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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, has as anyone gotten a I601 waiver approved. What’s your timeline? No I601a’s please.
  2. Hi everyone, i received a letter from USCIS after my greencard interview,it requested me to either submit a i601 OR provide the evidence that i failed to depart the US for the reasons that's beyond my control. (the letter said it appears that i am inadmissible to the US under INA212(a)(6)(c)(i) for fraud or misrepresentation.) background: got married on Sep 2017 (we were in a relationship for more than an year) entered the US on Dec 2017 with ESTA i was planning on staying just a month, but my father in law got badly injured 10 days before i arrived, and my husband's grandma passed away 3 days after my arrival. my husband was the only person that makes money after his dad was injured, and he was upset and under stress so i decided to stay here for him and his family. my question is 1. Do i submit a 601 or provide the evidence that i failed to depart for the reasons that's beyond my control? 2.i have an infopass appointment next week, what can i ask to help with the situation? 3.if i chose to provide the evidence and my 485 gets denied, do i need to leave the US straight away? 4.if i apply for CR1 when i return to my country, does the previous denial record affect my future application? any suggestion is welcomed, thank you.
  3. Does anyone have a waiver currently processing at the Nebraska Service Center? #2017
  4. My husbands I601 has been approved. He received instructions from Ciudad Juarez just to send his updated medical/passport, he was not asked to have a second interview because it has been less than a year since his first interview. I just want to know how long will Ciudad Juarez take until they send his visa? Has anyone had the same experience? It has been a little over 5 business days and we are just anxious because holidays are coming and don’t really know what’s going to happen next.
  5. Our attorney sent an expedite request for I601 by mail directly to the Nebraska Service Center, has anyone had luck with an expedite recently. I have not received anything(mail, email or online case updates) from USCIS regarding the expedite, it's been 11 (calendar days). How long does it take to hear back? Will they send a response? I did see the date "last updated" change online 4 days after we sent the request but the status didn't change so I am not sure if this means anything...any guidance here is appreciated.
  6. ISO ADVICE: My fiancé and I filed our 601 waiver With the Kingston Jamaica Embassy June 6, 2017. We received our RFE August 20 2018 stating that we also needed to file a 212 waiver because our previous lawyer did not we hired another lawyer to file our 212 and it was received October 26, 2018.On November 20, 2018 I received a letter in the mail from USCIS stating that the Embassy in Lagos Nigeria does not have our 601 waiver and all actions and this case has been terminated(see pic below) we contacted the Embassy in Kingston Jamaica and they wrote us back in the email stating our waiver has been approved but I have been on the phone with USCIS since last week and they see no approval in their system. My question to you is what should be my fiancé and I next steps? And how much longer are we looking at?
  7. Receipt date dec 20,2016..RFE Oct 23,2018 and proof of citizenship. I feel so bummed out ,us us asking for more evidence and also explain extreme hardship if decide to stay in the states or leave the states...any advice would be great please...waited so long and they requesting more evidence of extreme hardship
  8. I have a quick question and was wondering if anybody else had the same situations I’m in. I recently sent in my husband I601A waiver . I’m aware of the fact that even if his waiver is approved his visa is not guaranteed once he goes to his home country. I want to make a packet just in case his visa gets denied in Honduras to apply for the i601 waiver. My question is can I use the same packet I sent for my first waiver?
