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Found 11 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing this very unusual delay with the Department of State? So i read thoroughly before applying for the J1 waiver based on hardship (US Government Funding involved). My time line below; At USCIS; 1. Filled November 16, 2017 2. Request for more evidence and responded same month in July 2018 3. Prima facie case was established and hence docket forwarded to DOS for non-uscis advisory opinion. At DOS: Item Action Date Sponsor Views Received January, 28 2019 Request for Sponsor Views Sent October, 16 2018 Form I-612 Received September, 23 2018 Form I-613 Received September, 23 2018 Change of Address Received April, 12 2018 Fee Received February, 14 2018 Form DS-3035 Received February, 14 2018 Form DS-2019 Received February, 14 2018 Statement Of Reason Received February, 14 2018 so from my timeline and the new processing time for Hardship waivers (16weeks to 24 weeks after 612/613 is received), i am outside the normal processing time at DOS. My last 3 emails to DoS has gone unanswered. My sponsor views was received almost 2 months ago. I want to know if anyone has or have had such stupid prolonging after 613/612 and sponsor views have been received?
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could apply for a F-1 Visa while my I-130 is pending? How would the process be like? Would I have to go through AOS? Please help!
  3. Good afternoon everyone I just moved out to a new place and I was wondering what was the best way to update the address without confusing the USCIS and end up losing notices. Should I : 1) Update my address on My USCIS account on the DHS website since I put my 2 cases number there? or 2) Update my address for each case number using the website https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/displayCOAForm.do? Thank you for your feedback.
  4. Hello all, thank you for your help so far. in combing the forum, I am unable to find something similar to our situation. Here is our timeline for our employment based GC application (both applicants are Canadian entered on LIA/B): -July 22, 2017, received NOID. submitted new evidence as requested. -November 30th, 485 denied due to denied 601. Husband was caught for 2.2 grams of Cannabis 24 yrs ago in Canada. NOID did not ask for any reason listed in denial. -December 26, 2017, MTR filed for I601 -February 15, 2018, field office transferred MTR to AAO. -April 16, 2018-both husband and wife EAD/AP expired. Husband resigned work. -wife left for Canada on May 5th as instructed by lawyer without valid AP thinking we could return with GC when approved. (we were hoping to avoid her accruing illegal presence should MTR be denied). -June 26th, 2018, AAO approved MTR i601 and transferred file back to field office. -July 6th, 2018, lawyer informed us that by wife leaving, she abandoned GC application. Words can't describe our disappointment that our lawyer didn't tell us about the GC application abandonment. We have spent 8.5 yrs on this and would not have left but she was concerned about accrual of unlawful status which is why wife left before that occurred. Husband had to stay due to expired i-192. What are our options? If 485 was in denied status, is it still considered abandonment? Is consular processing really the only option? Is there any option to apply for AP/EAD and mail to her or continue GC app from USA and mail her the approved GC? Bios were done in 2016. Also, have heard about pleading case at border with CBP agent and hoping for a deferred entry. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Being separated during consular will be both a personal and financial nightmare considering all our assets and expenses are in USA.
