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    I am the USC and currently doing research for my S.O. and I. If anything we are about a year out to file, and just making sure everything is in order when the time is right.We formally met in Aug 2015, I knew of him since May 2015. He is staying at the hotel I worked at and our paths crossed a few times. While delivering something to his room I noticed a StarCraft mouse, and remembered it. I finally had the courage to ask him about it a few months later. We became friends and he informed me about his past, and I still decided I wanted to try to have a relationship with him. We have been spending every weekend with each other and some weekday nights. He entered the USA on a J-1 Visa, and will be leaving to go back to his country in Nov 2016 to take care of legal issues.We want to spend the rest of our lives with each other, but as of right now, the timing is not there.

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  1. Its based off of the day you activate your green card aka when you enter the USA, not when interviewed or visa issued. There's been cases of peole having interview before 2 years and entering after 2 years and getting the 10 year greencard.
  2. I was able to claim for an exemption on the 2017 taxes for him since he also had a SSN from his J1 visa a few years ago. I tried all of the online tools like HR Block and Turbo Tax to do all of this, I found out that HRBlock was the EASIEST to use for what I needed it to do. (He was here on a business trip and had medical insurance for those 5.5 months here, turbo tax was refusing to let me select the right options. I'm trying to look at the HRBlock website right now to see how I did it. I selected Married but filing separately, "You can claim an exemption for your spouse only if your spouse had no gross income, isn't filing a US tax return, and wasn't the dependent of another person." When I did research on this exemption, and how I understood it, the gross income had to be from a US Source, his per diems are a non taxed item he gets for being able to buy food and gas etc on his trip. " https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/3537208-spouse-is-non-resident-alien I choosed option number 3 Also waiting till 2019 taxes to maybe hire someone to do our taxes for that year, and do the addmen the 2017 and 2018 taxes, or maybe see if we get any more back. Sadly the above option made it so I couldn't get the interest deduction on the student loans. I will send you the link incase they remove the URL from this post. I know there is something in the tax guide about it, but I'm not 100% sure where it is.
  3. His education is based off of engineering, he is also works with one of the largest airplane makers in the USA (aerospace engeer), which my dad used to work for up till the day he died. With all his past B1/B2, B1, and J1 visas they all went into AP for less than a month (also happens to his other coworkers) and it was issued a bit afterwards, this AP was expected by me, he thought it was weird they requested his cv/resume. He also has 2 citizenships Ukrainian and Russian, but we preffer Russian, since he also works in Russia, and both passports had this month AP done to them after the visa interviews.
  4. Update, I'm a few weeks behind...... Holidays! Still in AP since Nov 26th Interviewed on Nov 29th, was told everything is good, asked for CV / resume, kept passport Email submitted Nov 29th They sent us an email for a physical copy of CV on Nov 30th. Submitted Dec 3rd They received CV on Dec 4th. Dec 7th, 14th,18th, 19th, 20th case was touched. Dec 20th Passport sent back to the Pony Express . Dec 21st ready for Pick up. Dec 23rd pick up passport with no visa. Was given the following document with passport. Husband was freaking out thinking that we failed our interview.... I think he misread the 1st and last 2 sentences....... The Russian embassy is currently closed since Christmas or so till January 9th..... So that is like 2 weeks of holidays. I had to call him to calm him down, he was drunk and extremely depressed. He was hoping there would have been a visa so that he could surprise me for New Years. For Tax reasons we were going to wait till after the New Year so I could claim him on 2018 and addmend 2017 taxes.
  5. Husbands case was updated / touched today... anyone know how often the site gets updated? Once a day or what? An hour ago it wasn't updated to the 18th.
  6. Still in AP since Nov 26th Interviewed on Nov 29th, was told everything is good, asked for CV / resume, kept passport Email submitted Nov 29th They sent us an email for a physical copy on Nov 30th. Submitted Dec 3rd They received Dec 4th. Dec 7th case was touched Dec 14th case was touched. With all the stress at work and dealing with my apartment mate..... I wish we would get our results back now so we can do any planning.
  7. Husband's interview was on Nov 29th, and his status is also in AP, ours was for his CV, yay security check to Washington DC.... almost been a week since the last update, heard this takes nearly a month and also his last visas (B1's and J1. etc) were a month of AP and then issued. We don't even know if we are approved or what, the IO told him everything looks good and he needed his CV. =\
  8. Case has been touched, Been in AP since Nov 26th Interview Nov 29th Told everything looks fine Requested doc (resume / CV) at interview via email: sent same day Requested physical copies Nov 30th: sent Dec 3rd, they received Dec 4th. Case last updated Dec 7th. still in AP. I keep checking Ceac nearly every hour...sigh. This unknown wait time is depressing and we just started it ><
  9. We went into AP 3 days before his interview. Unsure why though. Husband was questioning why they waited till after interview to start looking at his background, sadly I only have theories. 1 is maybe they are going thru this part since they want to approve (they kept his passport and gave him the paper about his rights in the USA) 2 is they do it regardless if they want to approve or deny to find people that is a national security risk. But hey he will be able to spend one last holiday with his parents and son befire moving here. Postive right? I never been able to celabrate the holidays with him. Technically our 1st and only Christmas and new year's he was in the USA and I was grieving the lost of my father (passed away a week before christmas) which was hard and he didn't know what to do since our relationship was still considered new. So yeah I dislike this time of the year.
  10. He submitted his cv/resume at the drop off at 1430 and the documents arrived at embassy at 0830 the next day. Ceac still says ap last update was Nov 30th as of an hour ago. He's still worried why he is in AP......... I tried to explain it to him.
  11. True, i know i was afraid I would need a sponsor, only person that could have help was hubby's friend at got hired to a big local business. Making a lot more than I. Husband has 2 kids, we will be starting his daughters petition once he gets working over here.
  12. What did you submit as proof? You make more than me, 28k currently, 27k for 2017 and 16k for 2016. I know for a total household for 2 people for Hawaii is like 23k or so. I submitted pay stubs for the last 6 months(I get paid weekly), employment letter, tax transcripts, w2s. I wonder why they requested another sponsor when you make enough for 2 people, unless you are supporting a total of 4 people or more.
  13. A few hours ago husband dropped off his CV/ resume to the document drop off location, even thought we submitted via email per the paper they gave him at the time of his interview. This is one reason why I took the day off, but I had personal time off to use up or it disappeared on jan 1st. =/ was hoping to have him before this month etc etc.
  14. My husband was asking me a few questions about the courier stuff, if it costs to do the pick up, and if it costs to drop off his 221g documents (They requested his CV/resume) If I heard him right he told me that when he got his J1 Visa he had to pay the courier.
  15. I know I was afraid I would ask for sponsor since I make enough (Full time more than min wage) to sponsor 2 people and me, but I can't afford an apartment on my own in my area. I live north of Seattle and still can't afford a 1 bedroom apartment on my own, hence apartment mate.=\ But he was telling me that he felt like he screwed up since he didn't mention to the interviewing officer our evidence of our relationship. I told him if they didn't ask for it that means they don't need it. He thinks they updated the address for where the green card would be sent too. Does anyone know how we can confirm this? I was thinking of emailing the embassy to confirm or something, but I told him to keep that letter for when he travels here. Can't recall if he told me that he gave them the letter, but I know he has it right now. I also told him that to keep the letter on top or keep as the 1st page in the binder as a reminder that they need to see it.