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  1. Hi guys! I have good news.. my case was approved today 🎉🎉 NOA1 : April 25th NOA2 : January 4th Nebraska office.. The estimated time on VJ was from Jan.9th to Jan.12th Good luck for all
  2. What's wrong with Nebraska office ?!!! I haven't seen any early April approvals for 2 weeks now! My NOA1 is April 20 Today we complete 240 days waiting to hear anything from the USCIS and the estimated time on VJ keeps jumping everyday!! Why is it the slowest office ?!
  3. You're welcome.. Actually all I remember that they were 2 injections. He doesn't have to get his previous vaccinations. The cost of everything is about 1800 EGP. Once he goes there and ask about the US embassy medical exam they will tell him where to go and what to do. He has to take passport pictures of him with him I think 3 or 5 , a photo copy of his passport and your passport and his interview letter.
  4. There are only 2 hospitals in Cairo that he can go for the medical exam. Nothing to worry about , it's very simple. They will ask him if he had any surgeries before and if he takes any medication. Then he will take the shots "they already know them".. they will ask him to buy them from the pharmacy. Then he will make a chest X-Ray. They will give him a card of a lab for the blood test. After 10 days he will go again to get the medical report. He has to take the envelope with him to the interview. Good luck inshAllah..
  5. Nody

    Case sent back to USCIS

    They're married not engaged and their CR1 visa was denied at the consulate stage!
  6. Nody

    Case sent back to USCIS

    I'm sorry to hear that! It happend to me, but K-1 visa.. my interview was in June 2017 in Cairo, I was on AP for 2 months then they sent my case back to the USCIS , they told us 180 days too but after 4 months my fiance "husband now" got a letter that our petition was expired and we can either refile for the I-129 or get married and file the I-130. But I had red flags in my interview. They never told us the reason of the denial but we thought about the red flags in my interview.. Did he have any red flags in his interview ? Hope to hear from the USCIS soon inshAllah..
  7. Congratulations! Alhamdulillah Good luck in your life together inshAllah..
  8. Will this affect current applications? Or only those filed after September ?
  9. Hi guys! I'm an April filer as well! NOA1 April 20 2018 Nebraska service center. Best of luck for all!
  10. It's hard for him to move to Cairo. He visited me 8 times since December 2016. Alhamdulillah that we could spend that time together, but still so hard to be away from your beloved one!
  11. I understand how you feel.. I had a bad experience too! I applied for k1 visa in Jan. 2017, the consul sent my case back to the USCIS in Aug. 2017. We waited for them to review it. 3 months later they sent my husband a letter that the case was expired and we can either file again or get legally married .. we got married and we just applied for the CR1 ..
  12. SubhanAllah!! 22 months on AP ?! What happened in your interview ?
  13. My husband and me don't live together, he visited me 7 times in Egypt and we have a lot of pictures together and with our families in our wedding ceremony. Beside our calls, hotel bills of our vacations in Egypt, whats app chats, western union receipts, our marriage document notarized from the foreign affairs and the embassy and many other evidence. We were thinking about the third party sworn affidavits, but I don't know where to notarize it in Egypt to send it to him. What else we can do for more evidence ?
  14. Good day everyone! Do I have to notarize the third party sworn affidavit in the U.S Embassy ? One more question, as long my husband and me don't live together and the third party affidavit would hurt more than being a useful evidence. What should we do ? He visited me in Cairo 7 times in the past 15 months!