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  1. I have a date on my Visa by which to exit if I did not get married. I don't know what a 1551 stamp is
  2. Thanks for your help. Will definitely get on it.
  3. Sounds like a good idea to email them. I will try that. I know KS share a lot of laws with MS
  4. Wow! That's interesting. We currently own the house we live in so we would have to sell it and buy one on the Missouri side. The lady in Lawrence said if I could get a stamp in my passport extending the expiry date they would give me a one year permit. Don't know whether this is possible though
  5. Ok. Thank you. I will go back and read on the requirements more thoroughly
  6. Thank you for your help. I guess I have to wait then. It's a lucky thing then that I am allowed to drive on my country's driving permit for a year
  7. So I was too late in applying for one? Oh! My
  8. I have been trying to apply for a Kansas driving permit. The law states that I can have one on a K1 Visa while waiting for AOS. However, the officer at the DMV says they can't issue one for me because my I-94 as well as the stamp on my passport expires on 26th June, three months after my entry date. We submitted a copy of our marriage certificate to show that we were married within the three months. She suggested that we have my I94 extended. No idea how to do that and we are very frustrated. Any pointers on this?
  9. In retrospect, my husband should have called them but we have done that now. Thanks for the advice
  10. Now that we know, we wish we had sent a cheque but my husband has been in contact with the company and they have assured him the cc will go through this time
  11. Thank you so very much for your help. It's such a relief not to have to do all that paperwork again
  12. I am not sure of any extra fees charged but I will check with my husband. They have also put a line using a pen across the superimposed numbers on the first two pages of each document then signed off. Is it ok to send it back the same way? Ps we got an alien number too
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