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  1. I was married to his father before in 1989 and we had our son who filed for me in 1990. His father and I separated in the year 2001 and got divorced in 2014. We always been talking in good terms after the divorce for years on behalf of our son. Then we decided that maybe after coming to America we could start over and try again. So my son proposed that he filed for me since it would of been faster since he’s a USC and that his father and I would reconnect and moved to the state that my son is in
  2. I’ve known my son’s father as far back as the 70s when we were kids. He moved to the states in 2011. I got divorced in 2014 he got his LPR in 2022 of October he will apply for naturalization next year. He’s been an LPR for about 2 years coming soon
  3. The stamp that was altered was the stamp that I received in Jamaica when I returned.
  4. No I didn’t overstay but I was told by my mother that having stayed close to 6 months was a bad thing that could affect me when I reenter the US. so she took my passport and have it back dated. This happens in the 90s
  5. That’s correct because the date of leaving to Jamaica doesn’t match what they have in their record at the US port of entry. The embassy lady labeled it as misrepresentation
  6. It’s where the date of arrival is different from the actual date of arrival back to the country of origin
  7. Thank you for that message. It will be rough but I’ll seek a lawyer then after that I know what to do
  8. @Redro I am in Jamaica my sons father is in America we were separated and now back together so the intention was to get married after.
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