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  1. I remember that episode. Although the lady was living back in Ukraine again just using her GC as a visitors visa, trying to keep it alive, in case she decided she wanted to move back at some point. It’s season 1 ep 21 of Border Security, available on Netflix.
  2. Delta asks this for certain countries, Ghana being one of the. Every time my mother in law goes to Accra for a visit, and we bought her a ticket we have to go to the airport and show the credit card. She is in NYC and we are in Minneapolis, but we just go to MSP and they clear something in the reservation and then she can check in. Definitely worth calling the airline in advance.
  3. Hi. No I did the paper application but I imagine that electronically would be faster. You get your case number faster and can proceed with the expedite request. I think I did paper because I had to send back the faulty GC as well. So I did it all in one pack.
  4. I wrote a short letter with the title “Expedite request due to USCIS error”. Then listed A number and I90 receipt number. Then a paragraph no more than ten lines explaining that they had put the wrong year in my date of birth on GC and informing them that I had already filed an I90. Then I listed the proof included with letter. Put my address phone number at the bottom and signed it. I included copies of GC with wrong dob, passport with correct dob, copy of 2 year GC with correct dob, copy of drivers license with correct dob. I circled the mistake and also circled the correct year pointing out what my corrected GC should say. Put it all in an envelope sent it off to the Potomac address, with expedite request written on the front of the envelope. Two weeks later I got an email saying they approved my request and a week later I had the corrected GC. Hope that helps!! https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume1-PartA-Chapter12.html
  5. You could send an expedite request directly to the Potomac Service center, by regular mail. This is is what happened to me: I got my 10 year GC in early may 2018: they put the wrong date of birth on it. I filed an I90 right away. As soon as I had the receipt number I sent an expedite directly to Potomac, a letter with a few pages of evidence pointing out their mistake. I got my corrected GC Monday last week, with an apology of sorts. mark the envelope “expedite request” good luck
  6. Hi, I travelled back from Europe, with the stamp, after my 10 year GC had been issued and mailed to my address in the US. No problem besides having to reassure the check-in agent that the stamp is an equivalent of a GC. Hope that helps!!
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