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  1. I'm in 28th of January documentarily qualified and still didn't get my interview letter! Anyone has any idea why this delay?
  2. Too slow for cr1 I just saw a timeline for a cr1 category a case DQed on December 8th, got their interview letter in 17th March. So that means we'll be the next month, week?
  3. Congratulations. Very happy for you. Thanks for sharing.
  4. That's very good news, that means they're working on your case and will schedule your interview soon in the embassy, some people here have had it in similar timeline like yours. I was wondering when the NVC sent the case to the embassy for continuing processing. We have been docmementarily qualified since January but nothing yet from the embassy!
  5. When was your DQed (docmementarily qualified)?
  6. That's my prediction as well, so we might be hearing back any time around March or early April.
  7. Hi @Beshoy Faridi Please if you'd share your timeline when you exactly received your interview letter? If anyone knows on what month the embassy in Cairo is working on.
  8. Same here, we're waiting for IL since January 2023.
  9. Yes, i was looking for a timeframe that is being shown but it seems there's no timeframe after DQ it's likely open and on guessing. It's Egypt. Thank you for your comment, this is actually insightful.
  10. Hi peep Does anyone know how long wait time or processing time after documentarily qualified to IL? Thanks
  11. Congratulations. Happy for you. I'm just worried I saw some timelines taken between 3 to 5 months even more to get an interview. For you didn't take that much.
  12. Hi @Jo_Ha if may I ask when was your DQ till interview letter did you get this IL yet? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone. I just saw that thread I would be grateful if anyone knows the timeframe for the interview after the DQ approximately. Thanks
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