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  1. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for California Service Center Filers.
  2. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  3. Hi, I am on work visa working in Us for last 5 year. spouse recently filed for N400. should we wait for her to become citizen to file for my GC or should we file based on current GC. read that date for F2A are current. apart from its stopped for covid . not sure what category we need to file and should we wait for citizenship or just file right now. Thank you for help.
  4. I am from Brazil and I am a daughter of a green card holder who got in through my brother (an American citizen), I already have my NVC number, paid all the fees and delivered the DS-260 form. Related to that, I have two questions. How can I identify my case? Is it F22, F2A or neither? Can I enter the US while I wait for them to schedule my interview in the consulate? I already have a tourist visa, will I have any issues trying to get in?
  5. Hello all, I am a green card holder and I have filed I130 for my spouse and the process is going on to bring her here through family based immigration as my dependent. While this process is going on can she apply for tourist visa or student visa with full disclosure of her pending I130? ANy one here who went that route and had any luck? Please share your experience and any advice or tips? Thanks in advance. Regards, J
  6. Wonder if anyone has heard of an injunction coming? Surely there will be an injunction filed against this EO?
  7. Hi Everyone, My LPR husband was planning to apply for Form I130 for me (the beneficiary) online this weekend, but upon Trump's EO, i fear that our petition will not be processed until after June 4th. What effects does his EO have on my chance of immigrating to the United States ? What is the current timeline for F2A ? I currently reside in the United Kingdom. What actions should we take and what should we expect ? I'm so worried. Thank you!
  8. Creating a post for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a green card holder and applying for F2A immigration for my wife. (We filed I-485/I-864/I-130/I-765/I-131 concurrently in October 2019.) A few weeks ago, we got the pink RFE letter which is related to I-864. (please kindly look below images) After reading the letter, we understood what mistakes we made: (I'm the petitioner) 1. I filled "$0" in the forecast annual income column because I had no income at that time. (but I have now) 2. I didn't submit any tax documents for the previous years. How will I reply to this RFE: (I found a joint sponsor.) For joint sponsor: 1. submit joint sponsor's I-864 / evidence of income / federal return tax documents for the previous 3 years/ evidence of being a U.S. citizen For me: 1.submit a "letter of employment" 2.submit my paystubs 3.submit 2019 federal return tax documents (Married Filing Jointly) 4. submit a copy of RFE letter 5. submit an updated petitioner I-864<===?????(I got a new job and paid tax, so much information should be updated) My question is shall I submit my updated I-864 as well? In other words, shall joint sponsor submit his I-864 and I also submit my updated I-864? I'm really confused. Some of my friends said yes, while others said no. Could someone provide the correct way to reply to the RFE based on this situation? I really do appreciate it.
  10. I applied for my husband visa under f2a his priority date is 8 january 2018 he had an imterview at islamabad embessy pakistan at22 november 2019 his visa refused under 221 g administrative process he handed a white piece of paper to submit prove of our relation we uploaded our documents on ceac but still there is no reply i am in ap almost 4 months do i have to send hard copy of additional documents to embessy too r i just have to upload on ceac can someone help please
  11. Hey I’ve my interview in few days, and I just got a fungal skin infection, Like there’s just few spots appeared and I rushed to the hospital, but they’ve taken my blood samples and urine already, now I’ve my second visit scheduled. Which is going to be medical examination and vaccines. Now the doctor just found out that I got fungal infection of skin, and wrote me some medicines. Haven’t started yet, what should I do?? Can I be denied due to this!! I’m panicking rn, they obviously will see the spots over my arms.
  12. Hi guys, So I'm just concern about my case. My husband filled the documents online (I-130) on Dec 26th, 2019. He's LPR. My priority date is: Dec 27th 2019. On our receipt it was written that our Service Center was California... but yesterday March 10th, we logged in on our Uscis Account, wrote a message to USCIS ONLINE, and they told us our new office was Potomac (we haven't recieve any notification yet). I got really confused about it, now, I'm not sure which processing time should I follow, Potomac or California?
  13. Hi everybody . Is there anyone who has already applied for F2A category ,or has information about the new processing time of this category? Since this category is CURRENT from the time when applicants file, I have no idea that what will be difference/processing time in comparison to what it used to be before July 2019. Thank you in advance to share your ideas.
  14. Hi, I created this post to keep in touch all of us who filed as applicants from F2A category. Specially the ones of us that filed with Pending 1-130, so we can keep in touch. My timeline: I-130 filed on Dec 19th, 2016 I-130 still pending as of time of filing. AOS package sent March 1st, 2018 AOS package arrived Chicago Lockbox on March 4 (Sunday) Bank notified us about a check transaction on March 14 at 5.48 a.m. E-Notifications received via email and via sms on March 14 at 11.48 p.m. Waiting for physical Notice of Action. Now it's time to wait.
  15. Hey, all my documents accepted today but still I received this email and message from NVC, that my husband doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of poverty guideline. What should I do can anyone pls suggest? Do we need to wait for IL? Or we need to upload joint sponsor as soon as possible. We don’t have any joint sponsor right now, we have to find and then collect all his documents first then we’ll upload everything which will take a lot of time. So just to avoid delay, i was thinking to bring it along with me, to the interview? Am I still going to receive IL? Or do I need to upload it first. If anyone been there, and got through this situation pls guide me!! People literally freaking me out, telling about the AP and stuff. Pls help!!
