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  1. Update for anyone who has this problem in the future: About 5 weeks after having my congressman contact the DOS to ask why NVC still hasn't received my petition (its now been about 100 days since NOA2), they have finally responded and the California Service Center said they accidentally sent my file to the NRC (national records center) instead of the NVC. So now they have to request the file and then send it to the NVC which they said can take up to 6 weeks. Nothing has been mentioned yet about if they will reassign me a new NOA2 approval date or not since it expires in three weeks. Just wanted to let those know if this happens to anyone in the future, which I'm sure it will. I tried all possible avenues of contact and my congressman was the one who solved it. Start with them. or a Senator (mine wouldn't help me since the congressman already was). Also, the only way to actually get in contact with the California Service Center yourself is to either submit a case inquiry on the uscis website(which takes about three weeks for a response) OR to call USCIS and make them have a tier 2 officer call you and if you LUCKILY answer the call they make to you one of the random 14 days after the request is made, they can also send an inquiry on your behalf to the California service center. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME talking to just anyone at uscis, they are absolutely despicable and useless individuals- as well as those at NVC who answer phones. Just FYI
  2. One rep told me February 23, another told me she didn't see they ever sent it, and the last one I talked to hung up on me just telling me a tier 2 would call. I asked for a tier 2 to call two weeks ago and they never did so I don't expect this one to either
  3. I'm having the same issue right now. It'll be 90 days on Monday since my petition was approved and it still hasn't reached NVC. I've done everything I can do contacting the agencies about it and my congressman so I'm just waiting now....
  4. Thank you so much for this! I've done the same thing as the first person, emailed everyone, contacted my two senators and congressman. My congressman is the only one who is actively trying to do something right now. One senator called me and told me they won't try to help me unless its been four months! It was the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Hopefully the other senator tries to help. I called uscis the other day and they said someone made a service request to contact the california service center about it, I think it was because my congressman contacted the DOS. They said itll take until may 27th for them to respond. I'll keep trying!
  5. Good idea. A rep from the senator just called and told me they can't help me because they called nvc and we're told it can take 4-5 months for Nvc to receive and process the case. What a useless human being. At least my congressman is actively helping me and a service ticket was made to contact the California service center about it
  6. Yes I contacted my congressman and two senators. Just waiting now
  7. Okay. So it actually does work when they get involved?
  8. Yes. NVC says they still don't have it. I also contacted their research department and they just said they've contacted USCIS to locate it. USCIS says they don't know, and it's impossible to be transferred to a tier two officer so they keep making tickets to have one call me but it's not working out.
  9. Yes my congressman contacted the department of state and they reached out to USCIS. I sent my senator my information Monday so I haven't heard back from him yet. And I haven't heard back from the ombudsman after two weeks.
  10. This is interesting. I was going to reach out here and say I was approved February 22, and my case still hasn't reached the NVC. I have no idea what's going on. Should I get a lawyer?
  11. May I ask you, do you know of anyone who had to wait a long time for the USCIS to transfer their case and how to solve this? It's been 78 days and counting, I've exhausted all avenues it seems to get in touch with both uscis and nvc and I've had no luck still with my case making it to nvc. What do you think I should do?
  12. May I ask how everyone plans on getting a schengen visa during covid?
  13. I may be in the same boat as you. I was Approved in February too and nvc still hasn't received my case. Although when I look at my status on uscis is still says Your case has been approved. So I'm not sure what's going on
  14. Same thing with ours. I got the approval email on February 22 and my approval letter also says February 22. But for some reason the date on the uscis website says February 23. Quite odd stuff
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