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  1. Has anyone else received this error on their NOA2 where it says "It is noted that this is your second approved petition" when you've never filed an I-129F before? I'm going to call USCIS on Monday and try to have them correct it.
  2. Hello! I just received my NOA2 with this same error. I've never filed an I-129F before in my life and it says it was my second one too. Who did you end up contacting and did you get this resolved? Thank you!!
  3. I'm not sure if this really means anything. They still don't want to interview anyone
  4. Thank you!! I was reviewing the pdf and was wondering is it really necessary to call NVC to get the case number? Do they send you anything about it by email or mail?
  5. By the way for those of you who haven't heard anything yet, I signed up for emails from USCIS and that is what notified me of the approval. No apps sent me anything
  6. Does anyone know how to make the group? @Greenbaum has been offline for almost three weeks
  7. I just got approved!! NOA1: July 14 NOA2: February 22 Whoever got assigned July 14 cases seems to be a fabulous worker!
  8. I know 😢 im so sorry I've commented on Rebecca Ross's twitter many times about it and she keeps giving the same unoriginal answer. She's the Moscow embassy spokesperson
  9. A lot of people have. But they are only accepting spouse visas and you have to find a way to get a visa to enter Poland. Moscow embassy even put on their Facebook that people can transfer if they want to. It's really sad
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