  9. Hello. I am new here and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me out with my current problem. I am Married to a US citizen for more than 2 years now. We have a 2 year old son who was born here in the Philippines but is a US citizen through CRBA. But my son lives with me here in the Philippines while my husband now resides in California. We have been separated for almost 2 years now. 😔 This is due to my visa being denied last December 2016 because of my inadmissibility to acquire a US visa. Just a quick history about me. I was born here in the Philippines but my family decided to go to the US with a tourist visa when I was only 10 years old. Wanting to give us a better future, my parents decided to overstay and I stayed there for 9 years. I was already 19 years old when I got back last 2009 which gave me the 10 year ban. When I had my interview last December 2016, they didnt approve me with my US visa and was told to get a i601 waiver due to my overstaying. We were able to apply the waiver and was received by the USCIS last April 2017. The waiver was done by our lawyer. So I'm not really sure how he applied for it. But as I was doing my research, some says that it takes about 4-6 months to be processed. Some say it takes longer than 10 months, some say a year. It's been almost 9 months and the case status still says received everytime I check it online. I also inquire about it on their website and I was given an email back saying that my case is still pending adjudication however have had to perform additional reviews which has caused a longer processing time. What does that supposed to mean? Is that a good sign or a bad sign? Is it normal for it to take this long to be processed? Also, since it's been more than a year now since my last interview, does that mean we have to restart all over with the whole visa processing? Or how does that affect my visa case? If anyone could help me out or any information would be greatly appreciated! My son has been longing for my husband and my husband has been longing for us. Being apart from him has now made our life very complicated and I'm hoping I can get some answer real soon. Thank you so much for your time!
  10. Hello dear members, Hope you all are doing well. I want to start this topic for the purpose of enlightening myself and other members about I 601 processing. If you have went through this waiver or are currently going through it kindly share your experiences. Thank you
  11. In short I went to the US last year with a valid B1/B2 visa, but because I didn't bring any money (I know this seems absurd...) and didn't book a return ticket, the officer said i might have immigration intent thus deported me at the port-of-entry and determined inadmissible with 5 year bar under 212(a)(7)(i)(I). Actually I do not have immigration intent and hoping for a waiver to remove the 5-year bar so I can reapply a general business visit B1/B2 visa. But I'm not clear at all which waiver I should file. Although i212 seems to deal with the deportation at the port-of entry issue, but it didn't mention anywhere specifically the act 212(a)(7)(i)(I). This makes me worried if i212 is the right waiver I should file. Also, I wondered should i file any other waivers. Maybe i601or i192. I read them carefully, it seems to me that i601 was for more serious cause such as human trafficking and i192 was for the immigrant and both of them didn't mention specifically the act 212(a)(7)(i)(I) as well. So what waiver or waivers I should file? The thing is none of them have mentioned 212(a)(7)(i)(I). I list the all passages where it has law sections on the document they give me at the deportation below: 1. You are prohibited from entering, attempting to enter, or being in the united states for a period of 5 years from the date of your departure from the US as consequence of your having been found inadmissible as an arriving alien in proceedings under section 235(b)(1) or 240 of the Act. 2.Pursuant to act 235(b)(10 of the immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C.1225(b)(1)), the Department of Homeland Security has determined that you are inadmissible to the US under section 212(a)(7)(i)(I) of the Act, as amended , and therefore are subject to removal, in that: 1) you are not a citizen of national of the US; 2)You are a native of China and a citizen of China # you applied for admission at Detroit Metro Airpot as a B1 visitor for business. 4) you are an immigrant not in possession of a valid unexpired immigrant visa, reentry permit, border crossing card, or other valid entry document required by the Immigration and Nationality Act, To Wit: you are being processed as an Expedited Removal because you are not in possession of the funds necessary to purchase a return airplane ticket foreign. And the homeland also expired my visa with a thick pen writing on it:212(a)(7)(i)(I).