  5. Here are the states with the largest backlog of pending citizenship applications, according to the National Partnership for New Americans report: Source - https://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/07/nj_has_one_of_the_biggest_backlogs_of_citizenship.html Backlog in Texas increased almost 3 times from 2015 (Highest percentage increase among all the top 10 states below) 10) Washington Applications pending at the end of 2015: 10,974 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 17,670 9) Maryland Applications pending at the end of 2015: 11,106 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 17,696 8) Pennsylvania Applications pending at the end of 2015: 9,675 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 17,953 7) Georgia Applications pending at the end of 2015: 10,222 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 19,819 6) Illinois Applications pending at the end of 2015: 14,101 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 26,072 5) New Jersey Applications pending at the end of 2015: 18,380 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 30,896 4) Florida Applications pending at the end of 2015: 41,662 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 87,722 3) New York Applications pending at the end of 2015: 55,325 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 94,491 2) Texas Applications pending at the end of 2015: 36,415 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 97,788 1) California Applications pending at the end of 2015: 73,720 Applications pending at the end of 2017: 137,538
  6. Hello beautiful peeps!!! First things first please forgive me if this topic has been already created so many times before, however my one and only question is: I have a pending AOS application (which is family based) and I’ve got my initial EAD which has expired already. I’m seeking for some help, trying to renew it. As far as I’m concerned I do not have to pay any kind of renewal fees. But I’m so confused by reading different articles about it. Please let me know what to do. I would also appreciate comprehensive information. Instructions and all of that. Yours truly Danishboi
  7. Hi. I've been reading posts on another website forum and saw that one of the users found their interviewing officer on social media. I googled the officer that interviewed me and found him too as well. 1.Should I message him and ask him about my case? Will it hurt my case if I make an unofficial contact like that? 2. Is it better to contact the congressman instead? What do they do and does my spouse have to get involved? My interview was 3 weeks ago and the officer said I'll get my approval letter and card in 30 days. The interview was successful and he gave me a paper with my information that had USCIS logo (name, D.O.B, A-number, etc), and he ticked off the phrase that say, "your application has been recommended for approval and a final decision will be made once your case is complete". He wrote CR6 in red ink on it and at the back he wrote, " File i751 90 days before second anniversary".
  8. Hi everyone, as I do not want to hijack anyone's topic so I am opening up my own. You can see my timeline below in my signature - F2A Category/Spouse to a LPR. My questions: 1. Can I quit my job and switch to i-458 pending? 2. I have read about a 180 days grace period. What is that? Is this relevant for AOS people? 3. Should I wait for my i-130 to be approved before I quit or could I quit before? I am not planning on quitting right away but I would like to quit by September/October if possible. Anyone in a simliar situation? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. It's now a year and 1/2 since we first applied for our AOS and we are at a standstill. Now the EAD is held up as well (filed in February 2018 to renew). Two weeks ago, I requested a status on the UCIS site. They said they will not respond until June 8th. Since our interview (July 2017), I have visited UCIS offices and called to inquire on our status countless times. No one is able to give us a status and although many folks are suffering over the same issue, I just can't rest easy until we receive his green card. Wouldn't we receive an RFE by now if there was anything missing? I have pondered up at least 8 to 9 scenarios as to why we're having to wait this long. One being simply being because we interviewed in New York and NY offices are overwhelmed with cases. Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of what my husband and I are experiencing should anyone be in the same predicament. Thanks
  10. I filed my I751 ROC in May 2017 and it is pending and from USCIS standpoint it is within processing times. Between family, kid, work, life and whatnot this stress of waiting and uncertainty personally is becoming unbearable and distracting. From what I read in VJ about denied 1551 stamp and other nightmare issues, I lose whatever peace of mind is left and start questioning what was sent and what i wish we had sent and all the unknowns outthere. I keep regretting not having hired an attorney for the ROC. With the current climate i intend to file N400 , but doing so alone and going through the same emotions I am not sure I can do it again. I am not even sure if I can hire an attorney now given that the I751 is already filed, but just want to get all your thoughts on (a) Is it possible to hire an attorney now ? (b) is it worth it to hire an attorney?. thanks.
  11. Hey guys, I am currently on H1B. My company just applied for my I-140, and I am told that they can also apply for the AOS process right now. I am getting married this fall, but my fiancé/spouse is currently back in my home country. So, the law firm is saying it is best to wait till I get married and bring her here, and THEN start the AOS process for the both of us. Otherwise, I might have to support her as a US Permanent Resident, and her wait time could be significant. So, I am stuck, now. Should I go ahead and start the AOS process right now? OR Should I wait, get married, bring her here and then start the AOS process? Will it be harder to bring my spouse here to the US while my AOS is in progress/status is pending? Basically, I want to bring my spouse here to the US right after getting married, and not leave her back home and wait, because she has to apply for some additional documents because of my AOS pending, etc. Has anyone been in this kind of situation? Thanks!
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