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  1. Wow that’s so long. It’s not fair. Really old men bring teenagers from asian countries and they get approved right away. And those that are if same culture and religion are kept away from one another.
  2. That’s so sad. Having a child away from her father isn’t easy. But I was saying mostly if you visit for a few months at a time. Visiting for few days just doesn’t cut it especially being apart. It’s not fair that someone else has to decide your future and your child’s future.
  3. So what do these couples do? The answer is not being apart. Do they just move to their fiancé country until approved?
  4. Are K1 better in Kabul? Are those issued more with less AP? It seems some in K1 are also in AP for a year or so.
  5. Wishing you luck. I wonder if people are getting visas or are they not updating timelines. I don’t know and feels discouraging. .
  6. I have looked through timelines and either people are getting approved and not updating timelines or they are not getting approved. I see many who are in AP for 12-18 months and a few actually got approved after 3 months. Those that filed from 2017, 2018, 2019 can you let me know if you got approved for K1 or CR1 and how long your AP was? It will help people gain a perspective.
  7. It seems almost all afghans are put in AP. Some a couple months and others many months to even a year or 1.5 years. It’s because they have to do background checks here at the state department. I don’t know how some got it done in 3 months and others are waiting so long. Unless they had wasita? I don’t know.
  8. Any updates from anyone in this thread? Did anyone finally get their visa and how long were you in Admin processing until you received it?
  9. Hello, I have looked for threads about this on this forum but have not found anything. I have read that many people petitioning for their husband in Afghanistan had been out in Administrative Processing for over 18 months until visa is received. Has anyone filed a CR1 for their Afghan National husband/wife living in another country and got approved without administrative processing? I am trying to figure out if they put you in Admin processing if you live in Afghanistan or if that doesn’t matter, just as long as you are an Afghan National living abroad you are also put in Admin processing for a long while? Those that have had success please share your stories.
  10. Hello Everyone, I have read most of your comments but still don’t have answers to the below questions. 1. Besides employer based insurance, I see the only two other insurance that a spouse can get is catastrophic or short term plans. I think travel insurance is NOT included. Can you fellow VJers confirm this? 2. Would you know on average how much catastrophic or short term premiums run monthly?
  11. Thanks. My situation is different in that I have been unemployed for a few years. I wanted to see if using assets is an option or assets in addition to a new job. Will they look at past two years and see I was unemployed and frown upon that even if I have a new job for only few months?
  12. Hey Guys, theres not enough information about this topic and I wanted to ask it as I’m still unsure and this is a grey area. I will be filing a CR1 visa for my husband residing in France. I have been unemployed for the past two years due to traveling abroad and living with him for few months at a time. I know I have to show three years worth of tax transcripts. I don’t have anyone to ask to be a joint sponsor. My questions are below. 1. If I get a job right before I file my CR1 paperwork (it covers myself and my husband above poverty line) would that be ok or do I need to show I’ve been employed for at least a year? 2. If I have enough in a savings account, will that be accepted? I have a good amount in my savings. I keep reading that income is better than using assets but what if assets is a good solid amount?
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