  12. I received a refusal on our interview for F4 VISA (All support docs were proper) in 2017 because when I filled the DS 260 in 2017 for immigrant visa i did not disclose my prior "arrest"which was being arrested in 1986 for having small amount of marijuana on me because it so many years ago and when I did my police clearance it did not come up and all was clear. So the consular refused my visa because when I did my DS 160 for non immigrant visa i also did not disclose my arrest in 1986 because I did not think it would be a big thing and it was so many years ago and I no longer do marijuana or any illegal substance. So after that they refused by f4 visa and also canceled my multiple visitor visa. Then in Jan we filled and filed the Form I 601 in Phoenix based on the fact that main reason we're immigrating is took after our parents in the states as they are very sick from time to time. So far its been 140days ans they said to wait 180 days to allow to process the I 601. What are my chances like? As all our supporting documents were good only thing I didnt disclose my ONLY arrest in 1986 because i figured it wouldn't be a big deal but they refused under section 212 a 2 a 2 for controlled substance violation in 1986 section 212 a 6 c I for Misresprestation of a material fact in my 2008 non immigrant visa which i stated i was never arrested or convicted. Please advise.
  13. Hi, Has anyone recently submitted or have had a I601 approved? What is is your timeline looking like?
  14. Hi everyone! My husband had his interview in Juarez 4/10, which denied for misrepresentation. He doesn't have any criminal record, no issues whatsoever. He was denied over something he said 12 years ago. They are requiring him to get another waiver I 601. We were approved for I 601A previously. I was curious as to your experiences in this situation. How long is this really taking? What are the chances of it being denied. How long does it take for him to be able to come back home after approval. Thank you
  15. US CITIZENS - All data submitted in this immigration process and ALL publicly available data on the internet now collected by DHS?????? any guess,? How long ?. ....... (forever???) is this legal??? , warrantless searches ,,,, continue.... forever...... ??? For sure, It will be collected, vetted, investigated ....... and stored for 100 years after birth. (. ).......... 100 years then purged from the National archives.... -- - - continually "mined" and the vetting ....... will continue for life!!! ???? (Big data and Big Bot analytics) - and worse..... All data can and will be shared with anyone at anytime for any reason... (at least reason is not defined.... yet). My files includes medical records. and family histories.... No longer protected under HIPA? .... (FuLL links at end.....) US Immigration seekers - By choosing to becoming a U.S. citizen, you have shown your commitment to the United States and your loyalty to its Constitution. In return, you will be rewarded with all the rights and privileges that are part of U.S. citizenship."................ . BUT WE WILL BOTH L LOSE SOME FREEDOMS......... and safety. ...NOW OPEN TO intrusion.........searches,,,,,,,,,,, (The Bill of Rights protects the freedoms of speech, press, and religion; the right to keep and bear arms; the freedom of assembly; the freedom to petition; and Prohibits unreasonable search and seizure; cruel and unusual punishment; and compelled self-incrimination. The Bill of Rights also prohibits Congress from making any law respecting establishment of religion and PROHIBITS the Federal Government from depriving any person of liberty, property, without due process of law. ) - DHS is currently developing an "Extreme Vetting Initiative," which will deploy data-mining software to gather all public (and not public for the immigrant) digital, docs, records, posts, .likes .. (blog posts, career sites, dating sites, educational sites,.... lists of all search results..etc) - Since 2012, Policy permits DHS to collect social media information about those seeking U.S. immigration status, those seeking benefit on behalf (USC) and it is the basis for last month’s A-File notice . .......On a Good Note: ...........EFF joined coalition comments on October 18, 2017 in opposition to the A-File notice. - 2015 - NOW - “expand” social media surveillance and achieve “systematic screening” of those seeking U.S. immigration status (e.g., U.S. naturalized citizen, lawful permanent resident, or work visa), according to a report by the DHS Inspector General. The new DHS notice illuminates several critical things that the public previously did not know about DHS’s programs of social media surveillance of immigrants: 1) what data is being collected, 2) where this data is being stored, 3) how long this data is being retained, 4) what this data is being used for, and 5) whom this data is shared with. WHAT: DHS collects “social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information, and search results.” WHERE: DHS stores this social media information in each immigrant’s “Alien File,” or “A-File” for short. This is a government record keeping system that tracks individuals