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  1. Hi everyone due to coronavirus our company decide to cut hours for all employer in our company. if I apply edd does it count as public charge? Thanks
  2. we have the same issues, we talk with different lawyer and to be honest they all have different opinion, some said it will look worst and some said it will look better.
  3. mortatge and deed is under my name only so i do not know if i should send them i send tax, bank statement, phone bill, copy of dl, car insurance, club card and other membership.
  4. now i can send bank statement, car insurance, water bill etc.
  5. he is great now and we happy couple, just hope he will not change later on.
  6. he is taking esl class now, it just hard for him, he needs to start from zero. like people said in the post, he already own half of the house then do i still to add his name on the deed.
  7. so this mean even if he is not on the list i can still send the deed since it will be join property?
  8. I mean every couple is different. I know some couple go dutch and everything is 50 and 50, it does not mean they do not love each other. i am taking care all of spending now, we talk about it and both agreed to add his name after he find a job. but rfe is due this month so i really do know if we have enough time。
  9. No we are happy couple just my friend story make my worried House is large amount of money not like daily spend. I may add his name later when he find a job so we both paying mortgage. Now I am the only one paying since he does not have job. Just to be fair.
  10. joint lease we do not have it because i bought a house. thanks i have Club membership and gym membership and i give to them as well when i file removal. i guess they do not like it. find affordable online legal contracts such as POA and Will, and reach agreeable term and condition with your spouse and have sign. where can i find it can you share a link? thanks
  11. but i already send id, car insurance, house insurance, car title, bill and so on and it said do not send things you already send. I really can not think about other.
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