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  1. My (ex) husband had the same issue in the Orlando office. He originally had his interview for his ROC but they held off making a decision until after we had a consult with a well known lawyer in Orlando who recommended applying for the citizenship. It pushed them to make a decision on the ROC but it made the office push to have a second interview that included me. It was a literal nightmare! Finally they approved his citizenship but it was literally 5 years that he had been here in the US. The strain that it put upon us both pretty much sealed the doom of our marriage...Hold strong to each other and keep on keeping on!!! Good luck!!!
  2. Girl run. You are describing a strong willed Arabic man. If you can't appease him from another country then you definitely won't be able to handle him with you there. Hiding a relationship is the MAIN problem! If you can't talk to your family, then why do it?
  3. If you sponsored them even with a cosponsor put his name down. It'll help you in the long run whether or not they are here or not. Good luck.
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