as they move through the U.S immigration process, which may culminate in lawful permanent residency (a green card) or naturalized citizenship. HOW LONG: It appears that DHS indefinitely stores social media information (and other data) in the A-File. The DHS notice states that the A-File is transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 100 years after the individual’s date of birth. USE: DHS officials across this vast department can use the social media information (and other data) in the A-File for a myriad of purposes—41 are listed in the notice—including for intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism. I. Retention of Social Media Information Will be Highly Invasive. The notice reflects that DHS is collecting, and will now be retaining, using, and sharing, potentially vast amounts of social media information that will implicate both immigrants and U.S. citizens and expose their social media content to a myriad of entities, making this a highly invasive proposal. The notice permits information in A-Files to be shared widely with a host of other government and private entities for a myriad of reasons, including to enforce a regulation or to obtain information for an investigation. DHS’s policy will also chill the expressive activities of both naturalized and U.S.-born citizens’ free speech because DHS will have collateral access to these individuals’ social media content. Department of Homeland Security could require non-citizens to provide the passwords to their social media accounts as a condition of entering the country. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/10/dhs-should-stop-social-media-surveillance-immigrants
  16. My father's I601waiver( not I601A) has been approved in Nov,2017. And the USCIS has sent me a letter which says that all the action on this waiver application had been done, and they had notified the Guangzhou consulate. But 3 months past, there are nothing from the Guangzhou consulate. Anyone has idea about how long will it takes or does any error happend? By the way, I don't know how will the consulate contact with us? If it's through E-mail, it would be which one. there is one in the DS-260 form, one in the I601 form, and another one that sign in travel u.s. online. Is there anyone who just finished all the processes and can tell me based on his own experiences. Sincerely thanks.
  17. Hello everyone I have a question... ? When filling out an I601 application, who is supposed to sign the form, the US citizen or the spouse that’s waiting abroad ? I already sent in my waiver but the one who signed was my husband (the petitioner) and I was wondering if I was going to have issues because of that ?
  18. Hello, I was ask to fill out a i601 waiver (el perdon) to be able to re entry the US, My dad petioned me a while ago and I was there illegaly for around 1 year , Im currently in Peru , does anyone have any idea of how long is this process currently taking? thanks
  19. My father's I601waiver( not I601A) has been approved in Nov,2017. And the USCIS has sent me a letter which says that all the action on this waiver application had been done, and they had notified the Guangzhou consulate. But 3 months past, there are nothing from the Guangzhou consulate. Anyone has idea about how long will it takes or does any error happend? By the way, I don't know how will the consulate contact with us? If it's through E-mail, it would be which one. there is one in the DS-260 form, one in the I601 form, and another one that sign in travel u.s. online. Is there anyone who just finished all the processes and can tell me based on his own experiences. Sincerely thanks.
  20. We submitted our I 130 on October 2017. We have not submitted the other one yet. How long does I 130 and I 160 process take? I’m very depressed without being with my husband. Should I be able to live with him this year? I’m extremely depressed being without him.
  21. My fiance's k1 visa was rejected by the Bangkok embassy for prostitution We filed an i601 in June, 2017. DHS is processing i601s from August, 2016. At this rate it will be August, 2018 before we hear anything. Questions: 1) should we give up on this and get married in Thailand. Then, file for a spousal visa? 2)I filed the i601 appeal myself. Should I get a lawyer involved now? Can anyone recommend a good one with i601 experience, prostitution and the Bangkok embassy? FYI, she was not involved in prostitution and was treated very rudely by the visa people. Thanks for any advice. Roger
  22. I filed for my husband on June 8 2016 I'm a permanent resident my husband has previously been in the United States and volunterly left in 2011 we got married in 2016 but before that he had applied for a tourist visa which was denied and told that he was no eligible for a visa until 2020 can I file the i601 before going to Juarez to the interview ?
  23. I recently revised a alert on my uscis app saying a notice was sent to me but it was returned by the post office... I’m trying to figure out what could the notice possibly be and my address is correct it just never came to my apartment box..has anyone ever had this happen to them?