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Found 23 results

  1. Any 2017 divorce waiver filers have approval yet? Let’s track status and current updates on the case . I filed a joint petition in Nov 2017 at CSC and in Nov 2018 I converted it to a divorce waiver. Haven’t got any updates on my case yet.
  2. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  3. I am little confused whether my expedite request approved or not.The update in the uscis site seems confusing.Here is the update I have Requested Expedite request on 07/19 On July 19, 2017, your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1F*********CSC, was assigned to an officer for response. After waiting 5 days my case updated with the below two updates. On July 24, 2017, we sent a response to your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1F********CSC. On July 24, 2017, your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1F********CSC, was completed. Does the last update mean that my expedite request accepted for the process or I have to wait for the response as they mentioned in one of the updates above. Your inputs and experiences on this are highly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. My fiancé was denied his visa today at the interview.. We are both so heartbroken.. When will I get a formal response with a reason? Should I spend money on appeal? How long will that process take? or just do a marriage visa? I can’t even think right now, just didn’t know where else to go for help/Support
  5. Hey, I’m from Pakistan. And I just heard that Pakistan has been added to USA blacklist for religious freedom violations. It’s been more than year and I’m waiting for my visa which has applied under f2A by my husband who’s LPR. There’s going to be any issue in getting visa from Pakistan? So worried ! Please help. And other issue is that my husband’s green card has been expired month ago. Can he come to visit me? While applying for citizenship. What’s the process? TYI.
  6. I'm a legal permanent resident, filed an I-130 petition for my wife in May 2016. Case was denied in June 2017. My lawyer believes that we have a very good chance of convincing USCIS/BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) to reverse the decision. We filed an appeal on July 14th 2017, a week ago. In the appeal, we indicated that - as an alternative - USCIS can treat this as a Motion to Reopen (MTR) . Given the existing evidence (original documentation filed in I-130 packet), new evidence and the brief, we believe that USCIS may reverse the decision without having to forward the case to the BIA. My questions: - Does USCIS (The service center's director, who made the original decision) actually review the appeals before forwarding them to BIA? Do they consider them for an MTR? I was under the impression that the answer is "Yes", until I talked to a tier 2 officer this morning, and the officer said that USCIS does NOT reopen I-130 case, and they forward the case to the BIA and I should expect to receive a new case number in the mail within 3 week. The officer confirmed that USCIS never considers I-130 case for a MTR (Motion to Reopen/Reconsider). Can anyone confirm? - How long does USCIS take to review appeals before? Again, I was under the impression that USCIS takes 60 days to review the appeal/make a decition; if they are not going to reverse the decision, they will forward the case to BIA. - How long does BIA take to make a decision? I understand that the answer is "It depends" ... I just want an average, people with similar cases (LPR appealing I-130) to give us some hope ... given that our original case took 13 months (average is 5 months). - Would it be wise to file a new I-130, in addition to the appeal? - If yes, What if both the new case and the appeal get approved, Do we got to keep our original priority date? Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS:
  7. I was looking through some websites and I came across some statistics published by the US State Department concerning non immigrant visa approval/denial rates. If I am reading these stats correctly, it appears as if about 40% of fiance visas were denied in 2017. I can only imagine with our current president, the denials have ticked upward for 2018. Anyone else have any information on this topic? Would anyone recommend better success with a CR1 visa? https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Non-Immigrant-Statistics/NIVWorkload/FY2017NIVWorkloadbyVisaCategory.pdf
  8. I am noticing that some of the various visa assistant/processing consultants & services online saying that the because of the current (Trump) administration's "crackdown on immigrants" (not my words), that if there are errors on the forms a higher percentage of immediate denials will be issued by USCIS and they will not bother with sending any RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) notices to allow these corrections to be made. My first thought is that this is merely a sales tactic to "scare" us into paying for their services; I actually had one of these consultants tell me this on the phone and they then made an me immediate offer & discount to "act before things get worse". Is this truly the case or am I right? Please, I am not looking for comments about Trump or politics as this is not the place for that, only sincere replies to my question... Thanks!
  9. Someone please tell me this is a joke. My fiance just called and finally got through to a tier 2, after having kept us waiting with no info AT ALL for 7+ months they just told him they are going to deny us? WHAT THE (removed) HELL!!! (Sorry, I have rage right now) I am British, we met in the UK in 2016 and we lived together for about 8 months in the UK while he was stationed there (he is ex-mil). Since he returned to the US I have visited the states 3 times, once for 85 days. Neither of us has a criminal record at all, no previous marriages, no kids, no debts, no nothing. All I can think is that it is because we forgot to put photos and letter of intent into the package in our excitement and when we called to try and send them on afterwards they said we couldn't. So we were expecting an RFE.... NOT A DENIAL!!?! This is pure hell and what are they even doing it for? Two weeks ago some tier 1 officer said "oh they may have sent something on the 7th July", then the next one we spoke to last week said "no, they've not sent anything" and then today a tier 2 says "they're going to deny it". I feel like it's some sick joke to them. Please help me.
