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  1. Excellent information. Thank you all so very much! I feel better about it all now. I can really begin the process now. So much to do before I go back to my sweetie! Michael
  2. Excellent response Al. Thank you so much. I was really getting depressed about this and you have cheered me up. Thanks again, I will research the AOS some more. Michael
  3. Hi guys Arrived PH June 2016. Met fiancee Nov 2016. Returned alone to USA Nov 2017. Intended to visit parents for few months, then return to PH to marry and live in PH. While in US, father passed away. After some adjustment, my mom asked me if I might consider moving in and taking care of her. How can one say no to that? After a couple months, we decided that my oldest daughter would become her caretaker temporarily (6-8 months???), Allowing me to return to PH, marry, meet the 6 month requirement for residency and file the DCF and we both return to US. I continue to care for my mother, my new wife desires to attend school, become a medical assistant, then work until we have children. So my question is, I can show place to live, and my mother would obviously be the sponsor. Her retirement money should be sufficient. But I will have no real income. Mom will support us both as long as she lives. I would get s job after, but not now. Do you think we have a chance for approval? And if you think we can get approved, suggestion on what things I should do before I go back to the PH? Like become joint owner of the bank accounts? Get the utilities in my name? Etc? Thank you Michael