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  1. Once the I-90 has been accepted send an expedite request straight to the service center. I had the same problem, wrong birth date, on my 10 year GC. The whole thing was resolved in a bit over a month.
  2. No never filed electronically. I’m not sure to be honest, I guess when you get the receipt in the mail you would copy that and send it + GC to whatever service center is listed on the receipt, probably with a short letter explaining the situation, list your A number and receipt number on every page you send them. Seems like Potomac handles I90s, that’s where I sent my expedite request. Perhaps they will send you further instructions with the receipt. But I would call USCIS and ask where to send the GC or start a new topic here on VJ. Don’t want to give you the wrong info.
  3. Hi! I sent it with the original i90, in the same envelope. So applied by mail not electronically since I was afraid they would loose the GC and claim they never got it.
  4. I remember that episode. Although the lady was living back in Ukraine again just using her GC as a visitors visa, trying to keep it alive, in case she decided she wanted to move back at some point. It’s season 1 ep 21 of Border Security, available on Netflix.
  5. Delta asks this for certain countries, Ghana being one of the. Every time my mother in law goes to Accra for a visit, and we bought her a ticket we have to go to the airport and show the credit card. She is in NYC and we are in Minneapolis, but we just go to MSP and they clear something in the reservation and then she can check in. Definitely worth calling the airline in advance.
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