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  1. Hello members, we have just received our entry visa, category F2A, The detail is that, I am about to pay the immigrant fee so that once we enter they start producing the green card of one, but the person who asks us has changed address and I would like to know if I have to write to uscis before paying or how? thanks.
  2. Have you already been given the passport? If so, how many days do I take?
  3. How long have you been in that process? Have you already sent the documents and the embassy told you that it was received?
  4. Hello, guys, The appointment was on January 23, they gave us a 221g because a birth certificate and an I-864 were missing. Documents sent two days later and was received at the consulate on January 30-31. On the 9th they say that it is in administrative process, from rejected to administrative process. Someone knows how long it could take approximately (I know that there are never exact times and everything depends) but for example the same consul who interviewed us said that once the documents were sent that the process can take 2-3 weeks. I don't know how real that is, but he said it.
  5. Hello, how are you, we are F2A, on January 23, it was our consular appointment and we were denied under section 221g, my mother was missing a birth certificate and they asked me to make an I-864 exclusively for me. There it is, the problem lies is when uploading the documents, in my mother's profile, I was able to upload upload and submit the documents correctly, but when it comes to uploading the I-864 in the profile of the guarantor that I fill for me it only leaves me Uploaded it but I can't submitted it idk why, it doesn't let me and I have tried it on many devices, different internet, places and I have checked that it does not weigh more than 2megas, the document is scanned correctly, it does not have a password the pdf and everything is fine I don't know why.. Has anyone happened to you the same thing that can you help me, please? It should be noted that I have already sent my mother's document by mail to the embassy, only my document is missing. Although I wrote to support, they haven't given me an answer.
  6. Not working on 2022 on a regular basis, so he didn't have a taxable income
  7. Ohh okey, thanks but do you have a Letter template?
  8. Hello how are you, it turns out that my father did not fill taxes last year and well we only have the affidavit and we need to upload a letter where we explain the reason, the truth is that we do not know much about that and I would like to know if anyone would have a template of a letter in Word or pdf so as to simply change the information or have a guide on how to write the letter correctly.
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