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Found 11 results

  1. Hola a todos, Alguno aquí ha tenido problemas al intentar obtener un certificado de policía de un país diferente del que actualmente reside? He hecho todo en mi poder para conseguir uno de Dubai, pero ninguno de los cuerpos de policía de Chile realiza el procedimiento de toma de huellas como lo requiere Dubai (que es un cacho). Tampoco lo hace el registro civil para uso en el extranjero. He hablado muchas veces con la embajada de EAU en Chile y no tienen idea de cómo ayudarme. Es más, estoy más informada yo sobre este trámite que ellos. ¿Podría ser este un problema el día de la entrevista si me presento sin el certificado? El único problema que tuve en Dubai fue dejar una tarjeta de crédito pequeña sin pagar. Para ellos es un asunto serio, más de lo que es en otros países, pero no estoy segura cuán serio será para el departamento de visas Norteamericano. Aprecio cualquier comentario sobre este tema. Buena suerte a todos. Hi everyone, Anyone here having trouble on getting their police clearance from a country different than the one you're currently residing? I've done everything in my power to get this certificate from the UAE (Dubai) but none of the police sections in Chile can help me with the fingerprint requirements neither the civil registration department. I've talked several times with the UAE Embassy in Chile and they have no idea how to help me. Actually, I'm more informed on this procedure than they are. Could this be an issue the day of my interview? The one problem I have in Dubai was leaving a small credit card unpaid. For them is a serious matter, even more than it is in other countries but not sure if for the US visa department is. I'd appreciate any comments regarding this topic. Good luck to all.
  2. Hi there, I just got my police certificate in the mail and I'm a bit worried I didn't get the right one? It does say "National Repository of Criminal Records" but it doesn't have "RCMP" in it, would that still be fine? If it is not the correct one, am I allowed to request another so soon? Thank you for your help.
  3. I received a call today from a person that said his name is 'Ryan Reese.' He identified himself as someone calling from USCIS to inform me about this supposed complaint against me/my case. Then he asked if the embassy had tried to contact me (I haven't interacted with the US Embassy based in my country since 2018 when I moved here.) The only reason I picked up this call is because my iPhone showed the caller ID as 'US GOVT DEPT OF.' Later, I researched the number 313-568-6049. It appears that this is ICE's number. So this is the 1st contradictory information: Why would this person identify themself as an USCIS employee, if they are calling for ICE? The tone and manners of the person didn't seem professional either. He kept arguing saying 'You don't understand the severity of how this can affect your immigration case' and towards the end of the call he even declare 'I'll be sending an officer to your address today.' I decided to not volunteer any information, I kept asking for a letter or a ticket # to call back later (I was in the middle of my workday.) I'm still startled by this conversation. But I know there isn't anything wrong with my case and/or relationship with my husband. However, I would like to hear if someone has received this kind of call. Or, if they call before being visited by ICE.
  4. Hi, My fiance is from Sao Paulo and I read that he needs 2 police reports, one from federal police and one from state. He got the Certidão de Antecedentes Criminais from federal police but the US embassy website also says he needs a report from state police with all previous addresses for the past 6 years. He's called everyone and nobody in Brazil knows what this is! Help PLEASE!!! Here is the page that says this... http://brazil.usembassy.gov/interview/forms-for-fiancee-visas.html
  5. How to obtain your Qatar police clearance certificate when you're in the Philippines? 1. You can send all the requirements to the Qatar Embassy through WExpress (affiliated with DHL, they have different branches but they have one in DFA ASEANA). I called the embassy and was advised that the wait time for this process will take up to 2-3 months. 2. You're lucky if you have a friend in Qatar who is willing to process and get it for you. My friend successfully got my PCC in just 1 week! Here is the list of requirements I sent him: a. SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY (SPA) b. NBI CLEARANCE c. SUNDRY CARD/FINGERPRINTS d. LETTER OF PURPOSE e. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS QATAR ID f. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PASSPORT AND RELEVANT PAGES g. 3 PCS OF 2x2 PHOTO (this may not be needed), The Ministry of Interior (CEID) used the photo I had on their system which was the one used in my QID. (But just in case, include it.) h. COPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS RESIDENT VISA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY (SPA) to authorize the person you will appoint to transact, request, sign and receive on your behalf. This has to be notarized with a Certificate of Authority for a Notarial Act (CANA). Don't forget to bring a photocopy of your friend's Qatar ID, ask the lawyer to include his/her QID number in the SPA. You will also need your friend's date of birth, nationality, and address. *Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) does not authenticate this document without CANA. *You can ask the lawyer who will sign your SPA where you can get his/her CANA. FEE: 1,150 PHP for SPA and 100 PHP for the CANA. (SPA fee may differ depending on which law office you'll go to) b. NATIONAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (NBI) CLEARANCE. Check the nearest NBI satellite near you. FEE: 130 PHP I got 2 copies of these so I can send one to Qatar and one for my visa requirement. c. SUNDRY CARD/FINGERPRINTS. You can get this from NBI or (Philippine National Police) PNP in Camp Crame. NBI requires an endorsement letter as a proof that this document will be used for visa requirements. However, Qatar and the US embassy do not provide any endorsement letters. If you have