replacement card but I am not sure if it would work as they already claimed you are ineligible. Honestly I would consult an immigration lawyer in this specific instance since it's "abnormal" circumstances.
  2. Try your hardest not to reschedule. It might take forever and it is very difficult to prove your case justifies a rescheduling...
  3. In order to study abroad while maintaining your green card you would most likely need a re-entry permit or an SB-1 returning resident visa.
  4. They might ask for a new medical, and issue an RFE for it. It isn't a big deal though, you just have the medical and send it to them after the interview. Also FYI, you waited ONLY 7-8 months for AOS interview, it isn't a very long time, people have been waiting 1-2 years for theirs so you're lucky.
  5. Well you won't be misrepresenting if you disclose your previous work in the US. However if you don't and they find out, you will most definitely be denied and any future applications will be as well. Always tell the truth, especially in this case - unauthorized employment is forgiven for USC spouses.
  6. It's hard, the USCIS civil surgeons will try to rip you off as much as they can. My advice is to try to find one that only gives the physical and allows you to show proof of vaccinations. That should "only" cost about $150 instead of the $300+ that others want. I have called over 15 offices and none had the option of simply transcribing the existing records, at the very least they said they have to do a physical (which is a stupid 3 minute exam which is meaningless and they charge $150 for...).
  7. Case status changed to approved & Card in production at 3am last night! (same night of interview, very quick!). Thanks! (:
  8. For the USC a passport is enough to establish residency. I know this because my wife is the USC and she brought only her passport and the CO said it was totally acceptable and fine.
  9. I finally had my AOS interview today with my wife in San Francisco, CA. I am adjusting from K-1 and filed for AOS on end of May 2017. Officer saw us within 10min of waiting only and was smiling and pleasant. We basically showed all the documents we brought, tons of evidence, pictures, statements etc.. The officer took notes of everything and said that he'll need to check/verify all the documents and should render a decision by the end of the week. But I basically got a "vibe" from him that we're approved but he couldn't really say it... (because of rules I guess). Is it standard to not get approved on the spot? In the paper we got from him there were 3 options and none of them was "you are approved". It was only "need further verifying" (which he marked) and 2 other that are irrelevant.
  10. Every time you come back to the US with AP they will take you to secondary inspection. It is simply the procedure. First time I was taken there I waited 15min and then I was let go without even speaking to me. Second time they talked to me for about 5 minutes asking me how I got my EAD/AP and where is my wife (she came on a different flight). No problems in both cases.
  11. That's what I was planning on doing.. Hoping it wouldn't come off as too condescending as "I know about your policies better than you" kind of way... If they ask for a new medical then, well, there goes $180 I guess.
  12. Hey Nich-Nick!


    I was wondering if you could possibly answer a question I had after reading your post here: 

     I have the DS-3025 completed overseas with blanket waiver and all the necessary vaccines/checks etc like you listed...

    BUT, the medical was performed February 2017, and I filed for AOS on June 2017, and my AOS interview is August 2018. Does this change anything? I mean, my medical was more than a year ago and also more than a year (barely) after filing for AOS... Is it expired by now?


    Thanks a lot!

  13. This isn't reflected in their official documents though, which is the weird part. My interview is in 3 weeks and I'm preparing for it. This is my only concern. Other than the medical our case is probably the most air-tight ever witnessed by USCIS... I guess I'll just hope the officer is nice enough to not require a new medical. Ty!
  14. Yes. It was completed Feb 2017, filed for AOS on May 2017 (so obviously within USCIS limits for filing with medical..)