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  1. The approved I-129F form comes as an attachment with the welcome letter from the embassy. Basically it is the scanned version of your I-129F with "Approved" stamped on it and a bar code sticker placed on the top. It is e-mailed to the beneficiary.
  2. Hi.  I saw that you just had your interview at the Ankara embassy.  Congratulations on the approval! We are interviewing there in 3 weeks.  Was your fiancé allowed in the building or did they have to wait somewhere outside the building?  I will be traveling to be with my fiance when he interviews and just wasn't sure where I am allowed to be when he has his interview.  Thanks.

    1. Xereon


      Hi Dan, thank you. Unfortunately only the interviewee is allowed into the building, but there is a waiting area in front of the gate,(benches) and a starbucks across the street. The weather is getting chilly, so the waiting area may not be the best option. Wish you the best results!

    2. MonkeyDan


      Thank you. Also, you mentioned in your review that you saw several people get denied while waiting.  Were they K1 visa applicants or were they applying for something else? Do you know why they would have been denied?  Thank you :)

    3. Xereon


      Some K1, some other categories. I wasn't able to pinpoint why exactly they were denied, as multiple interviews go on at the same time. 

  3. Having same issue in Turkey. Been searching day and night 24/7 for weeks now and no openings. I belong to a Turkish WhatsApp group and some members have been searching for 4-5 months without any luck. It's definitely very frustrating.
  4. I am in the Turkey embassy too and it's very frustrating. I know a lot of people who have been trying for months to get an interview but they don't open slots or just open a few randomly. I have been trying for 3 weeks without any luck.
  5. I am in a similar situation. I have a few million in the bank but my income is very low and I am about $1000 under the poverty guidelines. I was going to get a co-sponsor but my attorney informed me that so long as I provide my tax returns (even though I don't meet the poverty guidelines) and a year of bank statements, I should have no problem. So I am hoping my attorney is correct. We are waiting for our interview date.
  6. I asked this same question to my attorney last week and she told me that K1 visa is considered a non-immigrant visa, so the answer would be no.
  7. How often do you communicate via FaceTime? Like the others stated, it is important to see your fiance in person at least once (if not more) before the interview. Not only is it important to convince the consulate officer but also if you're not spending a lot of time with that person 1-on-1 then how are you certain marriage is right. Trust me, the worse thing you want is to get married with someone you barely met and then go through a tough divorce. Just my opinion.
  8. My NOA1 is June 16, 2022. My range is 95XXX. Any idea why I haven't heard anything yet?
  9. My fiance said (although not sure where he heard it) that Turkish citizens gets priority appointment dates over non-citizens. I hope this is the case lol.
  10. I am going to Istanbul to visit my fiance in May. We are still NOA1 stage but in preparation for the interview, I think I will bring with me an original signed letter of intent to marry in case they require an updated one from me also, and have him hold onto it for the interview.
  11. You are completely wrong! Read through the history of VJ threads and you will see many people thinking the same as you and ultimately got denied. I have not heard of a single person who made a valid argument to waive the 2 year meeting requirement (even if you were technically together for 10+ years or whatever). Covid was in 2020, it is now 2023..there is nothing preventing either party from meeting. Even if the beneficiaries country is "closed" there are many other neighboring countries where they could have met. I'm sorry but you are simply wrong and giving false hope to the OP.
  12. Covid and lockdowns are not a reason to waive the 2 year meeting requirement prior to filing. USCIS will say that you could have met in a different country. Regardless, we are in 2023 now and almost all countries are open and you could have met in a different country. I've read about many people getting denied for this reason (not meeting with 2 years) and many of them tried to argue they couldn't visit due to covid but that was not satisfactory for USCIS.
  13. YES!! Finally someone who gets it!! Thank you!!
  14. Ok, I think you'll be fine. Your timeline says you filed in February 2022 so if you met in March 2022, then you did meet after you filed.
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