the checklist with you from National Visa Center (NVC), you can bring it there and they might give you the sundry card. Please contact NBI about this. I got my fingerprints from PNP, Camp Crame - Crime laboratory. Once you're there, you will be asked to pay the fee at Landbank within the camp. People are really nice and helpful, so just ask them how to get there. It is just a walking distance from the lab. FEE: 200 PHP Once paid, go back to the lab. You will only need (2 pcs) 2x2 pictures and the receipt of your payment. ------------------------ After collecting these documents, you may now bring them to DFA-ASEANA. (DFA satellite offices do not authenticate PNP sundry card) FEE: 200 PHP each document for 1-day processing. - SPA/CANA - PNP fingerprints - NBI (total is 600 PHP) *If you're willing to wait for the normal processing, you will only need to pay 100 PHP per document which will take 4 days before you pick it up. -------------------------------------------------- d. LETTER OF PURPOSE. This is a formal letter addressed to the Director General of evidence and criminal information. Here's a sample: Ministry of Interior Qatar General Directorate of Criminal Investigations Criminal Evidence and Information Department P.O. Box 23004 Salwa Road, Exit 15 Doha, Qatar Subject: Requesting Police Clearance Certificate for US K-1 visa Date To the Director General of evidence and criminal information: I kindly request you to provide me a Police Clearance Certificate for the purpose of obtaining a US K-1 fiance(e) visa. Please find my personal information below: NAME: PASSPORT PREVIOUS QATAR ID NUMBER: DATE OF ENTRY: DATE OF EXIT: I authorized _____________, with Qatar ID number: -----------------, to transact, sign, submit and claim the certificate for me. Please see enclosed documents such as Power-of-Attorney, certified fingerprints, copy of my Qatar ID, copy of my passport and relevant pages, previous resident visa and photographs. Thank you for your kind consideration. Sincerely, ________________________ e. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS QATAR ID f. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PASSPORT AND RELEVANT PAGES g. 3 PCS OF 2x2 PHOTO (this may not be needed), The Ministry of Interior (CEID) used the photo I had in their system which was the one in my QID. But just in case, just include it. h. COPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS RESIDENT VISA ----------------------------- After you have all these information, you can finally send it to your friend in Qatar. I used DHL, my friend got the mail after 3 days. FEE: 3,145 PHP ------------------------------ My friend brought it directly to CEID the next day but he was asked to go to the Philippine Embassy to get a stamp. He had to pay 300 QAR for the stamps. FEE: 100 QAR per stamp - SPA/CANA - PNP fingerprints - NBI I know, it is really expensive!!!! 😫 It does not end there... ------------------------------- After getting this done, he went to Qatar - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to get another stamp. Again, he had to pay 400 QAR. FEE: 100 QAR per stamp - SPA/CANA - PNP fingerprints - NBI - Additional documents -------------------------------- Then finally, he submitted all of these to CEID on SEP 11 and he was able to get the PCC on SEP 17. ---------------------------- After getting the PCC, he was asked to go back to MOFA to have it stamped. FEE: 100 QAR. ------------------------------ He sent the documents to me through DHL and he was advised that I will be receiving it within 3 days. FEE: 360 QAR ------------------------------- What an expensive paper! Wooooah! 😂 Good luck everyone! Hope this helps.
  6. Hi! Last week I finished the first stage of NVC after paying the fees - information about me (applicant). One of the question was to list all your previous address within last 5 years. I did that and I included my student exchange in canada as well as some few months work experience in the UK. Now I see that because I stated that I lived there I need to submit 3 police certificates: CA, UK and my country. Is that common? I'm not even sure I can get those certificates because I don't think I was even registered there? Does anyone have some experience with getting police certificate from other countries? What happens if I can't get them - can I submit the information about me again and not list UK and Canada? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone I am here an USA and I filed I-130 marriage based patition.i need police certificate from uae and India how can I apply online. I used to work UAE four years ago and for completing D-260 I need police certificate. Please help me.
  8. Hi All, My i130 is approved in USCIS and was sent to NVC for processing. NVC has reviewed my petition and has documentarily qualified it and is awaiting for an interview schedule at US consulate India. My question is, I haven't uploaded my PCC document in portal and have requested NVC regarding the pandemic situation and the temporary shutdown of PSK/RPO in my circle (Tamil Nadu). I have scheduled appointment at PSK twice and in both occurrence the PSK was closed, am unsure when the PSK will resume and will I be getting the PCC on same day of appointment. If the US consulate interview date is scheduled, what should I do to get the PCC expedite and is there any alternative? Regards, Rafic
  9. Currently in the K1 Process in Egypt and my fiance needs to get his police certificate. How does he go about doing so? and from where? Is there a specific place he needs to go to be able to have it done?
  10. Hello, My fiance got the email attached below. I wanted to see if anyone could help out or has had a similar situation. Once we collect all the papers do we mail it to the embassy or do we take it in during his appointment? The police certificate from Syria was waived during his interview and they also emailed me saying it is waived. Now they are requesting it again? We cannot obtain this, should we just take a print of the email I have on hand that says the officer waived the requirement? Thanks!
  11. What is the current cost of getting a Police Certificate in Nigeria (Alagbon, specifically)?
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