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Found 14 results

  1. Case Was Denied On October 9, 2019, we denied your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number WAC***********. We sent you a denial notice that explains why we denied your case and your options. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your denial notice by October 24, 2019, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Catagory : f2b and f2a They Wanted Additional documents to prove relation with petitioner such as birth effidevit, school cert etc and told to do dna voluntary.. We just sent documents and didnt do DNA . now case was denied. What will they ask now any guess? if they ask dna its fine. or they will ask anything else or do we have to appeal or anything ?
  2. Hi guys. My wife participated J1 program in 2019. She had 3 jobs, all of them legit and in none was she paid under the table. She got W2 from 2 employers, the 3rd one didn't send her anything because she made under 500/600$ Is she supposed to include this information, about the 3rd employer in the Employee history on the I130A? Because then, at the NVC stage they might ask about these W2s and she doesn't have one.
  3. Hi, Any updates from June/July 2019 i130 filers whose case got transferred to Vermont Service Center? Any approvals on your end?
  4. Hello All, I'm US citizen and my wife is Canadian PR and i am filing form I-130A on her behalf as she is not living with me in US. We have never lived to-gether but have visited each other several times, that being said when filing up I-130A form Address history she does not have any US address so should i keep 4a , 6a blank or write Not applicable and fill her address from 8a , which says ( Last Physical Address outside the United States).? Same question goes to Her information about Employment, should i start with Part 2, or Part 3 ( Information about your employment outside the United States) ? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  5. Hi all. We are filing our 130/i130a tonight and we just wanted to double check everything is correct. Just looking for personalised answers for my case. I am from the UK and my partner is a USC and we married under 1 month ago. I130 is complete. Filled in ourselves online, don't think there are any issues here. I130a, all looks good, only one possible hiccup is i personally do not know my dad's DOB, i know his name, where he was born and I know he still lives in the same area as me but that's all. Evidence - Made a powerpoint with 8 photos, little explanations where they were taken and backgrounds are involved, Mexico, London, New York, Greece etc. Two pages of passport stamps also included and one boarding pass (only one i could find, happy to leave this out if needed) We don't have joint accounts, kids etc. Passport photos, my wife (the petitioner) has her photos scanned kind of like a document so they aren't great quality, would this be okay? Mine I took a little while ago (not too long, still look the exact same) but the quality is much better and its a pack of four photos. Do i need to crop this down to 1 or 2 photos or can i just upload the bulk so it's there? Finally, I changed my name through deed poll as I never knew my dad and didn't want his name so i changed my name and the spelling of my first name. I have all official documents with my new name on my passport, licence etc but do i need to upload a copy of my deed poll or is it not required if I have my passport showing my new name? Nothing we are attaching has my old name but i have included it in the i130a where it says something like "have you had any previous names". I don't want to disclose full information but it would be similar to changing your name from Rhys Smith to Reece Jones. So the pronunciation of the first name is the same but the entire name is spelled different. So idk if this may cause an issue or not but I thought i'd ask if it needs to be included as its pretty much the final hurdle for sending the application off. Thank you!
  6. I had a query regarding the employment history in the I130 A section for marriage based green card. (Currently on H1-B) -I worked for Employer A from March 5th 2018 to Present (26th Dec 2020 at the time of writing) -We were acquired by Employer B and the acquisition was completed on the 1st of December. I signed the new employer (employer B's) offer letter on the 21st of December. -We do not need to initiate an H1-B transfer as it is apparently only an 'amendment of status'. -I am yet to receive a pay stub from my new employers, employer B. (I will probably receive one or two before submitting my Green card application forms) Query: How do I represent this on the Employment history section of the form I 130A.
  7. hi there 2 weeks ago i submitted I 130 and I 130 A form for my wife but i just realized i forgot to attach copies and my marriage proof. can you please help me what to do or just wait for them to send me a letter? i did'nt received any letter from them.
  8. Hi, just wanted to ask if the change in beneficiary's employment address would cause any issue with the USCIS/NVC? Also at what stage do we need to inform them of the change in address? The address entered in the i130a is different than the current one as the address changed not too long ago whereas the petition was filed more than a year ago.
  9. Hi, Is this enough Time Spent together? CR1 Waiting on Interview. Please Tell me what you think? 1st Visit: 10 Days (Petitioner Country) 2nd Visit: 7 Days (Married) Beneficiary Country 3rd Visit: 10 Days (Beneficiary Country) 4th Visit: 22 Days (Petitioner Country) 5th Visit: 3 Days For 1st Anniversary (Petitioner Country) Booked Flight for one Month Vacation with Petitioner Cancelled due to COVID-19.
  10. Hi, are there any 2019 i130 filers with VSC as their service center? If yes, what's the update on your case status? Anyone received NOA2 yet?
  11. Hello everyone! I have a quick question. I am petitioning for my spouse and filing i130 online. My spouse lives abroad. Does she have to sign the form i130A? Many are saying NO as instructed by USCIS but i have talked to 2 attorneys and they are saying the beneficiary has to sign. Its really so confusing! Why would the attorney say that. Please guide. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everyone this is a question for a friend of mine who has his immigrant visa issued (spouse visa). when he was in the USCIS step, he submitted a G325 instead of I130a even though the form was already expired (he submitted the form in 10/2017). weird enough that the form was accepted and they did not send an RFE. he completed the journey and now has his visa issued. Will he face a problem at the POE when the CBP review his papers? thank you
  13. Hello all, We have some docuements to translate from Portuguese to English to submit with our I-130. My wife and I contacted a translator and the translator was asking if it was necessary to translate every detail of the finance statement (for example) like the glossary, small letters, questions about if we want paperless statements in the future, etc. Can we choose to translate only relevant information of those statements? Or every detail is necessary? We're asking because the cost of translation is very high for page... Thanks in advanced and regards, Thiago & Nelly
  14. So I'm an american and my husband French. We're intending to move to the states with him on an i130 visa. Were applying from here in France with my parents, who are USA based being our sponsors. Recently my parents met with an immigration lawyer to get more information about the sponsor process. While there the lawyer mentioned to them there was another possible way for us to move over. We could both travel over to the usa and automatically start the process once we enter meaning my husband could legally stay while applying for his visa stateside. She said the process would be more of an adjustment of status and would take about 6mo to process where he can't leave the country until it is finalized. I know when we researched about this from everything I read this isnt really accepted. It was briefly mentioned by the lawyer so they dont have the exact information to give me for this, but is that possible? Would he have to enter on a tourist visa and then adjust status? Would it still be on an I130/A visa? I would think it would be visa fraud, so maybe there's a visa he has to apply for before&then do this? We'd hate go do that and only have him sent back over doing something frowned upon and delay our case anymore... Attached is a copy of the information process/timeline the lawyer gave them.... Thank you to anyone with information!
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