  10. My fiance had his interview in Pakistan yesterday and was denied. We are devastated but will not give up. Without looking at the evidence of relationship that my fiance brought, the officer stated at the end, "You did not satisfy me. I think this is immigration fraud." He was not given a 221g or any other form. I know I have to wait for them to send me something. (How long does that take?) I'm just looking for opinions. Does it sound like this could actually be labeled fraud, resulting in a lifetime ban? He said the officer was nice, didn't yell, asked pretty standard questions. We think the question that caused the problem was about my child. He asked if I was divorced. My fiance said never married. Then asked if I had a child without marriage. Yes (18 years ago). He then asked if my fiance's parents know that. He answered truthfully and said no. That's pretty much when the interview stopped. I get that it's a red flag, and we have others such as I'm 10 years older, I am not Muslim, I have not been to Pakistan, we only met once before applying though met a second time while waiting. So I understand why it could be denied and we will work on that, but how can it be fraud when he told the truth? He doesn't need family permission to get married, though his family is supportive (minus the kid they don't know about yet). And how can he decide the relationship isn't real without even pretending to look at the evidence? I'm just really afraid we will be faced with trying to fight a ban.
  11. If anyone can advise it would be really helpful. Yesterday my lawyer informed that my case i751 was denied to lack of evidence for a short story I had been married in 2014 for less than 2 years then got divorced for marital issues at 2016 so I had to file a divorce waiver However I got married after in 2017 again to a different person. Now, id on;t have too many options I see a lot of people talking about IJ but my previous lawyer advised to have my wife file for me new i130. I started to get concerned about the whole case. Can I get some advice Please?
  12. Hi everyone! I want to share my green card story. My area is Oakland park. I entered the US by the K1 visa on December 2015. My husband (US citizen) and me got married on January 2016. On February 2016 we sent my paper work (we had a lawyer) to USCIS and on November 2016 we had an interview. The interview was very friendly, a woman was very nice, she asked just two regular questions. At the end she said that everything is fine, but while we were waiting for the interview, my medical exam had been expired and that I will need to to the medical test again. So we quickly did the medical and sent it to USCIS (the doctor refused to give me the copies, she said that she is not allowed to). Later we received a notice from USCIS saying that the surgeon did not fill the line for the Gonorrhea test result, she just simply left it blank! We went to the doctor again and asked her to refill the form, so she "did"...We sent it to USCIS and then we got a denial!!!! By that time we traveled and when we were returning to the US, I was stopped on the passport control, they asked me a lot of questions and said that my green card has been denied, my advanced parole is automatically became invalid and that I cannot enter the US any more! We told them that we did not receive any denial notice, we checked my status online immediately and it wasn't changed! So we really did not know that I have been denied. The custom officers was very kind to us, they understood our situation and let us entered. The denial notice said that the medical form was not fill properly and the Gonorrhea result was not mentioned!!! So the doctor did the same mistake twice!! We did the motion to reopen on January 2017, we had to do a new medical examination but of course in another medical center. We receive an answer on December 2017 saying that decision remains unchanged!!!! They agreed that the envelope was sealed and I could not see what was in there and that it was the surgeon mistake, but I was the one who was responsible....I cant describe my pain!!!! I cant travel, I can not drive, I do not know when I will see my family in Russia!!! The problem is that when you do the motion to reopen, you don't have any status while it is pending, so literally I was illegal for more than a year! We realized it after sometime, the lawyer did not inform us. So it was better for us to apply for adjustment of status instead of doing a motion to reopen. So on January 2018 I did the 4th medical examination to apply for adjustment of status (permanent residency). I've already had my bio-metrics. It is being 5 month already and I did not receive my advanced parole yet(( The timing is crazy now, I cant believe it may take up to 21.5 months! I am not sure if I can travel after I receive my advanced parole. As I read it is a big risk, I may not be allowed to enter the US during 10 years as I stayed illegally here by the stupid mistake.
