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  1. Thanks TM92. You are always very helpful
  2. Paul, for CR1 does the interview have to be in the country the couple was married? I think maybe that was the old K3 rule. Does it hurt the CR1 if the couple marries in a third country? In our case if we marry in Denmark after he gets his asylum accepted because it’s easier process in Denmark. Would the interview still be in Italy or would they require it to be in Denmark?
  3. Cduran, yes his Afghanistan passport is what would be used for the K1 or CR1 Paperwork. The question is that would the consulate agree to interview (CR1 interview) him in Italy while his paperwork is going on or would they only agree to it after his asylum is accepted. That’s what I will need to find out from consulate. Everyone is saying go the CR1 route as That’s the stronger one.
  4. Thank you TM92. Yes extremely tedious process. In none of the links did it say how long after the ceremony does it take to get the marriage license from Italian sources. If I have to wait 6 months for a marriage license to be issued, that would be so much more waiting bc I would have to wait for that before applying for CR1. Is this something he should ask the registrars office in Italy?
  5. Thanks to everyone. It looks like I have two choices. 1. Ask the consulate about residence status. 2. If he has to wait for asylum acceptance and his legal residence is what’s accepted then wait for that to happen and then at least at that point we can travel to Denmark for the marriage. 3. If we can begin the CR1 while his review paperwork is going on then marry in Italy and move forward that way. If theres anything I’m missing please add.
  6. Thanks TM92, regarding the birth certificate you are correct. I meant for marriage in Italy a birth certificate is needed. I was actually not born in the US and I don’t have a birth certificate from my country. Should I contact the Italian consulate to ask about what can be used in lieu?
  7. So while his asylum is in process he should ask the consulate if they would take his interview for marriage or fiancé visa? Wouldn’t they think that he’s in asylum status but inquiring about going to US. That’s why I asked if it looks bad to them bc he would have to mention his asylum status and even if it would affect his asylum negatively.
  8. Paul, i don’t have a birth certificate for marriage abroad. I have a US citizenship certificate. I’m not sure if that can be used in lieu of a birth certificate for marriage abroad. Also i worry if he goes to the consulate to ask if they would take his interview for marriage visa, that might raise question to them bc he’s in asylum status asking about marriage visa to US and whether they would take his interview . Doesn’t that look bad?
  9. ceejack, did you file a K1? What’s the latest update? I’m in a similar situation and VJers are saying to go the CR1 route which is much more complicated to me bc marrying in a foreign country requires many more months and documents. Id prefer the k1 as it’s simpler but I am afraid what if they deny bc of his refugee status.
  10. TM92, of course I don’t want to wait. Waiting is a killer for us all. I would prefer to file if we can, even while his asylum is pending but I didn’t think we had that option. Also I was thinking K1 would be easiest for me but others here have also brought up good points that CR1 is stronger given he’s an asylum seeker. So at this point I’m a bit lost which way to go.
  11. Thank you Boiler. I appreciate it.
  12. I would be applying for K1 or CR1 AFTER he gets acceptance for his asylum, not before. So after he gets his asylum acceptance, I don’t know why applying for K1 or CR1 would be an issue. Am I missing something here?
  13. I’m just curious why his asylum is a question. Once he gets asylum, can’t I just fill out the paperwork as per usual? If need be he can bring his asylum acceptance papers to the embassy if asked to see it then he has it but if not asked then it should be fine. No?
  14. Thanks Paul, i have a lot of homework and I feel maybe I might need a lawyer to help guide me as there’s way too much for my brain to process at the moment.
  15. Why would they snatch his home country passport from him? I don’t think that’s the case. Many people still hold their home country passport even if asylum is accepted.