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  1. LOL, yes I do know this Thank you for your response.
  2. So final question, if I login at the NVC stage, the clock resets? Do I just keep logging in or do I need to send them an email? I just want to make sure they don't close my case. I will keep logging in and send email if necessary just so my case is not closed for some odd reason.
  3. Perfect. Thank you so much! I will definitely log on often and communicate. I appreciate your help.
  4. Great. I assume the DS-260 needs to be filled out after 6-8 months from when you file the i130? I'm just trying to time things correctly. Is there any maximum time the NVC holds the documents? I don't mind it being held until we have the required documents, I just don't want to start all over again for some odd reason.
  5. Thank you so much. For #3, is there a process to follow to delay until things are ready? I'm not sure how to go about that If the passport is only needed at the interview, do you mean we can delay the interview until he gets his passport?
  6. Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing well as we are all in this long journey together. I was hoping you can answer my question or dilemma. I will explain the situation clearly so that you have all the info in order to respond. I have known my boyfriend for 2.5 years now. He is a refugee in France. He has his temporary french residency card but it will take at minimum 6 months for him to get his permanent residence card. Only then can he apply for a french travel document. His current country passport is expired already In order for me to reduce the amount of waiting and being apart, I was thinking that I should apply for the i130 and get that part started at the 6 month mark of when he may get his permanent residency card and travel document. This would mean I apply for the i130 without a passport number or travel document number which I believe is fine to do at the USCIS stage. I believe I read that at the NVC stage is when a passport number or travel document number is needed. So here are my questions: 1. Can I indeed start the i130 without the passport number or travel document number? 2. After how many months on average would I need to wait in order to then provide the passport number or travel document number? 3. If by the time I need to provide the passport number of travel document number, let's say I don't have the passport yet and its still in processing, would NVC put his case on hold till they get that or will they deny and we have to start all over again? Again my goal here is to reduce wait time and being apart so I was just trying to see if I can time things correctly so everything can align Thank you all so much.
  7. Why hasn’t anyone here considered a mandamus? You shouldn’t have to sit in AP for years. They should be doing their jobs.
  8. Which lawyers were used from the fb group? I keep reading on this page that writ will always be denied which is opposite of those fb groups so it’s confusing.
  9. Congrats. I wonder why so long. I heard the average wait is 1.5 to 2 years after interview. You guys are strong for hanging on for so long. It’s torture being away that long.
  10. Wow that’s so long. It’s not fair. Really old men bring teenagers from asian countries and they get approved right away. And those that are if same culture and religion are kept away from one another.
  11. That’s so sad. Having a child away from her father isn’t easy. But I was saying mostly if you visit for a few months at a time. Visiting for few days just doesn’t cut it especially being apart. It’s not fair that someone else has to decide your future and your child’s future.
  12. So what do these couples do? The answer is not being apart. Do they just move to their fiancé country until approved?
  13. Are K1 better in Kabul? Are those issued more with less AP? It seems some in K1 are also in AP for a year or so.
  14. Wishing you luck. I wonder if people are getting visas or are they not updating timelines. I don’t know and feels discouraging. .
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