  13. Hi everyone! So my dad had his interview yesterday and he was denied. We couldn't understand why. These are the questions they asked him: CO: What is the purpose of your visit? My dad: To visit my daughter CO: What does your daughter do? Dad: She is a Registered Nurse CO: How long has she been working as a nurse? Dad: Almost 1 year. 10 months to be exact. ( I passed my boards not too long ago). CO: How did your daughter get to the US? Dad: Through a K1 Fiancee Visa. (My husbad and I met in europe) CO: How long has she been in the US? Dad: 4 years. CO: Have you travelled out of the country before? Dad: Yes. (Visited my sister in Dubai for 2 months) CO: Another daughter? Dad: Yes. CO: Unfortunately, I cant grant you a visa today. Try again next time. What mistake did he do? I cant see anything wrong with his interview other than his denial. My dad has other 2 kids who are in college and highshool. What do u think is the basis of his denial? Can he apply again in 2 weeks? We have a planned vacation at the end of March. (We dont usually go on vacation so this is a perfect time 👌). And his birthday is on May. Thats why we wanted him to stay 2 months. What can we do differently?
  14. Hopefully someone can help, I know there is no way to know how long it takes for administrative processing under 221g to be completed as each case is different. However I have been checking with USCIS and can see that my case was received at the end of February (2018). Once we know USCIS has a case, does anyone know what the wait time could potentially be? It has been nearly 4 months since I received my notification of revocation from the US embassy in London. Thanks!
  15. Omarsoulard

    Visa 3 time

    Hey. I have been to the us 2 before as an exchange student. I was denied j1 visa in 2017. After I moved to China where I am currently working. I tried to apply for us visa from here but I got denied again (february 2018) I felt like the main reason for denial last time was that the officer thought that i was applying in China thinking that I had better chances of getting the visa there than in my own country. I applied for tourist visa for may 2018 but this time in my country of origin but I am worried that I’ll be denied again. My background: I am currently working in China on work visa. Salary : around 1600$ a month. Not married. The purpose of visit is tourism. I plan to go to Hawaii with my friend for vacation. I am wondering if I have good chances of getting visa or not ?
  16. I recently moved back to the US after living in Moscow, and invited my boyfriend of two years to come visit for a couple weeks to meet my family. We are planning a future together but there was never any intention to overstay in the U.S. or illegally work here. He is Russian and has a managerial position at a reputable tech company in Moscow and is completing his Master’s degree at a top university. He applied for the visa in Kiev because the Moscow embassy is completely booked. After the interview, he was denied, because he mentioned his relationship to me. They didn't believe he wouldn't just stay in the US. He can pay again and schedule another interview there for next week and return, but now he's been denied once and it’s possible he may even meet with the same interviewer. The US Embassy in Ukraine also has a 40% denial rate for visas. So... He has already spent $600+ in embassy fees and travel costs to get this visa, to no avail. That's not mentioning the 12-hour train rides to Kiev and back... I feel so bad. 
Please, does anyone have experience with this? Advice? Should we try again at this same embassy? Replies would be appreciated, thank you!
  17. #countdownlife

    Starting K-1 process and have a few questions

    Hello everyone, My fiancé and I are starting the process for me to get the K-1 visa, she is American, and I am Canadian. We just had a couple questions about it. We are following the guide on visajourney and the USCIS one, and everything seems pretty straight forward. We are about to send the first packet with the I-129 form in and we are being sure to triple check it. Is there any advice above and beyond what the visajourney guide gives that would be helpful to us, anything specific to Canada? As far as income goes, my fiancé’s last years income is just above the required amount, about $21k. She also will have a letter from employer stating that she has job security and will make the same or more this year. Will this be enough? We do have someone we could ask to joint sponsor, but we would really rather not do that. Lastly, a lot of people have told us that it is very hard process and a high chance of denial. However, these are people who have never done the process and are just say they have heard this from a friend of a friend. For peace of mind, we were wondering what other people having done this process or who are doing it think, is there a high chance of denial or do we stand a good chance of getting approved? Oh and also, does anyone have an idea of about how long it takes for Canadians from start to finish? Seems judging from what we have read that it can take about 6 months? Thanks so much for your time, Joshua
  18. In thailand, you can get arrested for playing cards at a friends house. I have a friend that is applying for K1 visa whose girlfriend 6 years ago was driving a motor bike and pulled over. Her friend had a small quantity of drugs on her, but they were both arrested. From what I read, this is an immediate denial. Any information someone dealing with the same issue or resources I can pass on to my friend? thanks in advance.
