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  1. I received my card today, a short breath of relief. I cannot believe the absolute circus we are all in right now. Good luck to everyone still waiting or about to apply for citizenship, things will work out in the end. Sign the petition for the family immigration suspension exemption if you can!
  2. You should send it. All the signs indicate that the suspension likely won’t include family based applications. Everything will work out in the end.
  3. I don’t think they’d terminate greencard renewals either. If all visas from outside the US and AOS are suspended, the only certain sources of revenue would be from greencard renewals and citizenship applications. It would be really unwise to turn off that golden tap too, especially after all these people have been vetted over and again throughout the process and are basically throwing money at the department.
  4. Honestly the cost to the country is so high to pull this off, that I think it’s more of a political performance that he knows would be blocked. He probably wants it to be shot down with a fight, so he can appeal to voters before November by using this conflict to prove that he is fighting for the interests of American workers.
  5. It had said Fingerprint review was complete then just skipped to card production! Is there a 90 day window prior to the 3 year date for citizenship application? I will be looking into that as soon as I receive the card so if I am eligible to apply now I will be joining the citizenship forum
  6. Right, I had an AOS interview for the 2 year card but did not have to do a second interview for the 10 year.
  7. Whoa! Very surprised to report that my status changed to New Card is Being Produced! I couldn’t believe it as I had thought it would be at least May before I got an update. My file was received by Nebraska on July 2 and my biometrics was November 12. Definitely great news to receive amidst all the chaos, I just hope it’s not a mistake!
  8. Right now it is tied to your 2018 tax returns. $1200 per individual earning <$75k, $2400 per couple filing jointly. Aid will phase out for incomes above $75k, with a cap of $99k. If you did not have federal tax liability in 2018, I think you would receive $600. The final numbers and when it will be distributed is still being discussed.
  9. I will be. They are proposing a lot of price hikes so hopefully I file before that happens!
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