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    I am the USC and currently doing research for my S.O. and I. If anything we are about a year out to file, and just making sure everything is in order when the time is right.We formally met in Aug 2015, I knew of him since May 2015. He is staying at the hotel I worked at and our paths crossed a few times. While delivering something to his room I noticed a StarCraft mouse, and remembered it. I finally had the courage to ask him about it a few months later. We became friends and he informed me about his past, and I still decided I wanted to try to have a relationship with him. We have been spending every weekend with each other and some weekday nights. He entered the USA on a J-1 Visa, and will be leaving to go back to his country in Nov 2016 to take care of legal issues.We want to spend the rest of our lives with each other, but as of right now, the timing is not there.

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  1. Please let the record here being that the OP is male. But I do agree with the above remarks. What is your wife doing that is "misbehaving?" Is it legal / law, relationship or maybe being an newly overprotective mother? If its relationship issues, give it more time, You just moved here, you are still adjusting to you two being together. I remember reading that the 1st year of marriage is the hardest. And for my husband and I it has been, still adjusting to each other! We have 700 face to face days before we had gotten married, and "Lived" with each other for over 300 days before he was granted his Visa to move here. (Im counting long term business trips etc he was on) We had a year between seeing each other before he entered the USA. And another 3 months or so apart after he immigrated here, he moved to another state for work in his career field that was hard to give up. We are finally under one roof, but he expects things to be done a certain way, and I'm trying to adjust to being a housewife, after working on being on the go for many years with no "vacation" or real break from a job. Also side note, if your interviewing officer get a swiff that you two are not together, or thinks this could be a fraud green card case, you'll be given a strokes interview. Having a kid only shows you had sex one night and a condom broke or didn't use protection etc. I still suggest working on the relationship, of course pending what you are saying they are "misbehaving" about. You can immigrate using your child, but your child needs to be 21 years old and mets the other requirements as well. This is also assuming that the law doesn't change and remove parents being sponsor by their kids to get a green card.
  2. I am not 100% sure, I remember reading when you go for citizenship you can change the spelling of your name (please correct me if I am wrong here). This is what my hubby wants to do. His name starts with a K in Russian, and the person that did the transliteration kept it as a K, when it could have been a C. For our last names, I took off of his, but he has the male version while I took off with the female. Our marriage certificate had nowhere stating my new last name. So it was a PITA when I went to get my drivers license, luckily I had gone to the Social security office 1st.
  3. For my husband he has 3 transliterations of his name... Ukrainian into English, and Russian into English, in russian his patronymic name has 2 different spellings. Here is what I did. Main name is what is listed in his external passport (the one to travel out of the country), since these need to match. Listed as other names, his Ukrainian transliteration and the different spelling of his patronymic name, I even went as far as to make a note on the attachment saying these are transliterations. When we got his birth certificate, divorce certificates, police records (Ukraine and Russia), and his children's' birth certificates made we had them match the spelling of the passport he was going to have the Visa stamped into. We didn't seem to have any issues about this. I also wanted to make sure we covered all of our bases since he has travelled to the USA on his Ukrainian passport and Russia passport in the past, each time was either on a B-1 visas or a J1 visa.
  4. His social security number is his for life, make sure to supply in all forms regarding immgration. Hubby was here on a J1 visa, its how we met. And all forms for his spousal visa we used that social security number they gave him for his J1. Heck he recently was given a card without restrictions, and it has the exact same same number from that was issued during his J1 visa stay. He's been in the USA for now 3 months as a permanent legal resident.
  5. My husband was asked for his CV at his ir1 interview. I expected since they had asked for this for is past b1/j1 visas. Oddly enough hubby didn't expect it. We had our interview on Nov 28th, webgave them digital and hard copy with in a week. During this time there was a goverment shutdown. But on march 20th after sending the embassy many emails, we finally was told we were approved. His business trips were to a major USA airplane manufacturing company to conduit training and business meeting, and has been offically working one (different company) on his greencard for about 1.5 months now. His AP was triggered because of his engineering degree from Ukraine and what he did in Russia. For his B1/J1 visas AP took 1 month, but this one took us nearly 4 months. Again we had a goverment shut down, and the russian embassy is under staffed. Did you guys at least submit what they wanted, sorry I might have iver looked you saying that you replied to the email. They requested my hubby's 2 times. Digital hours bafter interview and then the hard copy the following day.
