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  1. When I picked up my re entry permit they said they were back to full capacity :(. We just can’t afford visiting now. He’s going to come over on an esta to get us set up in our new apartment (been in the uk on a re entry permit, I’m a LPR not a citizen) but he only has 90 days on that.
  2. I am absolutely PRAYING that they fit all the backlog into the next two months. We DQd April 8th and my husband is getting separated from our baby next week
  3. We’re in this “necessary processing” stage too. SO frustrating. Solidarity!
  4. We DQd April 8th and i have to leave with our toddler next week without my husband
  5. I’m praying it’s because they’re figuring out how to fit all the backlog into next month and we’re gonna hear this week 😅
  6. Nothing really to say to this other than if they had April DQers interviewed in June I would literally cry with happiness.
  7. Google is driving me crazy I can’t find anything that isn’t post-interview or K1 related. It’s been two weeks I’m PRAYING for an answer soon!
  8. Thanks so much! What kind of research do you think they’re doing on me! 😳
  9. So I’m really confused. And definitely stressed. We’re going through the F2a, I’m a LPR, husband is British. Have been DQd with NVC, requested an expedited appointment, but got an email stating our case is going through necessary administrative processing. It hasn’t even been sent to the London embassy yet, so what does this mean?! Anyone have any insight? Because I can’t seem to find much online about it, and no one can really give me an answer at NVC, other than “a department is reviewing”.
  10. So I called NVC last night and they said that it was the embassy that had put our expedite request into AP? Not really sure what’s going on - especially since we haven’t been interviewed yet. So stressful!
  11. London Embassy DQ - 04/08/2021 Requested an expedite and received an email back this morning stating our case was going through necessary ministration processing PRIOR to an interview - has anyone had experience with this? thanks
  12. I’m feeling really discouraged right now, our expedite request was denied by the embassy, they’ve said they will review our documents soon. So - what does soon mean? How long did you guys wait between uploading and processing? How long did you have to wait between the documents being accepted and getting your interview? Sorry if this has been answered I’m on mobile and running after a 1 year old - it’s hard to find answers lol. Just hoping this will all be taken care of for hubby before my re entry permit runs out
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