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  1. Hello, My husband and I filed our I-130 Petition online. It has been at Vermont Service Center since October 2021. We recently got the notification that our case was being actively reviewed. We have not heard anything yet. Today, we decided to download the auto-generated I-130 form from our online account to look it over. We are very concerned and worried that our form was filled out incorrectly without us being aware of it. Basically, when you file online it asks "Was the beneficiary EVER in the United States?", to which we answered, Yes. We provided his passport number, country of issuance, and expiration date as followed. The last question on that page asks "Was the beneficiary EVER in immigration proceedings?", to which we answered, No. After clicking "Next" at the bottom on the page to move on, it asks "What was the beneficiary's class of admission?" We provided the information of his last class of admission to the US and provided his Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record number as asked. We then filled out his date of arrival and the date of when his authorized stay was to expire. (Nowhere on this page does it ask whether the beneficiary is STILL in the US or not.) We are now looking over the I-130 that was generated by USCIS (based on our answers to the online filing questions via USCIS.gov) and are noticing that in the Beneficiary's Entry Information section it reads: "Was the beneficiary EVER in the United States?" (our answer, "Yes", as we provided) and the next statement reads, "If the beneficiary is currently in the United States, complete Items Numbers 46.a. - 46.d." and those items are the class of admission, Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number, Date of Arrival and Date Authorized stay expired (all of which are auto-filled with our answers that we provided regarding my husband's previous stay in the US). My husband and I are both living in Argentina and he did not overstay his authorized stay during his last stay. We are concerned though that the information included in our form (incorrectly) is impacting our processing time. Has anyone experienced this same situation or heard of this happening before? It seems like this would be a very common occurrence for those who have visited the US previously and then file online later on. Thanks so much!!
  2. Hola! Tenes idea si además tiene que estar legalizada por el ministerio del interior? Muchas gracias
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