  6. My husband's timeline March 21st paid the immgration fee April 26 POE at Lax May 23rd job offer extended May 24th company demanded proof other than stampped cr1 visa for proof as us person per itar regulations. Sent them visa again with uscis website explaining it. We even showed them the receipt showing we paid for immgration fee. May 24th went to SS office, hubby said they forgot to send him his updated card. May 28th company accepted explanation and stampped visa........ May 29th new card with no need for auth from dsh. (Old one from j1 had that note on it) May 30th got drivers license after showing proof of my id with docs with our address and marriage certificate. Hubby's visa stated "full name in passport reads" because hubby's middle name is to long and they refused to add his middle name to drivers license because it wasnt part if the visa even thought it was writen on the annotation, we also showed them hubby's russian driver's license and his updated ssc. June 7th about an hour ago I got a text and email stating they approved and the card is in production. Still waiting for his driver's licence. I don't know what pushed his card. He also has as a note saying his iv doc are electronic etc, I forgot the exact wording. There are some people in the forums saying that because they didn't have the physical immgration packet, it somehow got lost and they had to go make an infopass appointment. And they got their cards within a year of POE.
  7. My husband did but it was for not knowing his past password to log into it from when he was getting his B1. Btw it will keep track of past visa applications but you get to only see the most recent one. Found that out when hubby wasn't seeing the cr1 application but his old b1 case number. Was told it was fne and they saw the cr1 and his past applications. Hubby claims he didn't remember / know password because of work creating his account for him long time ago. We waited I think nearly 2 week ir so for that password reset since someone in Moscow had to reset it. As we all know there is a backlog in general for Moscow. Btw I can be wrong with the wait time since that happened in October, and alot has happened on oir end.
  8. Updates Nov 29th interview was really was easy went IO gave him a welcome letter and sent our case into AP for Resume for a mantis security background check due to his proffestion. We sent resume that day and physical copy a few days later. This was expected since for each new visa to the USA his visa applications were sent for these security checks. March 20th after many emails to the Moscow Embassy we were notified husband's visa was issued. March 21st visa in hands. April 26th husband left Russia and his POE is at LAX. Hoping to we gave him enough time with immgration. He should be in LAX around 2:15pm PDT. The next flight to Washington is at 7:55pm April 26th for take off. We would have boughten the tickets as connecting but everywhere wanted to charge us $2.5k..... While we bought two separate tickets for less than half that price..... This morning I had to calm him down since he is super scared he might be turned away at the border or from leaving his country, we did a travel ban search russian side he came out clean, can't say that to the other people he shares his 1st and last name with... He's visa documents are electronic per the annotation on his visa. The annatition states IV docs in ccd. Full name in passport is K.....S.....V..... Didn't post his name for privacy reasons. Plus I think its unheard of someone being denied entry into the USA on this visa that's legit. And for the record I'm still getting emails from USCIS about them reviewing my case and there is no updates at this time.. It used to be every 2 weeks now its every month. Glad this part of our immgration journey will be over soon, and I have started to collect docunents for his ROC.
  9. My hubby and I got married in my state while he was here on a 5.5 month business trip. In his domestic passport it only has his divorce stamp. (He got this stamp after we were legally married in the USA, he was divorce by court not by administrative, papers say he was divorced about 4 months before our wedding date.) And hubby has a visa to enter the USA, which will be in 11 days. So having no stamp in my case didn't cause anything. Where did you two get married? Sorry if I missed where you stated the location. Depending on where you might want it to get the certificate stampped to follow the guidelines of the Hague convention so its recognized in both Russia and USA.
  10. Please keep in mind each embassy is different. For our Cr1 visa it took about 33ish days from case complete to email about our interview date. The Moscow embassy had to rescheduled us so we got the embassy email before the NVC email. Lack of staff from Putin wanting equal goverment personal at the embassy in each country.....and the K1s are having a hard time finding appointments and to get a visitor visa its currently a 10 month wait (I wish I was joking).... I'm glad that CR1s dont have to schedule the appointments since we are bumpped up the list appointments because of visa category.
  11. This would be year 11 for him working in aerospace. All his trips to the USA were based off of J1 and B1 visas, each time requested his CV. Ap for 3 weeks and visa issued. This time AP was longer nearly 4 months, got approved and hubby's flight leaves on April 26th. His medical expires on May 8th. He is currently networking with people he's met on these trips to help him get hired at the company he is sent too.
  12. He is an engineer, and the specialty field he works in is part of the Technology Alert List, they want to make sure he will not illegally pass information between both countries etc. He's had this type of security check each time he applied for a b1 visa, normally takes 3 weeks, this time it took nearly 4 months.
  13. My husband only printed out my copies of both original birth certificate and vital records, and the photo copy of my divorce decree. But he had 2 original marriage certificates that were issued from my county's court house. We didn't have any issuses regarding my civil docs. They only requested his CV. And we were appoved. But each embassy is different, our list of documents needed didn't say the petitioner's documents.
  14. Unsure if this is the place for it... After waiting 101 days of AP, our interview was on Nov 29th 2018, and sent a message via ustraveldocs from me asking where our status is at to help with this pain of waiting, and gave details that the paperwork they sent to hubby said our ap should only last 2-3 weeks, and a few other things as well..... Yesterday we were told in Russian, that our visa was approved and it will be sent out to him in 2-3 days. This morning our status changed to Issued, after 106 days of AP.
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