  19. Hi! I'm new here, i'm very sorry if this is not in the correct topic location. I am in desperate need of advise relating to my current position. I am currently in Ohio, visiting my boyfriend & have been here for nearly two weeks, this is my second visit. I am here via the Visa Waiver Program(VWP) from the United Kingdom. I had no intention of staying past my planned trip, i have a car on finance, credit cards & a job all back home, however my boyfriend proposed to me two days ago & at the spur of the moment we got married the next day. I am now married to a USC and i do not want to leave my husband! Am i able to AOS to a cr1? Will this be denied & i get deported? I have some money with me to last until i get an EAD & my partner works a well paid job. My mother in law is willing to help us with any references or money should this become an issue. I'm very new, and am not sure what rights i have, if any?! I can comfortably pay for my car and credit cards whilst here & pay my way here. I haven't much clothing however my partner says he will take me shopping & my parents back home told me they can send all my belongings including my dog should i be staying. I know i can return home & save money whilst waiting for a CR1 visa to be processed over the next year however i don't want to spend the first year married but apart, as i can only have a certain amount of time off work & the flights amount to a lot of money over a year! I also do not want to be restricted as to how long i can stay for each visit & having to prove i'm purely visiting whilst a cr1 visa is currently being processed. Can someone help me? I am very scared and do not know what to do! We both know we should of just processed a k1 visa, however we was not aware of the visa processes & never researched them as we have only been dating for 6 months. I hope someone can help us! Thank you!! x
  20. Hello, My husband and I are scheduled for our CR-1 interview next week. When he pulled his police record it showed an open case. He found out it was for an issue he was arrested almost 5 years ago that was dropped but, it was still showing open in the system. He had given some friends a ride home from a party that he had attended with mutual friends when they were pulled over. The friends were in possession of a small amount of marijuana. They were all taken to the police station, questioned and had to meet with a judge the next morning. The judge basically let my husband go as he advised he had no knowledge they had marijuana. She also saw he had no prior records, was in school and holding a steady job. Nothing ever came of it until now when he pulled the police record. He went through the proper steps and got the information removed as he had never been charged or convicted of anything so now the police record is clean and the arrest has been removed. He also has court records etc., showing he was cleared of all and not involved. He disclosed it on the application however, our fear is he will be questioned about it during the interview and possibly denied since the arrest involved drugs. I have also read even if charged dropped immigration still looks at it as a conviction if it involves drugs? Anyone been in a similar situation? What was the outcome? Please advise.
  21. Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of my Lifting Conditions and I haven't been back to Australia since I moved here on my K1 back in 2014. My older sister wants to visit me and we were making plans until recently. She was arrested in Australia 2 weeks ago because she attacked her spouse during an argument and smashed his phone. The Police are pursuing damage of property charges and also placed an Apprehended Violence order on her. Even if her (now former) spouse drops the charges the police will continue them. This is her first offence. I am assuming that even if she is not imprisoned because of the charges, she will not be eligible for ESTA/Visa Waiver program and she will need to apply for a B-2 tourist visa if she wants to visit me here. So do you have any advice on this and the probability of her being denied?
  22. Hello community, I recently got an invitation for my interview in California. Since I was about to move out of state to Colorado, I immediately called USCIS and asked what to do. I was told to wait until after my move (which would put me 2 weeks before the appointment) and then call again and request for my interview to be rescheduled. I did exactly that and got a confirmation number. I also changed my address from California to Colorado about a week before we moved. Now my interview appointment passed (it would have been last Friday) and on Monday, I received a notification that my application was denied. As you very imagine, this came as an absolute shock, especially since I did everything as I was told. I called USCIS to learn more about the reason for the denial, but I was told to wait for the letter that was on its way. Even though I had changed my address about a month ago, the letter was sent to my old address in California. Thankfully, that's my in-laws address, otherwise I probably wouldn't have received it. As expected, it said that my no-show at the interview resulted in the denial of my application. I scheduled an Infopass at my nearest USCIS office in Denver for next week. Besides that, is there anything else I should do? Do I need to involve a lawer? I think what could make this case difficult, is that my petition to reschedule wasn't granted before my appointment. I am really desperate and very thankful for any suggestions or advice how to proceed. Thank you!
  23. Good Morning Recently I was invited to try weed with a couple friends, I've maybe since then tried it around 3 times when asked too. Me and my Fiance are curious as to how much of an impact this has now as all the threads we could find on the topic were old or the information was never clear. Anyone who has been to the exam, did they ask you about previous use? I'm sure a large chunk of people going through this process have tried a drug one time, is it worth lying if there is no record anywhere of it occurring? I can plan my medical 7/8 months after I last smoked, meaning it shouldn't show up on any test unless somehow a hair test detects it (if they even do one in the first place) so would it be worth just waiting for that amount of time to pass, then to lie about it and hope for the best? I know a lot of you will tell me how important it is not to lie, but it really is near untraceable and it could save us a lot of effort, money and time. I'm in the UK moving to Ohio, I have not touched the drug since and I was certainly not addicted. Is it worth the hassle of admitting it if asked or should I keep my mouth shut? I would also like to hear anyone else's personal experiences with the medical, like I said before, did they ask? Did you yourself lie? Do you know people who have lied? Did you tell the truth and if so, what happened? Thank you anyone who gives me their time of day, I'm fully aware of how much of an idiot I was for doing it, It was a stupid mistake.