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  1. They WILL send you the DS5535. They want history. I met my hubby on Tagged.com back in 2009. This was the day and age of ds5535 but they still wanted history. Mostly to see how many others he was chatting with. Did you meet online? They need full disclosure of this, and THEY will follow up. Good luck!
  2. Trust me, he does. He just keeps enlisting family members to "go out to eat"
  3. ok, whoa, you're leaving a lot of steps out of your message. Is your wife in the US? Or where? Oathing? fingerprint? Didn't they do that the first time interview? Perhaps it's me but I'm pretty lost on your post. Also, American Express? The credit card company?
  4. I don't know about the coupons but I do have an 80 year old dad who apparently stock piles them!
  5. being Syrian is not the reason. Trust me on that one. It feels like you're being targeted, but it's technically everyone. Sorry for having to wait.
  6. read. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/admission-forms/form-i-824-application-action-approved-application-or-petition there you go.
  7. Have you looked at the guidelines here on this site? Trust me, they are good, they are wise. Immigration is not cheap, hence why there is a poverty guideline.
  8. growing up military style, I lived 14 of my first 17 years out of the states. I had a huge culture shock. More so of the darn fast food chains every where. You get used to it again. AND it will provide sympathy where your other half comes here.
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