  16. Anyone please let me know what is the current approval date for I-130 F2A in California Service center.. Thanks in Advance......
  17. Hi I want to know My brother is green card holder since 5/2019. He wants to get married that means he will apply I-130 for spouse after marriage a) that would be categorized F2A? b) how long it will take for his spouse to come to US ? Current visa bulletin says priority is current? anyone has recent similar experience?
  18. HELLO! I am a child of green card holder. (22 years old) under F2A. My interview will be on March 11, 2020. My mom (petitioner) was on Tourist Visa when she entered the US. I was only 11 yrs old then. She overstayed her visa and then married a US Citizen. Will this affect my application? Also, PLEASE help on what possible questions to expect during the interview? Thank you so much!
  19. Hey all, I thought I'd introduce myself to Vietnam forum members here. I live and work in NYC on LPR and will become eligible to apply for naturalization in 2 months 👊. I met my wife and got married last year in Vietnam. It took like forever to get the I-130 application filed (long story short... went through two awful lawyers in succession, 1 in NYC and 1 in Ho Chi Minh, before I took matters into my own hands.). It took a long time obtain evidence of joint finances as we didn't have any joint ownership of property or live together (I work in NYC and she lives in Ho Chi Minh.. also she is not working as we decided it does not make sense for her to work in Ho Chi Minh for next to nothing as I make more than enough for both of us and enough to convince to the USCIS/NVC/Consulate that she will not become a public charge. Finally managed to open a joint account in NYC with HSBC through HSBC Advance International Banking Center and filed a joint tax return in US for 2018 (getting an ITIN for that also was not easy as most CPAs were unable to do so when my wife is not in US). Anyways, we finally submitted our I-130 in August 2019. We have been visiting each other every 4 months or so, both in Vietnam and other countries in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan). From my research, it seems like it will be an exercise in futility for her to apply for a US tourist visa to come and stay with me for a month or so as it will be hard for her to show ties to Vietnam (no property ownership and no employment). So next step while waiting for I-130 approval is to see what I can do to get her tourist visas to Schengen countries or perhaps Canada. If she can visit Toronto, then I can easily work from remote location in Toronto for my NYC gig and stay with her. Or perhaps, ask my employer to see if they would allow me to work remotely from somewhere in asia for a month or so every so often. I'd love to hear from other folks in this forum. DT
  20. Creating a post for 2018 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  21. Starting this thread to track interview timelines for US embassy Islamabad & F2A members in General. Case Documentary Qualified March 13, 2019 Priority Date March 6, 2017
  22. Good day, I am asking this question on behalf of my dad. A little bit of background. My dad arrived in the US last October 2019 under IR5 visa petitioned by me, his daughter and I am a USC. My dad has a wife (not my biological mother) and they've been married for 3 years. I couldn't file a petition for her at the same time that I was petitioning for dad as their marriage took place after my 18th birthday. My dad holds a social security card, recently received his greencard, and started a job in January 2020 and now I am trying to help him file a petition for his wife to immigrate in the US. We started an online application but we are confused as to what address to use for his wife's current address. When dad was living in the Philippines, they lived in a house in Metro Manila but before he left for the US, they flew to Mindanao (southern part of the country) so that she could have the company of her family instead of living alone in Metro Manila (they do not have kids). Now, she currently lives with her parents but she has plans on staying at her sister's place somewhere in Mindanao closer to where she would register for trade school. The IDs that she has though have the Metro Manila address on them. My question is this: Is it ok to use the Metro Manila address? We have relatives that can receive mails for her while she is in Mindanao and she can gather them up once she goes back to Metro Manila for interview or something else. I am concerned that she won't receive the mails if they are addressed to be delivered in Mindanao as the address that she gave us does not even have a street number. I am also afraid that when she goes for interview that we get in trouble if her IDs and the address that we put down in the application don't match. What is the proper thing to do here? Thank you in advance for your time.
  23. Got RFE on I-485. I am a July 6th,2019 filer. Married to LPR. Local Office : Michigan. Have approved 1-130. Michigan is usually quick in terms of scheduling interview and i was wondering why there is no update in my case. Anyway got an update for RFE today. Possible reasons for RFE: I was on F1 OPT while i applied AOS on July ,2019.I changed to H-1B work visa on October 1st.Not sure if there is any confusion in there and that may be the reason for RFE. My wife is the petitioner and she is unemployed ,but i work and earn 70K + ,so in I-864 i have my financial info/W2/Tax Returns included and we are showing that household income(we live together) is above the limit required.
  24. Hi! Was able to get documentary qualified email last jan 2 from NVC for our F2A application. just wondering.. 1. How long will it take for us to receive the interview letter? 2. how long is the interview waiting/scheduling time at the US embassy in Manila? thanks!
  25. Hi all. As you may know, all f2a cases get current as they apply since July 2019. How long does it take to proceed a F2A case from the begining to VISA iSSUANCE?
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