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    We spend a lot of time at our place in the quiet woods of Maine. We enjoy life's simple pleasures and enjoy travel, day trips, reading, cooking, watching the Red Sox, exploring historic places and just being together.

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  1. Good point. As long as it’s cancelled it should not be an issue.
  2. My husband got a return and didn’t use the second part. It was considerably cheaper!
  3. These Heinz vegetarian beans from Walmart taste just like the ones in U.K. They are in a tomato sauce. We also found them in Canada last summer as well and they also had a Store brand called President brand of the same thing there. We like to buy a quiche in store deli and have it with beans. Yummy
  4. We stayed in a nice hotel in Mayfair but it was a splurge. You can find cheaper lodging. Check Trivago and Trip Advisor. Buy an Oyster card. The public transport was so easy and efficient. We also took a boat from London to Greenwich. It was a lovely ride down the Thames and there was a free maritime museum in Greenwich as well as the Cutty Sark. The Tower of London was also a nice place to explore. The Audrey pub in Mayfair was our favorite for reasonable tasty meals. Have fun.
  5. We were married in July 2018 in Scotland. I flew home and submitted the CR1 application. I flew back to see my husband and he flew here in October and again for Christmas. His visa finally arrived in February. He was sent to secondary screening and simply explained we had a visa in process and he carried proof of employment, home and bank accounts in U.K. but was never asked for those. When I entered U.K. I was asked if I planned to remain and I explained we were waiting for him to move to USA and showed my return ticket. It was easy.
  6. Well we’ve been dealing with this for 10 years so I have a pretty good idea what we can get and what is worth bringing back. Oh also for women, you can’t get Canestan duo here. You can get the pill part but it’s over $100 and you need a prescription so you may want to pack a couple just in case.
  7. You.can get PG tips just about any supermarket. A lot of items are available on Amazon but some are ridiculously overpriced. We bring back Bisto which is allowed. We had OXO cubes confiscated as those are considered a potential source of mad cow disease and not allowed. Ridiculous, I know. Branson pickle, HP and Daddies sauces are not widely available so we bring that back. Weetabix large are available here but minis are not so we get those. Heinz beans are available here for $4/can in the British section or go to vegetable aisle and get the Heinz vegetarian beans in tomato sauce for $1. They are identical. Worcester sauce and prawn cocktail crisps are wicked expensive here so we always grab some of those. Cadbury dairy milk. You can get it here but my husband swears it’s not the same. Rhubarb and ginger jam and marmalade is hard to find here so we usually bring some. Custard cans and powder. Irn Bru and Ribera. Better cheddars, tunnocks and jammie dodgers are also items my husband packs. The things he most misses are great bread and “real” bacon. we get puddings, sausage and bacon from an Irish butcher in New York. They mail it on dry ice. He has learned how to make rolls, bread, potato scones and I make Yorkshire puddings and some other treats.
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