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  1. Hello, On our marriage certificate one of the words (the country of beneficiary's birth) was written in Danish instead of English. We are having a certified translation done because the town hall can't guarantee when they can send us a corrected one. We plan on submitting the original and translated certificate and wanted to ask if they also need to be notarized because a translation was made? Or is the certified translation sufficient? Thank you!
  2. We are including close to 50 photos, showing holidays together like Christmas and New Years, our wedding, from nights out at the movies, dinner, some with friends during a movie night at my apartment, all of these are over the course of our two visits which were 18 days and 2 months. We also have plane ticket stubs, passport stamps, hotel receipts, the credit card and insurance documents. With all of this evidence, do we still absolutely need chat logs? These personally feel a little intimate for us to share. We also have several screenshots of us during video calls which we feel more comfortable sharing. We have read so many different accounts, some submitting 100 pages of chat logs and some submitting none. I am a permanent resident of Austria and will be interviewing in Vienna, so would there be less need because of the low fraud risk plus the other evidence we have? Thanks again everyone!
  3. Hello, thanks so much for everyone's feedback! We have photos of the passport stamps and airline boarding passes taken against a flowery bedsheet. Would that be okay, or would it be better to take them against a plain black or white background? Easy to overthink this stuff! Another question - we have PayPal transaction history of us sending money back and forth to each other, would this also be helpful to include? Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for your reply! The bank document is showing that the beneficiary has a authorised user on the credit card and adding the authorised user didn't involve signing anything and the insurance is through the workplace and that didn't involve any formal paperwork either. Since this is the case, do you think this is not viable evidence?
  5. Thank you for your response! Did you include timestamps with dates showing when the photos were taken? Do you think that is necessary?
  6. Thanks for the reply! The beneficiary is living in Vienna, Austria. I will update my profile.
  7. Hello, My spouse and I are in the process of putting together our proof of BF marriage document and we are planning to include chat messages, call logs and screenshots of video calls. We are planning on having 6 sections in the document: Section 1. Screenshots of video calls, chat messages, and call logs before our first meeting Section 2. Photographs of our first in person meeting with the passport stamps Section 3. Screenshots of video calls, chat messages, and call logs after our first meeting Section 4. Photographs and passport stamps from our second meeting Section 5. Screenshots of video calls, chat messages, and call logs after our second meeting. After that, we will each include a paragraph explaining how we met and how our relationship developed. We also are going to include a affidavit from a long time friend confirming the legitimacy of our relationship and a bank statement and insurance statement showing we have co-mingled our finances. I wanted to ask and get information about how much should we include in Section 1 because we didn't meet for over one and a half years because of Covid. How many screenshots of messages should we include over the one and a half year period before our first meeting? How many should we include after our first and second meetings? We were also thinking of including around 12 pictures for both of our in person meetings, including our wedding pictures. Does this sound like enough evidence/photos? If anyone should have any feedback or advice on how we should structure the proof of BF marriage document, it would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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