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  1. And being married previously (if this is true of the speculation) and never got divorced, then he should never have had a green card to begin with for bigamy.
  2. Have you ever watched "90 day fiance" ....watch it on youtube with the episodes of Jorge and Anfisa (she is from Russia and her behavior and that your describing of your wife is almost IDENTICAL)...that will give you a better idea of what might be happening...I wish you the best of luck..
  3. It isn't...if you READ CLEARLY all the other factors I mentioned...that was just one...but the others are more serious...
  4. I think you have to take your goggles off....she DOES NOT wear her wedding ring...nothing at all on FB...she is NOT intimate with you....how much more evidence do you need....its right there in front of you... the reality is that she DOES NOT love you....its a hard reality, but sometimes we have to accept it and let go. All the red flags are there....you decide....God bless you.